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IdIOT II: Electric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by NinjaCow64, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York

    Exalt Lucina I of Ylisse

    The Exalt, or reigning monarch, of the Halidom of Ylisse. Lucina was the leader of the human resistance against the Fell Dragon Grima in his mad consumption of the living. When all hope was lost, Lucina traveled back in time initially to prevent her aunt's assassination, which led to the summoning of Grima. Although the assassination attempt was subverted, it only merely delayed the summoning of Grima (And Emmeryn's death) after his cultists manipulated politics to keep Ylisse in a constant state of war as they built up his forces. During this time of conflict, Lucina grew close with Chrom's tactican and advisor, Robin, and eventually married her after a battlefield confession of love. Their relationship would grow strained as Robin's true identity was revealed, but would reconcile after Grima was slain in the present by Robin's hands. Afterwards, Lucina wished to travel back to her own timeline to defeat Grima in the future. However, instead, a square of thunder brought the Halidom onto a strange island on a new world, seperated from the Outrealm Gates that lets them travel between worlds and time.

    Her father, Chrom, would eventually abdicate shortly thereafter, beliving his determined survivor of a daughter would be a better fit to lead Ylisse again in these troubled times.

    Lucina upon gazing on the brand new world after being thrown into the square of thunder

    Grand Tactican of the Armies Robin

    A mysterious amnesiac found by Chrom on the road, Robin quickly proved her mettle as a fast and brilliant thinker on the battlefield. While assisting (and some even saying becoming the de facto leader of) the Shepherds, then-Prince Chrom's personal paramilitary force, Robin drilled the ragtag misfits into the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. Her troops were known for their ability to minimalize casualties, while overwhelming the enemy with precise and brutal strikes onto areas of oppritunity to break lines. Unfortunately, it was soon revealed that Robin was in fact the blood descendant of Grima, and was intended to be his vessel for his rebirth. In a tense stand off, Lucina almost killed her in an attempt to prevent the dragon's resurrection. However, Robin was able to overcome her fate, and was in fact the one to strike down the Fell Dragon in an act of self-sacerfice (all infomation at the time implied that Grima's death would lead to her own). However, Robin survived, once again found lying on a country road. Only this time, with her memories intact

    Crown Prince Chrom of Ylisse

    As Ylisse is an absolute cognatic realm, being the second born child, even if the first son, meant that Chrom was unlikely to ever take control of the realm for himself. Especially when his sister Emmeryn took the throne at the age of ten. Therefore, while Emmeryn took control of the reigns of the state, Chrom instead decided to help the people through more direct action. Creating a paramilitary force known as the Shepherds, Chrom protected the commonfolk of Ylisse from constant raids from bandits and tribals to the north. Chrom was strong with the blade and a father to his men; he seemed almost naturally born to be a battlefield commander. However, when Emmeryn sacerficed herself while childless to save her family's life, the title of Exalt passed from Emmeryn to Chrom

    Immediately, Chrom had to deal with a war with Plegia. And then after that, Valm. And then a second war with Plegia. The constant fighting took a toll on the Captain of the Shepherds, as he was thrusted into a position he had no real preparation to be in. Hitting bandits until they went away was nothing like dealing with a full blown war. Not to mention, seeing an adult version of his infant daughter, warning him of a world ending threat that he had to deal with. Even when all was said and done, and peace returned to Ylisse... Chrom had no idea how to rule. He was a soldier, not an Exalt. Even before the square of thunder, Chrom intended to abdicate in favor of his (adult) daughter, but the warping of Ylisse solidified it. Now he could return back to what he was best at: helping the people directly.

    Voice of the Divine Dragon Tiki of Naga

    Tiki is a manakete, a dragon who has sealed her true nature in a magical crystal known as a Dragonstone, and assumed human form. Specifically, she is a Divine Dragon, the most powerful and holy tribe of dragons: the direct children of the goddess Naga herself. Tiki is deceptively much older than she appears, being at least 2000 years old, and possibly much older than that. She was alive and concious turning the time where Marth fought to eradicate the rogue Earth Dragons that threatened humanity, and even helped participate in his wars. She eventually traveled to the continent of Valentina, where she went into a state of pernament sluber

    Tiki was awoken by Robin and Lucina during their pre-emptive invasion of Valm, as she held one of the gemstones of the Fire Emblem. Tiki mistook Lucina as being Marth himself, although would later accept her as almost a reincarnation of him by the end of their struggles against Grima. Her presence in the Valm Resistance and the Shepherds was a major morale boon, as she was considered a prophet for Naga. After Grima's death, she moved back to Archanea, where she took control of the Church of Naga, the state religion of Ylisse.

