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GOTM 180 spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Major Advantage, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Yes,difficulty prince and AI friendly(normal diplomacy) sure is tedious:).
    I don't know if will submit for this game.
  2. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Haven't submitted yet, will submit at some point. Here is the final part of my log.

    500 AD: 40% is a tech. 80% two techs? Eh, kinda greedy. I have Darwin’s still anyway. 252, 304, 164, 810, 172, 42, 65, 126. Cremona II built. Cannae II built. 762. Capoue II built. I might have been able to get a full bar from deliveries post-Flight if I saved my vans… too late now, even if I still get more cash. I have 4 vans for next turn?? Probably will have to have science to 60%ish instead of 40% if I really want 2 techs triggered before Darwin’s is built. Starting to rush some vans for the spaceship, but far from done. Now do I go for earliest landing date or GOTM score? Score probably..

    510 AD: Offshore platforms cause a lot of pollution in size15 cities, need Mass Transits! Costly mistake. Flight > Radio. Vans: 363, 427, 252, 168. Tech cost 1554. T4L2S4, will easily get a 2-turn when Pasargades is processed. 8vans in Persépolis for Darwin’s. Kill Babylonian defences. Babylone stormed for 168g+size6. Ur stormed for 50ish gold. Senate signs peace, but it does not matter. Nineve subverted for 30*2g, get 9 back. BABYLONIAN CIV DESTROYED BY PERSIANS. I think that I can launch before 600 AD? I actually have no clue. I’m terrible at anticipating when a spaceship will be ready. Gênes II built. Crête II built.

    520 Radio > Advanced Flight > Combined Weapons… > Darwin’s > Rocketry > Space Flight. T4L2S4 still, 1turn still. Lacking trade money is going to be felt. Whatever vans that I can scrounge will be delivered after Superconductor, on my way to Fusion Power. Vérone II built. Salamis II built. Lisbonne II built. Hambourg II built.

    530 AD: Space Flight > Plastics. 12 vans in Pasargades for Apollo. HERE WE GO. Prague II built. Salzbourg II built. Bergen II built.
    Interturn: English develop Mysticism. I spy an English dip heading for a newly built city… Do they really want war? Sucky thing is that London is small and might get razed in the fighting. Otherwise, get some engies for railroads and a few tanks+dips. Should be fine.

    540 AD: Plastics > Communism only option… F. APOLLO PROGRAM. Not only it delays full taxes for one turn, but also luxuries at 30% potentially… 140g. Some vans for SS structurals. I will spend money on the modules and single vans on structurals, waiting for low-production cities to finish the builds. Some components can also be built that way as well. FULL SPACESHIP. Also probably not launching pre-600AD. Especially with the coming luxuries hike.
    Interturn: English steal Plastics. War is declared.

    550 AD: Communism > Superconductor. T3L3S5, no choice. Remember, start redelivering AFTER starting to research Fusion Power. Kill 2 units in London, capital sacked. Senate forces peace treaty. 388*2g needed to subvert Nottingham. I’ll deliver this turn and not the next one. Vans: 642, 184, 410, 230, 139. T6L3S1, techrate 4 turns. Subvert Nottingham, 388*2, get 312g back. Bribe York for 243*2g, get 149 back. ENGLISH CIV DESTROYED BY PERSIANS. Venise II and Milan II built near the ruins of London. Ghent II built. Quite a few vans being used to prebuild SS structurals and some components, but not that far along. Those 12 modules won’t come cheap.

    560 AD: Superconductor > Fusion Power. 2 SS component, 1 SS structural. 1-1-1-0-0-0. Pise II built. Some more structurals prebuilt. I will probably have to use the mainland to build SS modules since rushing vans takes priority over normal rushbuys, and don’t have the money to clear my F1 and RB my modules. Dublin II built. Toronto II built. Melbourne II built. Egyptian dip spotted: they want a go as well? I do have a few tanks in position, but they are not anywhere near Thebes and Marco’s. And after all this, I still have lower income post-celebrations at 60% taxes than I had pre-celebrations at 90%. Dang!
    Interturn: YUP. Called it.

    570 AD: Conquer Memphis for 179g. Senate immediately calls for peace. 336. 2 SS structural, 1 component. 3-2-1-0-0-0. 158. More vans rushed.

