Oct 25, 2019

So I am kinda new to modding but I was wondering if there is a civ 6 modding manual that walks you trough making a mod? If not there should be one for civ V and VI It just hard to learn how, like I can't find a lot of good ways to learn. so far the best way I was able to start was thanks to keniisu's videos. Now I want to start making, what i call, Dis Civs. Its basically Disney Civs/leaders because that is a category of characters that have barley been touched by the civ modding community. If anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
I have read trough that. but can't find the section to where it talks about making leaders, units, abilitys, etc. unless I missed that part. or i have a outdated version of the pdf.
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