    Knight-Captain of the Royal Guard Cordelia

    Cordelia was a member of the Ylissian Royal Guard, a unit of soldiers trained to fight on pegasi. Cordelia was noted as a youth to be a natural prodigy in all aspects related to pegasi, and she was the rising star within the royal guard. When their previous commander, Phila, was killed in action trying to rescue Emmeryn, Cordelia was promoted to the new commander of the Royal Guard.

    Cordelia had a massive, obvious crush on Chrom, but he was completely oblivious to her advances and passed her over to another peagsus knight, Sumia. Cordelia attempted to take it in stride, but it was still a massive punch in the gut for her, and she never got over it. How this affects her relationship with Lucina is unknown, but she doesn't seem to take it out on her personally.

    General Exchequer Anna

    Anna comes from a prolific clan of matriarchial merchants that is said to have existed on all continents in the world that Ylisse once inhabited in. Anna was saved from certain death by the Shepherds, as they intervened to protect her from bandits. Afterwards, she joined the Shepherds, where she became invaluable not only for her skill with the blade, but for her nearly bottomless vault of gold that helped fund the Shepherds during their various campaigns. In return, Anna claimed she saw limitless potential for her to make even more money off of looted goods and other services. She remained with her circle of friends after Grima was defeated, and was first entrusted with the treasury by Chrom, and later renewed with the same position by Lucina. There, she was horrified to realize just how little money Ylisse actually had, and how the state barely kept itself solvent. Perhaps, at least, the square of thunder might give her a new chance to make Ylisse, and herself, rich.

    Knight-Captain of the Ylissian Army Frederick

    A veteran of the first Plegian-Ylissian War (and some say the greatest knight of Ylisse in the conflict), he was assigned by Chrom's father to be his son's retainer, a position he followed even once the Exalt passed away. When Chrom went to form the Shepherds, Frederick was his Lieutenant, usually acting as the voice of reason to the more hotheaded and idealistic Chrom. Although his role of giving sage battlefield advice was largely overtaken by Robin once she was recruited into the Shepherds, Frederick still remained a trusted confidant to both Chrom and Robin, and offered a unique perspective that both lacked due to their age (and amnesia in the case of Robin).

    After the slaying of Grima and the initial dissolution of the Shepherds, Frederick went on to be appointed the commander of the entire Ylissian Army. His commitments to the new position prevents him from joining Chrom as he reformed the Shepherds after abdicating, and instead now serving under Lucina in the same capacity he once did with her father. ​
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  2. Double A

    Double A ♫We got the guillotine♫

    Aug 22, 2009
    everyone knows the real canterbury is in poland
  3. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island


    Image: NinjaCow in an annual state of the union address in LiveLeak.
    Chancellor (Führer) NinjaCow1488
    In some other universe NinjaCow could have been a whiteknight **** who's content with managing a sad SJW online chat with like 20 active members. but its not that universe and here NinjaCow is the most important and most legendary figure of the revolution - leading an underground movement of millions, even billions of gamers worldwide against society. His humble beginings started in a mere concern about ethics in gaming journalism where he advocated strongly in support of the Gamergate movement. He was then but an unknown man behind an internet username of NinjaCow64 As the war between oppressive SJW and righteous gamers intesified NinjaCow became more active in organizing dabs and memes against SJWs, leftists, liberals - becoming a hero of gamers and oppressed internet people. His meteoric rise to the status of hero solidified his position as the leader of the Gamergate Party and hence the entire EPIC Gamer society. He shed his inferior '64' number in his username and replaced it with '1488' as a symbolic gesture of his newfound power. His true identity is unknown - some say he might just be every one of us, and anyone of us - which adds even more to his mythical status. Regardless. with NinjaCow at the helm nothing can stand in the way of gamers.

    Image: Supreme Commander HopeliteJoe in a YouTube appearance declaring war against normies.
    Supreme Commander HopeliteJoe
    Like NinjaCow, a HopeliteJoe in another universe could just be another SJW loser whom probably votes Labor (the right choice should be UKIP btw). But here he's an charismatic strongman feared by normies and gamers alike. Coming from an ethnic Kekistani background, HopeliteJoe is very alike yet very unalike to NinjaCow. Both are proponents of a gamer revolution and a rise up against the society - but where NinjaCow prefers dabbing leftists and SJWs from the darkness of the darkweb, HopeliteJoe prefers direct action. Hopelite's first military achievement comes when he holds the position of a Colonel and led an army of Kekistanis in a mission to take a children's playground. The young colonel was not expected to win in such a difficult battle that has little to no strategic values other than a PR stunt - but nevertheless Hopelite won and with it he shook the world - whilst becoming a hero in Kekistan itself. His other most important campaign was a guerrila warfare against Shea LaBuff's "He will not divide us" flag where Hopelitejoe led the team that constantly outmanuvers SJW Shea. This elevated him to the position of general. Following the establishment of the EPIC Gamer society, Hopelitejoe volunteered himself to serve with Ninjacow in exchange of the establishment of a Kekistani safehaven and an alliance between the two. Ninja, recognizing Hopelite's military abilities accepted and Hopelite did not dissapoint. During the military campaigns against Chad, Niger, and Nigeria in Africa Hopelite outsmarted and outmanuvered the SJWs despite being put in the most difficult situation. When it comes to the decision of who will become the Supreme Commander of the EPIC Gamer society, it was not even a question. The entire world shall tremble when Hopelitejoe sounds the battlecry: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Image: A confirmed photo of the mysterious Reus taken in one of his few physical appearances.
    There's but a few known characters among gamers whom can barely even contend with the mystery and enigmaticness of NinjaCow - but if there's a single individual that can, and maybe even more mysterious and enigmatic than the Fuhrer himself, it would be Reus. Nobody is sure whether "he's" actually an individual. Some say he's a brown man, others said he's white, some goes as far as claiming they'd seen him in the form of a polar bear, and a few even said he's an elemental being made out of the rightest and most anti-SJW and anti-Communist matters - but one thing is certain: He's real and he's out there to aide in our darkest moments. Anytime an SJW pushes you into the wall and all hope is lost, he will come - and all SJWs will instantly burst into death - and he will disappear into the mist again.​