    580 AD: 3 SS structural, 2 SS component. 6-3-2-0-0-0. It took me 15 turns to finish my space ship during GOTM177, so maybe takeoff only on 690 AD? Either way, quite a few cities should finish their structurals soon… and I’m pretty sure I’m queueing too many components and not enough modules.
    Interturn: Egyptians spy on again. War is declared, but this time I have tanks ready to assault Thebes. Mother****… did it autoselect “No Thanks” whilst I was busy typing this sentence? This is extremely aggravating.

    590 AD: Fusion Power > Espionage. 2 SS Module, 1 SS component, 2 SS structural. 8-3-3-1-1-0. Sydney II built. T7L3S0.

    600 AD: 5 SS structural, 1 SS module, 4 SS component, 13-5-5-1-1-1. No takeoff option.
    Interturn: Indian dip shows up near a city! They want to party as well. No movement from the Egyptians.

    610 AD: 1 SS module, 1 SS structural. 14-5-5-2-1-1. Delhi is completely empty. Don’t ask me why.
    Interturn: Indians spy on us. We declare war.

    620 AD: 8 SS structurals, 1 SS component, 2 SS module. 22-6-5-2-2-2. Getting somewhere… launching in 5 turns maybe? Vans: 348. Kill defenders in Bombay and Delhi: lose a unit near Madras. Bombay stormed for 467g, Delhi for 157g. Persépolis III built.
    Interturn: Egyptians develop ToG.

    630 AD: 1 SS component, 2 SS module, 4 SS structural. 26-6-6-3-3-2. Only 37 Aqueducts… and many unbuilt wonders. I wonder how much I’ll have to miss when it comes to scoreboosting manoeuvers…

    640 AD: 6 SS structural, Espionage > FT1. 32-6-6-3-3-2.
    Interturn: Egypt builds 2 SS structurals. Please… just declare war already.

    650 AD: 3 SS component, 2 SS module, 1 SS structural. 34-8-7-4-3-3. Need 5 structurals, 1 component and 2 modules. After some setup, I should be good for a full launch next turn. Arrival date 675 AD.
    Interturn: Egyptians develop Navigation.

    660 AD: All other SS parts prepared. LAUNCH. Landing in 671 AD. T5L0S5. 10 more turns… 10 wonders to build, a nation to celebrate and a trade infrastructure crippled by Flight penalties (no SHs anywhere). I’m not getting everything that I want.
    Interturn: Egyptian dip seems to be looking for another city to steal tech from. Your funeral.

    661 AD: Celebrations most everywhere. Needing to now spend on infrastructure (in addition to WoW vans) on top of reducing taxes to 50% is quite budget-busting. Hopefully the Egyptian funds will help. Went from 2.3k profits to 1.6k per turn.
    Interturn: Egypt steal Superconductor, I declare war.

    662 AD: Pop goes from 52 to 60 million citizens. Bampur SoL, Pasargades Hoover. Kill defenders in Thebes, Heliopolis. Thebes and Heliopolis stormed for 165+Marco and 87g.

    663 AD: Pop goes from 60 to 67 million citizens. Tureng Tepe GW. Being forced to research Communism hurts quite a lot for unrest control. Pretty unlikely that I’ll have all the 600s wonders as well. I’ll make sure to get the 300s left, but the 600s might be too expensive. Kill defenders in Alexandrie, Elephantine. Stormed for 166 and 69g.

    664 AD: Pop goes from 67 to 72 million citizens. Mostly lower-pop cities that are growing, so it’s not that fast. GOTM score steadily increasing still. I don’t have the money for even half of the required infrastructure. A lot of cities stuck on size8.

    665 AD: Bampur GL. Pop goes from 72 to 78 million citizens. Kill unit in Pi-Ramesses, conquer city for 148g. EGYPT KILLED BY PERSIANS. Still 3 300s WoWs unqueued for completion. The 600s are definitely too expensive. Pasargades III built.

    666 AD: Tarse KRC. Pop goes from 78 to 84 million citizens. I have D+1 level unrest right now (all red hats, no black hats), and it’s so incredibly inconvenient for celebrations. No room to physically expand either. One more WoW queued, need to get some more vans for the last two cheap ones.

    667 AD: Kandahar Shakes. Pop goes from 84 to 90 million citizens. All remaining 300s wonders queued. The 3 600s wonders left (Suffrage, UN, Manhattan) are too expensive, more worth it to celebrate my cities instead with acqueducts and whatnot. GOTM score has been increasing quite heavily since the second push.

    668 AD: Pop goes from 90 to 95 million citizens. Suse III built. Arbela III built. Last round of RB’s coming next turn. Afterwards, they won’t be processed until the game ends. Hike science rate as usual on second-to-last turn.

