Female Pirates


Sep 25, 2009
Well, I'm at the moment a bit on a pirate trip (Playing Monkey Island and Pirates! (again), watching Pirates of the Caribbean (also again)) and in the end had to follow the urge to make some pirates models for Civ4. They turned out quite cliched and ahistorical, but nice nonetheless and thus here they are:
Spoiler :

Download link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=17208

I guess they won't be of much real use, but it was fun to make them anyhow.

Enjoy! :)
Yeah, they look pretty hot ;)
Wow, these look awesome!! :)

If Barbarians in the game could stick around for longer, it would be pretty cool to have them be pirates as it would kinda make sense... but female pirates? hmmm, but hey, who doesn't mind getting raided by these female pirates? :lol:
Thanks guys, in fact they turned out rather hot, but don't be tricked by it. They are also deadly, so don't forget to fight back if attacked by them. ;)
But for Zulu pirates they look rather pale :p
They are this pale to make it harder to identify them as Zulu empire employees. Lets lay the blame for the plundering on the puny Europeans. :lol:
Mmmmm. Wenchy!
lovely :love:

You have great ideas for your units.

I will play amazon civ when I'll end FFH.

as well as other units.
Those profile shots are quite nice. :love:
I guess they won't be of much real use, but it was fun to make them anyhow.

Oh, you'd be surprised. I'm adding these right now - they fit into my mod quite easily. :)
These look great! Can you use them with the Pirates! game as well?
Thanks. :)

Don't know how modable Pirates! is, never tried to mod it. Maybe a Pirates! modding forum would be the better place for this question.
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