  4. KaiserElectric

    KaiserElectric Total Freakin Besties

    Dec 2, 2007
    Spoiler A magic story :

    Nation: Draconic Thunder

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  5. SouthernKing

    SouthernKing crickety cricket

    Dec 29, 2010
    Deva Loka
    The Electors

    As ordained by the Golden Penguin, one of the major reforms enacted under the illustrious and era-defining reign of the Emperor Frobisher (after whom the reform was named), the electors of the Holy Canterbury Empire number seven. As of the present time, they are as follows:* **

    Three Spiritual Electors

    -Kirei "Melchior" Kotomine, Patriarch of Alexandria

    -Kirei "Caspar" Kotomine, Patriarch of Jerusalem

    -Kirei "Balthazar" Kotomine, Patriarch of Antioch

    Four Temporal Electors

    -Kirei "Lex Luthor" Kotomine, King of Egypt

    -Kirei "Takeshi Ruchang" Kotomine, Margrave of Mainland Japan [Cyprus]

    -Kirei "Soma Yukihira" Kotomine, Satrap of Babylon

    -Kirei "Paul McGann" Kotomine, Satrap Palatinate

    *As per Canterbury Imperial Records, Vol. CDXX, by Kirei "Kinoko Nasu" Kotomine (Astronomer Imperial)
    **The claims that all the electors are under the control of an unknown agency or, even more bizarrely, the same person, are baseless rumour, and are classified as Type-Moon Saberist-Mechist nonsense; for which is proscribed death as per the Bronze Bull of Kirei "Tynodo" Kotomine, Year V.
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  6. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    Even though with the power back on Equus, the princesses could have easily been mistaked for godesses on their own right, now that they have been transported to another world, their powers have been greatly reduced, but they are still considered far above average from your average pony, or your average human. And while the princesses have been traditionally looked upon as the wisest rulers of the land, Celestia and Luna in particular, as both have lived for thousands of years, they are not so adequate anymore, now that they are in a world where war might break out anytime soon. The princesses still, however, wield a considerable amount of magic, and therefore, considerable abilities above mortal beings.

    Princess Celestia

    Spoiler :

    Having ruled Equestria benevolently for more than a thousand years straight, Princess Celestia is still the spiritual leader of Equestria.

    Name: Princess Celestia
    High Concept: Benevolent Spiritual Ruler of Equestria
    Trouble: Doesn’t Know how to Deal With Humans
    Primary Approach: Knowledge
    Scale: Personal (0)
    Consequences: None


    Princess Luna

    Spoiler :

    In the thousand years she has been banished to the moon, the sister of Celestia learnt to be though, and is now ready to use this to cement her role as the leader of the soon-to-be-resurgent military forces of Equestria. She does tend to come as too harsh to those who don't particularily admire her, though.

    High Concept: Co-Ruler, Leader of the Equestrian Military
    Trouble: Difficulty Socialising
    Primary Approach: Cunning
    Scale: Personal (0)
    Consequences: None

    Princess Cadance

    Spoiler :

    The Princess of Love cares for all her subjects, and will go to any lengths to protect them from harm. However, she hardly ever had the opportunity to prove herself a capable ruler, in spite of ruling over the once-nominally-independent Crystal Empire, and she can be too idealistic at times.