    669 AD: Pop goes from 95 to 100 million citizens. Tureng Tepe Sun Tzu. Bampur Oracle. FT1 > FT2. Tarse Eiffel Tower. Antioche II built. Sell some sewers to get some extra funds. T1L5S4. Not enough for a 2-tech turn. No vans either. Tarse III built. Gordion III built.

    670 AD: FT2 > Guerilla Warfare. Bactres III built. T0L10S0. Some worker adjustments to get rid of red hats still there. (No black hats=JSB+Mikes can’t take care of the entire back half. Especially post-Communism) Sidon III built. ENTER.

    Final Status:
    STATUS AT 670 AD: (End of 177th turn)
    Population: 107,560.000 Cities: 130 Government: Democracy Total advances: 84+2FT (researching Eco)
    Gold: 415 T0L10S0 Income/Cost per turn: 148 income, 382 cost. Production: 842MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: All but Manhattan, Suffrage and the UN.
    Foreign relations: Indians pet city. Everyone else dead, of course.

    Might come down to pop in the end...
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    In my opinion it is a gross exaggeration to claim Civ2 classic and MGE have major differences. The aggressiveness (or lack there) of AI rivals matters very little in conquest games and a bit more in landing games but not to the point of being detrimental. Only in OCC games it is arguable that it could make a difference. In fact, Magic Gorter convincingly argues that in conquest games the more aggressive AI is beneficial when you are in Republic and Democracy. (Because you can easily get any rival to declare war against you; something which is quite difficult in the classic with rational rivals.)

    Furthermore, to call the classic AI dumb and friendly is a gross mis-characterization since the AI is neither. In fact, it is the MGE AI which is dumb albeit in a nasty way. Diplomacy is part of the joy and skill of playing Civ2 and MGE has just ruined that aspect of the game. In classic I often use different approaches toward rivals depending on whether they are rational, aggressive, on in between. In MGE that kind of finesse is irrelevant. That is dumbing down the game not the other way around.

    Finally, our standard here in the GOTM is the classic. That is why we ask MGE players to install the diplomacy patch if they want to. The patch is not mandatory because the consensus belief is that it does not make a huge difference.
  4. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    OK Ali,but is a 'coincidence',most players here win by landing,not conquest because they use Classic,so the aggressiveness of AI really matters in GOTM top and the difference between version is accentuated by this.
    A thing is to give 2 techs for AI civ (one gift maybe) and to obtain one in exchange,other thing is to give in MGE 3-4 techs gift for AI hostile and when propose exchange,he retreats from negociations or say is advanced,or is busy with affair of the state,don't want exchange.How can be this a 'minor ' difference ???
    Give me please the link for diplomacy patch,I saw few,and Duke of Marlbrough said in a post from 2007 unofficial patches not allowed for GOTM.
  5. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Hello all,

    I am still playing but I got to 1AD and wanted to check in.

    Prince level means happiness is totally not a problem. Of course I will go for early conquest, but with a big ICS footprint if possible. Size 1 settler, then drop 2 cities fast and ICS, baby! Goals: Monarchy 2250 or so; 2000 bc: 6-7 cities. 15 cities by 1500bc. 30 cities by 1000bc. (may need colonies) Then look around.

    The Peaster plan will be followed: High Tax until it looks like Monarchy will be unduly delayed.

    4000 Found Persepolis on site. Working Forest. Tax to 60
    3950 roading Wheat.
    3900 working roaded Wheat for 5 turns.
    3850* res Alph
    3700 working forest again
    3300 size 1 settler.

    3250* Pasargadae, Susa.
    3200 Alph => CoL Building 2 Warriors for exploring
    3000 Status: 3C, 2 warriors, 2 Techs, res CoL

    2950 CoL => CB
    2850* Hut: Arbela.
    2650* CB => Mon (3/32). Switch Tax to 40.
    2450* Mon => Maps. Gov: Monarchy

    2400 Antioch (5)
    2300 Hut: Barb horse
    2250* Horse dies on our warrior => vet.
    2200 Maps => Curr. Tarsus (6)
    2100 1st Trireme. Every city gets one!
    2050* Gordium (7)
    2000 Curr => Trade (5/63)

    Status 2000BC:
    7C, 1 settler, 1 trireme, 2 warriors. Gov: Monarchy. 7 techs res Trade

    1950 Hut on new continent: nomad. Bactra
    1900 set workers to max science.
    1850* Trade => HB. Sidon (10)
    Things seem to be coming fast. Let’s turn down science for easier rushbuying. 8 turns/tech, 27g/turn
    Goals: MPE, more cities.

