Josef Stalin of Russia: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead (09-03-2005)

CurtSibling said:
Nice work, but!

Why is he wearing the German Iron Cross in the industrial leaderhead view?


This question came up in the preview thread: even though it's normally recognized as a German simbol, it has been used by monarchs all over Europe (or at least Russian Czars, as some pictures of them show)

@Anarki: Please post a screenshot of the problem taken from the game so I can know exactly what to change
I would have to download all the files and put everything back in my mod again, and I can't be bothered atm. Just imagine you click on America, then you click on Russia, and at the top there's a large section of the American Background on your Russian one.
Is this supposed to be static? For some odd reason he doesn't seem to move. And when I selected Germany then switch to Russia I saw Bismarcks scalp on Stalins head... :confused:

EDIT: Ooopsss... It is animated. Just a little slow thats all.
Anarki said:
Yep, I'm having the same problems. It's a shame since it's a good leaderhead and Catherine sucks.

First you can't show the problem you claimed (that no one else saw) because you can't be bothered to DL the LH.

Now you are "having" the same problem?

Which is it? Are you just trolling again?
Well, I think I may know what the problem is, but the reason why I want those screenshots is to be sure the problem is what I think it is.

With that, I could fix the ancient era in practically no time (well, I will be abroad for a week starting this weekend, so it might take a bit longer)
Odd... No Bismarck scalp effect anymore.

The only problem I have is that the LH is to slow. i have to put my face to the screen to watch his head move evry 5 seconds. It must take him two seconds to close his eyes! :eek:
Ill save you the trouble Anarki.

I selected Portuguese and then Russia. Henry hood-thing was stuck above Stalins head. And I have to reinstall Windows today...

it is the same problem like with the Asshurbanipal-LH. It are just to much frames. (around 600 instead of 121 frames for a normal LH (from Firaxis, R8XFT or CivArmy).

To all the new LH-makers. Please do LH with 121 frames or at least change the duration/delaying so that your great work dont look static !!

You really do fantastic jobs, but your work is getting unattractive, if the animated LH looks like a static LH !
Well, I save them with 121 frames, and they do open in the program having 121 frames each.
Perhaps this is the problem that makes leaderheads made by me to run so slow (as many people has complained here)
I actually have no idea as to what might cause the problem, so I'd appreciate if anyone with some knowledge with flics could check them and try to find out what the problem is.

My main theories have to do with: the duration of the frames, which in fact wouldnt affect how they look in game (the whole animation lasts 6 seconds in my LH, while Firaxis' range from 3 to 8); and secondly the file sizes: my leaderheads are all about 2.5 to 4 MB per file, while Firaxis' go from 1.5 to 3 MB. Perhaps that's the problem, but I wouldn't know how to make them smaller without losing quality.

PD: It would be quite pointless to make a 600 frames leaderhead, as we'd need about 4 times the time needed to render it (which is already quite long with the 121 frames we're making now ;) )
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