    High Concept: De-facto ruler of the Crystal Empire
    Trouble: Overidealistic
    Primary Approach: Force
    Scale: Personal (0)
    Consequences: None
    Stunts: Defender of the weak - Can spend Fate Point to boost 2+ (or 1+ for units on a scale bigger than 4) on defense towards other units. However, she takes an additional 2+ stress.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Spoiler :

    The Princess of Friendship is considered to be one of the most intelligent ponies in Equestria, and is known for her obsessive ways of organizing. In addition, she has taken the time to absorb every bit of literature pre-cataclysm she could find, even if she finds the history of humanity pre-cataclysm both depressing and irritating. If it weren't for the newborn Princess Flurry Heart, however, she would be the most inexperienced of the five princesses, and as such she prefers to stick to either helping at home or being a diplomat abroad, rather than leading armies into battle.

    High Concept: Princess of Friendship
    Primary Approach: Knowledge
    Scale: Personal (0)
    Consequences: None

    Princess Flurry Heart

    The youngest of the five princesses and the daughter of Princess Cadance. Though Flurry Heart learnt a few lessons in humility during the times of famine, once it was over, by virtue of being born a princess rather than earning the title like the other princesses, she was raised in every bit of luxury she could get on. She has grown vain over the years and the princesses have to constantly keep her in check as to not give a bad example to the rest of the population, but she is also both extroverted and charismatic, so she is often employed for dealings at home and abroad whenever Twilight is bogged in one of her big ideas, which is often.

    Name: Princess Flurry Heart
    High Concept: A Princess and a Diplomat
    Trouble: Spoiled brat
    Primary Approach: Charm
    Scale: Personal (0)
    Consequences: None

    Discord, Lord of Chaos

    Spoiler :

    Discord, you are not a princess, what are you- Me not a princess? Everyone knows I am the BEST Princess! While he has no actual official share in power, being one of the few living beings in Equestria who can bend reality to his will, Discord knows how to get in the way and disrupt those that wish to oppose Equestria. Although he has reformed from his chaotic-evil ways for a while now, Discord can still cause collateral effects even when he is trying to help.

    High Concept: Reality Bender
    Trouble: Nerfed by GM
    Primary Approach: Cunning
    Scale: Personal (0)
    Consequences: None
    Stunts: Chaos, Chaos! I can do Anything! Discord may use his chaos magic to perform an action. Discord will not roll dice for this action and will perform this action as if he had rolled +4. When this ability activates, two Equestrian 0-cost Units will be immediately forced to take 2 stress that cannot be mitigated by other stunts.
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  7. poketwo

    poketwo Warlord

    May 7, 2014

    Name:THE HUUUUYGE TRUMPIAN MAGAtopian Republic
    High Concept: MAGA 2nd coming of the Republic of Sereno
    Trouble: Native resistance (mexicans)
    Stunt:14D Chessmasters - You may pay a Fate point to add +3 to an advantage roll using Cunning if you describe how Trump used his 14D chess skills to kick of a series of extremely improbable events that eventuated in this advantage being created.
    Spoiler :

    Covert – -1(Leaks still plague the Trump Administration
    Charm – 1(Trump is a powerful speaker, brings out the HYUUUUUUGE crowds)
    Cunning – 2(Make way for a true mastermind. Trump invented 4d chess, and has already moved on to 14d underwater basket weaving while juggling a bowling ball checkers. Few can even come close!)
    Force – 1(ICE and a bunch of US Military went with Trump in the strategic redeployment. This is a very forceful force)
    Knowledge – 0(Scientists were not prioritized for the "evacuation" into mexico)
    Thrift – 0(Unlike cunning, economics requires a large infrastructure to support. No one man can make a economic Juggernaut, even Trump.)
    Before everything, there was a man. A man with a will, the mission, to fufill every promise to his wonderful supporters. Almost every one had been fulfilled, except one. A cunning rusemaster, he knew exactly how to accomplish this. He convinced a poor protagonist by the name of Senpai to cook the HYOOOOOGEST meal for his harem, knowing what will happen. An extra side dish was created, and the universe shook. And when the dust settled, the man smiled. The Donald completed his final task, to make anime real!

    However, there is always a cost to such actions. Soon in the Great U.S.A, chaos struck! Hordes of various monsters poured into the east of the Mississippi. Chaos filled the nation as they established their dark dominoun in the east coast. Even the White house had fallen, though strangely, trump was absent. The northeast escaped this, but due to another threat. In NYC, the army of the alien General Strum and BLACK HOLE. The mechanized forces quickly took the city, even Trump Tower! Yet, Trump was not here either? Where was he exactly? Easy, down at THE WALL.