    1750 Hut: 25g
    1700 Tyre

    more realistic Goal: 20C ASAP (by 1000?)

    1450* Sardis MPE
    Babs: Neutral, 104g, 2C; HB, Mas, WC -- res CB
    Egypt: Icy, 62g, 2C; Wri -- res CoL
    English: Neutral, 132g, 2C; -- res Wri
    Indians: Cordial, 96g, 3C; HB, Pots – res Maps

    Indians: get HB, Pots, maps. Give all tech.
    Babs: give Trade and MM; get Masonry, map
    English: give Trade, maps. Get map
    Egypt: Give Trade, Mas, Mon, Maps. Get Wri, map.

    Next goal: Pyr.
    1400 Res Poly. Keep tax high.
    1200 Poly => Myst. Samaria
    1100 Hamadan.
    1050* Hut: Chariot
    1000 Indians: 50g. Egypt: 25g. Babs: 50g

    Status 100BC: 13C, 1 sett, MPE. gov: Monarchy. 13 tech res Myst
    3 Warrior, 1 Ellie, 1 Chariot, 3 trireme.
    Egyptians have Seafaring.
    Vans delivered for Pyr.
  6. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    975 PYR in Susa. Hut: Elephant. Tribute good now.
    950 Hut: 50g. Hut: nomads. Indians: 25g. Egypt: 25. Babs: 25
    925* Ergili.
    900 Myst => Lit
    875 Dariush Kabir. Ghulaman. Hut: Literacy. Babs: 25. Egypt: Seaf as tribute. Indians: 25
    850 res Phil.
    825* Zohak. Istakhr.(18)
    800 Babs: 50. Indians: 50. Jinjan, Borazjan (20)
    775 Herat (21)
    750. First unhappiness (Antioch size 4)

    Status 750 BC:
    21C, 6 Sett, MPE; 16 Tech res Phil (next)
    3 Warr, 1 Chariot, 2 Ellie, 5 Trireme, 1 van

    Plan: keep expanding to vacant areas to prevent respawn. Send 2-selttler triremes out.
    Consider Switch to Republic in 525b. Build MC.
    Trade to get thru tech tree.
    Build 8 crooks and wipe out Egypt and England

    725* Phil, Mono => Republic. Dakyanus
    700 Bampur.
    675 English: WAR.
    625* Turing Tepe. Merv. Egypt: War
    600 Hut: Nomads
    575 Rep => Constr. Pasarfadae beads to Memphis (d, 112). Egypt: 50g for peace. Indians: WAR. Behistun. Kandahar.
    550 decide not to revolt - seems like I still need shields. Could be a mistake.

    525* Hut: Crook (Turing Tepe) Memphis Bribed for 81g. Get a Settler too. Altin Tepe. Hut: Bunyan
    500 Constr => Wheel . Persepolis Silver to Delhi (d, 269) Charsadda.

    Status 500BC:
    31C, 10 Sett. Gov: Monarchy. MPE, Pyr.
    4 Warr, 1 horse, 1 chariot, 2 ellie, 2 crooks, 8 trireme, 4 vans.
    Some unhappiness in size 3 is happening. Time for HG

    450 London razed. Bribes cheaper. Babs 50g.
    425* Wheel => Math. Nottingham bribed. English: 100g for peace. Ura Tyube. Indians: 50g. Naples
    400 HG in Persepolis. Sardis Wine to Elephantine (d, 140). Well, HG bought some time, but MC is still necessary.
    375 Issus, Cunaxa.
    350 Hut: Warrior Code. Working on MC vans and expansion. Maybe now is Republic time? Deliveries to Egypt and India are in place. Revolution. English: WAR
  7. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    The last set saw excellent growth. Now comes the Republic phase that I always feel slow in.

    325* Rebuild London. Hut: Cannae on south island. Gov: Republic
    300 Math => Eng. Many celebrations. Persepolis Wine to Bombay (d, 280). Canterbury bribed.
    275 Capua. Hut: Barbs. That’s probably it for the chariot.
    250 Engineering => Medicine. Chariot is no more, 2 barbs left. Merv Spice to Delhi (d, 264). Hastings conquered. Arbela Beads to Heliopolis (d, 187
    225* Medicine => San
    200 English: Senate forces cease-fire. Turin.
    175 Sardis Hides to Bombay (d, 232). Genoa. York subverted (x2). English Destroyed. Greeks respawn up north.

