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[LP] Julius Caesar: First Look

I'm not willing to accept the fact that 2K is asking me to trade away my private data as a form of currency.
You can sell them made up data .....
Just seems a little odd (to me, at least) that someone would sign up to a website and give personal data in return for being able to make posts, and then object that a related company asks for similar private data and in return give you extra freebies for your game. To me, either a quid pro quo for your data is fine, or not.
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Every major tech company (and most companies) want your data, usually to sell it. It’s kind of hard to avoid, though I can respect someone for trying.
Julius Caesar and the excess gold he gets does make sense because it does say that give to Caesar what is Caesar's and what is god what is god's during that classical era where Rome had expanded throughout Europe and parts of northern Africa and the Middle East's western part.
Tiberius was Caesar at the time, and that line was about Jesus' enemies trying to trick him into recommending tax evasion (a capital offense), not the wealth of Rome.
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