    Trump had made a batam plan when this happened. He had stayed along the most heavily fortified fortification the world had ever seen. THE WALL was garisoned by a hyoooooge amount of U.S army personel and border-patrolmen. Trump knew that he had to find a new place to.....Reorganize the United States to prepare for the reconquest of AMERICA. And so, he set out with 45 men (in prot) ICE troopers to take a portion of mexico. Using his massive cunning, he quickly took over Baja and Sereno, and so the tide poured in. US military personel and various other tough dudes quickly invaded mexico, anexing it into the US rump state. And millions of die-hard trump supporters followed, colonizing the area into a strong american province. Parts of Central America were also taken, but Trump knew that stretching his forces would not be a 5-d jango move. And after the duty was done, Trump announced the creation of his great dream. A United and strong America, that could take such threats like the beast-men and black hole like they were nothing. A America that was an industrial and service Juggernaut. A even greater America. The MAGAtopia. And millions cheered at the rise of their great leader!
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  8. Robert Can't

    Robert Can't Éponine

    Dec 7, 2007
    The Barricade

    The Rt Rev Harry Luthor, Archbishop of Canterbury
    Harry Luthor, rightful successor to the Emperors of Canterbury and Rome, is a well mannered and happy leader with an easy-going personality. he loves croquet and hates posers. He worked his way up through the ranks of the clergy from humble origins as the son of a tabletop GM and her husband, a designer of flags. Since rising to the position of Archbishop he has tried to pursue relatively cordial relations with the fractured remains of the once might Canterbury Empire spread throughout the Mediterranean and though he does not recognise their legitimacy as empires he respects their existence as sovereign states.

    George Brody, Emperor of Italy
    Emperor George is the figurehead ruler who's hereditary origins have made him very suspicious of other claimants to the Cantabrian succession. Since the ascension of Luther the two have clashed multiple times over foreign policy.

    Prime Minister Donald Ruchang
    This is Donald Ruchang, Prime Minister of Canterbury. He made a name for himself during the wars over Mainland Japan (Cyprus) in which he was responsible for significant gains in the early stages of the war but after a coalition of HCE princes descended upon him he was forced out of the island. His second invasion (Code named Demon Fish) was spearheaded by his ally the Prince of Istanbul who died on the beaches causing it to be an abject failure. Prior to a third invasion infiltrators from the Gamer Society killed most of his soldiers by poisoning the food supplies. This led to a quick peace with the coalition of princes.

    Following the war he entered the political scene after marrying the Emperor's niece (Which many people called a political move) and despite being on a honeymoon in Cambodia in the weeks leading up to the election he won a significant victory over his poor rival Rubio.

    Politically he is more right leaning than his main opponent and he believes in government spending as a reasonable thing. He also likes to support public services such as healthcare. He has a very isolationist foreign policy which clashes both with the Archbishop and the Emperor.

    Robert Rubio, Leader of the Opposition
    Robert Rubio is the leader of the opposition against Ruchang and has a very low opinion of the prime minister. His hobbies include fishing and seizing the means of production. He likes bread and has never stolen any second hand coats.

    The Rt Rev Herbert Leighton, Archbishop of Rome
    The other Archbishop. Unlike Luther Leighton has very little temporal power and is more responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the nation. Before joining the clergy he enjoyed a brief career as a tea merchant and has long held very strong views on the subject. He does sometimes lean into the political sphere when tea is being discussed but otherwise stays out of temporal affairs.

    Minnie "The Woolf" Maxine, Guardian of the Grail
    Born to a zookeeper for a mother and a civil servant as a father. Maxine was always adventurous and had an eventful childhood. One key moment in this childhood was uncovering the Holy Grail and used it to save the life of one of her school friends who had been cursed by an elder god.

    Since leaving school she came to the attention of the government who she wholeheartedly supports. It seems she has some extremely strange and unnatural powers which are very useful in her role as Guardian of the Grail. Rumour has it she is immortal and indestructible and the only person who could ever beat her was that same god who cursed her classmate all those years ago.

    Lord Hughes, Chancellor of the Interior
    Lord Hughes manages the covert activities of Canterbury. He is secretive and so not much is known about him.
  9. inthesomeday

    inthesomeday Immortan

    Dec 12, 2015


    Trouble: All the white qualified government workers were expelled from the land reclaimed by the caravan and as a result our anarchist totalitarian government lacks organization. At least Daddy Soros won't have to deal with bureaucrats :)

    Stunt: Antifa Supersoldiers and Honduran-ISIS Thugs steal jobs from white people good professional Americans. (+2 bonus to thrift any turn following a successful attack against white people)


    These are the current "borders" of the Caravan. Within these borders rational skeptics who just want to protect free speech are BRUTALLY SUPPRESSED. The anarchist government WILL STEAL YOUR TOOTHBRUSH AND ALL OF YOUR PLASTIC STRAWS. Big boi diaper babies ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO HOLD RALLIES ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES. It is basically the perfect neo-Marxist postmodernist globalist nation. And every. Single. Citizen. Is an immigrant.