    Status 175 BC:
    44C, 16 Sett, gov: Republic, T10/S60/L30
    25 tech, res San (next) 650 beakers/advance
    10 Vans, 10 Triremes.

    Goal: 2 techs/turn. Need to increase science output system-wide. Currently 171 beakers/turn.
    So that means grow city size for only a few more turns. , keep expanding, make trade routes, and build libraries. Most cities need harbors. Temples can wait until more money comes in. Turn lux to 20.

    Get Persepolis to a reasonable science city, or maybe Istrakhr
    Need to prioritize foreign deliveries to power thru tech tree.
    Also need vans for Leo. Magellan will be useful.
    Need Colossus and other SSC wonders somewhere.

    I want IW, Bridges, Chem, Univ, Bank, Astro before delivery rates go down with Inv.
    Gordium has 5 vans for MC

    Set lux to 20. Persepolis out of celebration. The civ is earning 200 beakers/turn.

    150 San => Univ. Crete. Verona, Salamis. Lisbon, Hamburg.. Science to 60.
    125* Ergili Wine to Merv (d, 134)
    100 Liverpool
    75 Univ => Chem, Gordium builds MC. Salzburg. Herat Gems to Elephantine (d, 300)
    50 Bergen. Hut: Astro. Venice near Babs
    25* Chem => Bank Zohak Hides to Behistun (d, 108) Istakhr Copper to Memphis (d, 156). Milan

    Status 1AD:
    54C, 9 Sett; gov: Republic; 29 techs res Bank
    10 Warr, 2 Phalanx, 2 Horse, 2 Ellie, 5 Crooks, 2 dips
    12 Trireme, 10 vans

    Plans: I seem to be going for a pre-500 landing with a big civ. The Respawn place was too far away for a 1AD conquest. But at Prince level, it’s fun to not have to worry much about happiness!
  8. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I have been around this forum a long time, perhaps longer than any of the currently active players, and I can tell you that the style and strategy of play has little to do with whether the player has classic or MGE and very much dependent on the player's personal taste. I am a prolific OCC player, so was elephantU; many others rarely try that. I enjoy spaceship victory more than conquest so when I am not playing OCC I usually opt for space. Grigor and Peaster are early conquest players. I do not recall them playing space ship unless they have to (conquest not allowed by special rule). Prof. Garfield loves scenarios. Mercurious loves to play for big score and pushes victory date way beyond necessary to allow time for extra land improvements and city growth. Inkerman enjoys unusual special set ups ...

    By itself it is not a minor difference. However, the advantage is mostly negated by the fact that hostile AI easily declare war on you allowing you to steal tech from them or easily capture their minor cities without disrupting your Republic or Democracy.

    I never noticed that post from Duke at the bottom of that thread. Thanks for pointing that out. I am going to start a new thread on the subject. Let us discuss it there.
  9. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Ali :
    'Mercurious loves to play for big score and pushes victory date way beyond necessary to allow time for extra land improvements and city growth'.
    Me too like this style,and in GOTM 163(biggest score) I showed what is 'whole map',was a discussion before about whole map in Mercurios games.In my game grassland in ice borders,etc.And I don't want wars or to force AI to declare war in all maps...:).I will try patches from your new thread,thanks,but better is to find Civ II Vanilla,Classic maybe,now don't find in torrents,etc,you said about some errors,find city example in Jokemaster try.
  10. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    Here is the first part of my log.

    Only Yellow (Egyptians have built so far), Not sure if I want to do OCC, but heading for the 3 special and irrigating the wheat sounds like a good start.

    -4000 Move
    -3950 Start Road on Wheat, other Settler moves, lots of water for 3 special, 1 of the specials will be invisible until ships arrive, English and Babylonians build cities.
    -3900 Move to building site, road is complete, no new cities
    -3850 Persepolis founded at 49,59,26, Indians are in the game, 2nd settler moves to hills (I am going to do OCC)
    -3800 start Alphabet, road in Hills
    -3600 Warrior completed, Settler to Grass, 2nd special is Whale, seed is 3 or 19, Warrior heads south (for possible hut)
    -3500 There is a Hut at 49,67,26, seed is 19
    -3450 Alphabet -> Code of Laws (18), Hut -> Warrior Code (how crappy), Tech cost is now 24
    -3400 2nd warrior, heads east (on Road to start)
    -3300 Size 2
    -3250 Possible hut at 60,60 is underwater, Hut -> Writing (Tech cost 36), a least it is useful, start on Library
    -3100 Possible hut at 53,75 is underwater

    stats at -3000:
    size: 2; techs: 4, gov: Despotism, gold: 24; trade routes: None; cost/turn: 0
    units: 1 Settler, 3 warriors
    wonders: None

