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[LP] Leader Pass Pack 6: Rulers of England Revealed (Coming Mar. 29th)

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Lots of gray, and brown. I will avoid making harsh judgments on the models quality until the spotlights videos
Whenever I see Elizabeth now all I'm going to be thinking about is calling her "Brown Bess". :shifty:


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Harald. ❤

Please, please, please be good!
I want to know how many channels Harald can pick up with that antenna

Also, does it seem like he’s been hitting the gym since 2016?
Elizabeth looks so pretty. And I agree it sounds like an agenda approval line, I hope it's not the same as Wilhemina 😅
They're probably not going to reuse the same agendas twice when it comes to historical ones, so we should be good (i'd be quite disappointing).
So, I guess(hope) this is last thing we hear from devs until Civ7 annoncement next.
Maybe she has the opposite agenda to Magnificence Catherine; she likes it when you trade for her resources
So essentially "Trade with me or I'll send my Sea Dogs to take whatever you own". :mischief:
Elizabeth I is really fascinating, I can't wait to play against her. However, it is very likely that she gains bonuses for naval combats, which in Civ6 is not a big deal.
Hopefully she'll make it interesting, like coastal raiding when not at war. Which might mean it would be bad to give her open borders. :shifty:
Buy my whales or I'll take every coastal city you have
With Workshop of the World she'll presumably also have a lot of iron and coal to trade away.
I’m surprised Elizabeth isn’t wearing white makeup, and I’m disappointed that Victoria doesn’t look older. But overall these are ok models.

Not quite sure what they were going for with Harald, but I think he’s possibly a difficult leader to work with.
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