    Covert: -1 (Sadly, the Antifa spy program is quite unsuccessful. It seems they can't help but blow cover immediately whenever the people they're spying on say something super racist, and they react with POLITICALLY CORRECT JARGON.)
    Charm: 1 (For some reason the REPRESSIVE ANARCHIST GOVERNMENT has mass public support.)
    Force: 2 (They are literally JACKED despite their 100% soy diet. They will ACTUALLY SUPPRESS your speech with a PUNCH if you throw bananas at black people.)
    Knowledge: 0 (Despite controlling the universities, ideological factionalism has prevented the Marxist academic muscle from fully flexing on the gamers so far.)
    Thrift: 1 (They have somehow built an extremely efficient economy even though COMMUNISM IS AGAINST HUMAN NATURE.)
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  10. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Clans of the Uznahgar

    Spoiler maps :

    The provinces of the UUC are set by clans; first we will look at the two expections, the Carseld and the Order of Anfenga.

    Spoiler The Carseld :

    Carseld: the order of elders that serve as caretakers of the prime assembly AKA capital of the UUC, Stól. The Carseld are made up of members of all the clans send forth. Local desires in the capital are respected through a city assembly of councillors to draft local laws; the power of the Carseld henceforth is towards the whole of the UUC as a moral power of the faiths. Current Reverent Seer is the Chaddoqqen elder Sudqi Biq vo Chaddoq.

    Spoiler The Anfenga :

    Order of Anfenga: based in Bermuda the order were pirates reformed into a marine order of warriors. Bermuda itself is under an elective representative but the prime power is the Order. The Order is essentially a warrior lodge which has came to be a means of bonding between the different clans via their warriors and the Order is also renewed for the sagas about their exploits. Currently the Grand Commander is the gorgon warrior princess Xede Sfýrigma.

    Now for the clans... relate to the map above for a colour code.

    Spoiler clans part 1 :

    Clan Ancra: in the Behamas, a clan renewed for their ship building and swashbuckler sailors.


    Clan Bearg: in Iowa, a clan remewed for their pig herding and renewable power production.


    Clan Blog Scara: a offshoot of Clan Scara, basing itself in north-west Michigan. They have taken themselves to the further more to the pack style ways of the werewolves and embracing the naturalism in a more spiritual methodology.


    Clan Brádhal: based in Asturias this clan is known for their ships and warriors.


    Clan Byccan: in West Virgina, a clan primary of trolls and ogres noted for their goat herds and chemical industries.


    Clan Chaddoq: stationed in Louisiana primary of orcs they are renewed for their fierce warfare and fishing.

    Further clans detailed in the following post.
  11. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Spoiler clans part 2 :

    Clan Geest: in Virginia this goblin with gnoll & harpies clan are renewed for their science, hedonism, trade and the worship of the occult.


    Clan Gimbar: in North Carolina this clan are known for their arms manufacturing and agriculture.


    Clan Gormeach: a clan in Galacia that joined the UUC through its links to both Nádúr Naofa and Sunvaar. Known for their piety and sailors.


    Clan Hofkah: in Kentucky this clan is regarded as an agricultural breadbasket, as well their mining and manufacturing.


    Clan Hurthi: based in Quintana Roo this primary lizardfolk clan fames themselves for their fortification engineering and natural resource extraction.


    Clan Kal: based in Yucatan this primary lizardfolk clan they are renewed for both their martial skills and cultural production.


    Clan Korddre: based in South Carolina they have come to master the air and to produce themselves as a centre of faith.


    Clan Krein Tosca: based in Missouri they are known for their master of the air and their arms production.


    Clan Lutin: based in Mississippi, a famous goblin clan renewed for their martial experience, hedonism, culture and sun worship.


    Clan Nádúr Naofa: based in Ohio renewed for their naturalism and piety.

    2 set to come.
  12. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Spoiler clans part 3 :

    Clan Ohkaaz: based in west Cuba they are famed for their sailors and plantations.


    Clan Scara: based in most of Michigan this clan is strongly made up of werewolves. Known for their pack culture and naturalism, as well as for their skills in crafting vehicles.


    Clan Scytta: based in Maryland they are famous for their marksmanship and their markets.


    Clan Siigonis: homed in Illinios they are known for their fearsome warrior judges and for their skilled traders.


    Clan Strumkul: based in Florida, they are known for their marine agriculture and life science, as well for their hardiness from storms. The population consists of a signification number of crocodile folk.


    Clan Stuhdash: in Ohio a clan with a mass of minotaur and orcs are known for their shepherds and naturalism, as well as their naturists.


    Clan Súge: based in Georgia they are known for their agriculture, especially for their prized honey, and industry, most famous their mead.


    Clan Sunvaar: based in Tennessee this clan known for their centuars and werefolk boast itself for their diplomats and textile production.


    Clan Ujak: based in Winconsin the primary werewolf and gnoll clan is known for their dairy and cultural production.


    Clan Wícing: base in Arkhansas and the South-East; renewed for both their agrarian ways and great hunters, as well as a infamous history for raiders.

    Forgive me but a last one now...
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  13. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Spoiler part 4 of the clans :

    Clan Yuvon: based in Deleware, a succession from Clan Scytta that took more aggressive approach in marketing and a perhaps one of the only clans to have a functioning covert agency, often used for illegal activities.