    -2950 start Mining Hills
    -2750 Size 3 (Persepolis is #1, London is size 1), RB 8sh, Tech cost is 32
    -2700 CoL -> Literacy (45 - heading for Republic)
    -2350 Library built, start Colossus
    -2100 Literacy -> Republic (54)
    -2050 Size 4

    stats at -2000:

    size: 4; techs: 6, gov: Despotism, gold: 40; trade routes: None; cost/turn: 1
    units: 1 Settler, 3 warriors
    wonders: None

    -1650 Republic -> Currency (), REVOLUTION, Republic established (30% Lux give WLTCD), disband 2 warriors
    -1600 WLTCD
    -1550 Size 5, Lux to 50% + 1 Elvis
    -1500 Size 6, High Consul, 2 Elvii.
    -1450 Size 7, Lux to 70% + 2 Elvii
    -1400 Size 8, T/L/S = 0/4/6 + 1 Elvis (3 happy, 3 unhappy - 11 Production
    -1350 WLTCD ends
    -1300 Currency -> Trade (80)
    -1000 Colossus Built, Trade -> Map Making (90), T/L/S = 2/3/5 + 1 Elvis

    stats at -1000:
    size: 8; techs: 9, gov: Republic, gold: 35; trade routes: None; cost/turn: 1
    units: 1 Settler, 1 Warrior
    wonders: Colossus
  11. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    During this entire game, I spent a lot of time adjusting T/L/S. For a good part of the game (especially after size 21), I had Scientist, or Taxmen, or even Elvii (especially early). I have included some of these resets. I think my full log had all of them.

    -925 Diplomat
    -875 Map Making -> Ceremonial Burial (110)
    -825 Trireme built, Diplomat lands on Continent 4
    -775 Diplomat, boards Trireme
    -750 Hut -> 50
    -725 CB -> Banking (132)
    -700 Hut -> Banking
    -675 start Mysticism (144), Hut -> 50
    -650 Beads van
    -625 Diplomats are closer to Nottingham and Babylon
    -600 Hut -> Archer (NON)
    -575 Mysticism -> Philosophy (156)
    -525 Gems, Hut -> HBR (196 - crap)

    stats at -500:
    size: 8; techs: 14, gov: Republic, gold: 92; trade routes: None; cost/turn: 1
    units: 1 Settler, 1 Warrior, 1 Archer, 1 Trireme, 2 Diplomat, 2 Caravans
    wonders: Colossus

    -400 Meet Babylonians (2), They offer Math, since Philo is next turn, I refuse, Peace, I am Supreme
    -375 Egyptians start Pyramids, Hides, Philo -> Medicine -> Masonry (240), See York (English), Trade with Babylonians Lit -> Mason, Trade -> Math, give Republic, exchange maps
    -350 start Astronomy (270), Find London, Trade with English MM -> Construction, give Republic, Writing and Trade (cost now 323), Peace, exchange maps
    -325 Gems to London 215 (first delivery), Bribe English Warrior 66,
    -300 Hides, Hut -> University (cost now 520)
    -275 RB 70sh (140)
    -250 Aqueduct built
    -225 withdraw Warrior from Nottingham, Disband supported warrior, Hut -> 50
    -200 Hut -> 2 barb Horse
    -175 Archer survives 2 horse attacks, RB 10sh
    -150 Astronomy -> Chemistry (504 - I am now mighty), Beads to Nottingham 336 (2nd delivery), T/L/S = 0/8/2
    -125 WLTCD
    -100 Size 9, T/L/S = 0/3/7, Supreme again (546)
    -75 Food, WLTCD ends, Hut -> Economics (572)
    -50 Hut -> Theory of Gravity (598), RB 30sh (60), T/L/S = 0/4/6+1S+1E
    -25 Temple, WLTCD, Hut -> 2 barb Horse, T/L/S = 0/5/5+1S
    +1 Diplomat killed by barb Horse, Size 10, T/L/S = 0/5/5+1S+1E

    stats at +1:
    size: 10; techs: 23, gov: Republic, gold: 142; trade routes: 2; cost/turn: 4
    units: 1 Settler, 1 Warrior, 2 Archer, 1 Trireme, 1 Diplomat, 4 Caravans
    wonders: Colossus

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