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Imperium Offtopicium VI-2

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Sonereal, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    Right under your nose
    Replace Imperial Unity with Closing Borders (Military, +3)
    The foul Gran Columbians seek to make every effort to undermine our state - we will not allow this. Close our borders (including occupied territories) to all Gran Columbian citizens and officials, evict their Embassy (by force if necessary), and test all foreigners landing on our shores to make sure they are not Gran Columbian. If any Gran Columbians are found attempting to enter the Empire, they will be thrown into temporary holding cells until they can be returned to their state of origin. Censor all Gran Columbian propaganda and ensure that none of their vile influences can enter our state.

    Rome and the Spanish Resistance have come to a peace accord with the following terms:
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  2. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    I dread this game.

    Over the last few weeks I've been wrestling with the fact that as much as I enjoy most of the game, a small part of it was becoming increasingly dreadful to run. After the last update, my approach to GMing was attacked and, on a wider level, the discourse surrounding the Punic War was becoming increasing negative. If this negativity was IC, it would be fine, but I feel that a significant minority of players are unable to separate their personal feelings from that of the diplomats and generals they are supposed to be playing as.

    I took a few days away from the Discord to compensate, and after that I decided I should be more aloof in order to focus on thr enjoyable parts of the game. However, with this latest update and the sheer number of secret orders, I don't feel good anymore about this game or the pettiness and vindictive behavior I see in these secret actions.

    Hitting post reply and putting up this next update, I feel, would just repeat the cycle of backseat GMing, hurt feelings, and a negative atmosphere that feels more like IOT XIV then I would care to admit.

    So, its yours. If somebody wants to take over, or if players want to turn this into the cooperative worldbuilding session this setting is better suited for, I would be happy and would love to participate. I just don't want to do this. Especially when I'm doing this for free on my own time. With the high amount of work that goes into doing a hundred rolls an update and writing an update around it, the game should at least be fun. It shouldn't be so negative that I feel the need to hide in an entirely different server for two weeks to avoid things.

    So yeah. GG.
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