    Clan Zajar: based in Indiana they are known for their scholarship and medical mastery.


    Clan Zau: based in Alabama, this disciplined and industrial clan provide themselves as a major workhorse for clan production as well as providing disciplined army personnel.

    Sorry for the four posts; did do to image limit.
  14. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    Reserving Ukraine, details to follow.
  15. Terran Empress

    Terran Empress Hornet

    Mar 30, 2011
    Hallow Nest

    High Concept: Hell's Invasion of Earth

    Trouble: "Limited Support from Hell"

    So like, we're literally Hell, like that sould be the obvious trouble, but also overcrowding in hell, like there is literally No More Room in Hell, but someone else is doing the zombie thing so yeah, demon army time. Anyways, there is just too many sinners, and you [tier-2 swear word]ing humans can't stop making things up about us - you know that every time you come up with a new version of Hell or interpretation it only becomes real right? Like we're running out of space down here, the least you can do is give us some land to deal with all of the new demons you keep imagining up.

    Actually, you know what, that's Hell's real problem, it's not the fact that we're hell, or that we're overcrowded. Its the fact that you Humans can't stop imagining new Hells, and NONE of them get along. Like we barely scraped together enough support to start this invasion, let alone have the resources to continue it.

    Stunt: Portals to Hell - While the Invasion has just begun, there are multiple physical locations on the Earth that connects to the underworld - Primarily the Darvaza gas crater in Turkmenistan, which also acts as our "base of operations" on Earth effectively making it our capital. Functionally this means our units can quickly and easily be moved across the planet, and our demonic mages can create new portals to invade other places we don't directly border as well.

    Granted I guess if another country obtains access to one of these portals they could also invade Hell... maybe... I'm not even sure what would happen if someone tried to invade hell though... Probably not good things, dunno. I mean most humans down there are already dead soooo yeah.

    I mean we're also demons so maybe it makes more sense to have a stunt related to that like I dunno, demonic magic or weapons or something... We'll think about it.


    (I know some of these claims are overlapping with other people, let's discuss this more, I just really liked the idea and wanted to put it out there)


    Covert: 0 - Oh sure some demons can do sneaky stuff, sometimes people are just oblivious, like how King Zøg thinks I'm a cat? Anyways that detail isn't important, generally not our strong point.

    Charm: +1 - Ever heard of a succubus? Or ya know a Faustian Bargain?

    Cunning: +1 - I mean three words really: plots within plots

    Force: +2 - We're Literally Demons, like... I'm not sure how else to explain that demon warriors are usually... ya know pretty [Tier-1 swear word] strong?

    Knowledge: 0 - I mean sure, Hell has a lot of demonic sorcerers and the like, but also we're not any special with this.

    Thrift: -1 - I mean, how do you want me to justify this? Like what? Three of the deadly sins are Greed, Sloth, and Gluttony, that doesn't really sound all that thrifty to me.

    Characters to come later (TM)
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  16. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    @inthesomeday I was thinking that it would be a good idea to abandon your Mexican claims for the sheer irony of your nation being in the US and Trump being in Mexico. You can have more American land to compensate though.

    Also, do you have a Discord account?
  17. inthesomeday

    inthesomeday Immortan

    Dec 12, 2015
    Oh my god I completely missed the Trump nation. My god I would’ve already done this if I’d seen it, my bad. And yes I do. How come?
  18. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems

    (What? You expect the guys at Blizzard would offer Talon's own theme?! :p)​


    High Concept: Nation state terrorist organization

    Trouble: Might Makes Right


    Oligarchic Criminal Organisation. This Government is a unique form of oligarchy that's more organized and professional than a Bandit Commune. The Government is government is organised like a massive crime syndicate, where the strong prey on the weak and any neighboring states are seen as opportunities for their goals. The governing body is the Talon Council; Which consist of Amélie "Widowmaker" Lacroix, Olivia "Sombra" Colomar, Moira O'Deorain, and Admiral Lee Petrovsky and General Marz Dornan.

    Singapore City

    Widow would like to show you her design of an old Coruscanti Railgun Killsat she found after Sombra hacked CFC's servers

    Killsat Doctrine - When Talon makes an attack using orbital bombardment from space, Talon may spend a Fate point to give +3 to the attack

    +2 (Who would thought you could inflict major damage to your opponent in a global scale war by just pretending to have a German accent)
    Charm: -1 (Setting the world on fire hasn't helped our PR)
    Cunning: +1 (One word, Widowbutt)
    Force: +1 (While we fight a shadow war, we still need a standing armed forces)
    Knowledge: 0 (If only Moira had access to her high tech equiptment, oh well we'll make due with the basics)
    Thrift: 0 (Ahh you thought China was a producer of really cheap goods. NO! It's India Talon cause I got a million guns boys! Come get one!)

    Background: Was there even an Overwatch in IdIOT?! All I remember was something something Nationalist Republic of Coruscant or some crap. I think the tradition was to build off of some catastrophic event that caused present day 2018 Earth to have a blank slate for all of us to play on. Well here goes nothing...

    Before the world was unleashed in nuclear fire by Gandhi's nuclear attacks to stop the Droid army of the CIS a growing Omnic crisis, Talon was established before the downfall of Overwatch with the goal of strengthening humanity through conflict , cause war, war never changes.

    After the dust have settled, Talon established itself with it's base of operations in Singapore and it's core territories in Indonesia and the Philippines and establishing a central government with the Talon Inner Council lead by Widowmaker. The next goal in strengthening humanity through conflict, is to set the world on fire again.

    Oh and some dudes from the Enclave are tagging along cause we felt bad for them getting their butts kicked.

    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  19. NinjaCow64

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Just that generally I communicate with people over the IOT Discord Server. If you have an account and are a member then just ping me in the #idiot2 channel.
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  20. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo

    "Comrade, why are we lime green?"
    "You see Ivan, if a colourblind Soviet reads the map, we will be indistinguishable from the USSR! Also there is too much yellow already."

    High Concept: What if Ukraine won RCW?
    Trouble: No-Gulag November

    Covert: 2 — He can run and plot at the same time!
    Charm: 0 — Should've aired out his loafers before that UN session...
    Cunning: 1 — More agile than Koba's cavalry mafia.
    Research: 0 — Most of the competent scientists defected over orders to incorporate corn into everything.
    Thrift: -1 — Nepotistic profiteering contracts resulted in miles of useless walls, alternative medicine centers and a vast navy.

    Stunt: Market Saturation

    Flood the market with corn exports to boost Thrift and generate trade dependency in other countries. What if Thailand was the real socialists???

    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

    "Yes, comrades, I know it has a very familiar shape..!"

    Born to a gloriously proletarian family, trained in the art of mining and factorying, the Saviour of Mankind attended his first strike action at age 20 and quickly joined the socialist movement sweeping Eastern Europe. While his political career jump-started in Russia, his heart always lay firmly in Україна, and after Stalin "accidentally " bumped off all the Mensheviks and Trotskyists, Khrushchev departed to lead Europe's Breadbasket to a bright new future and 80 gorillion less starvations. Unfortunately, in between inciting communist revolution and destroying the Degenerated Workers' State, he only managed four years' formal education, resulting in most of his foreign and domestic policy orbiting around unhealthy fixations on bluffing nuclear brinkmanship and massive corn farms, respectively.

    Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky

    "No, Comrade Khrushchev, refusing to honour your 2-for-1 coupon is not a valid pretext for nuclear war..."

    Designated Only Sane General Staffer, as Commander-in-Chief and Minister of Defence Marshal Malinovsky is responsible for crafting the Ukrainian armed forces into the very model of a modern major milita...ry (sorry, it sounded better in my head), largely through sheer force of will—no small feat, given most of the country is farmers. Malinovsky also plays a vital role in tempering the General Secretary's more delusional strategies (to varying success), such as the plan to achieve strategic weapon supremacy through mass-production of intercontinental ballistic corncobs.

    Nestor Ivanovych Makhno

    "Once you go Black, you'll never go back."

    Distinguished as the closest thing to an unperson the government can brand you short of a Russian, Nestor "Kill all Whites" Makhno is a notorious anarchist and Master of Antics, plaguing the southern half of the country with better schemes to redistribute the wealth than the Politburo's. Despite numerous attempts to bring him to heel, he has consistently evaded capture with his souped-up tachanka fleet, which can truck to Moscow faster than iSorrow and doesn't need Motorized research (read: totes OP pls nerf kthx).

    Mustafa Abduldzhemil Dzhemilev

    "Oh, the Russians feel oppressed? How long was Putin barred from his home?"

    A pretty humble guy. Has lived in Crimea his whole life. Thank Marx that petition to join Ukraine back in 1920–something resolved without incident. Man, wouldn't it have sucked if Stalin had been in charge, evicted all the Tatars from the peninsula, and then they couldn't come back 'til two years before the whole USSR collapsed? As Chairman of the Crimean Mejlis, Dzhemilev is entrusted with the power to summon ancient Tatar magics (but only when it aligns with the paradigm of Socialist realism).


    "You can't imagine how much more work I had when I was a god."

    Emperor of Japan by birth, marine biologist by passion, no-one really knows how he wound up in Ukraine, much less why the Communists let him stay. He is, however, one of the few remaining published scientists living in the country, plus it's a universal law that Hirohito is present for every alt-history and Japan already capitulated to the animus. He enjoys long walks in the park, discovering freedom in England, and not being surrounded by a bloodthirsty general staff.

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