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M.G. Civ collection thread


Sep 30, 2018
Welcome everyone to my own civ collection thread. This thread will showcase my civ that i have either improved from the other civ that has made by other people in this community, or making one from scratch. And also, this was inspired by @Dumanios and @cybrxkhan style of Civ module, which include some flavor unit for most civ's.

Feel free to comment and suggest some civ. I don't usually take request but now, it's up to you.

Btw: the M.G stands for "Malayan Gamer" if you don't know.

Here's some map preview of my civs:
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My library of previous (future) civ collection
It will be organized by a region/category and the release date.

Americans Civs:

West/Central European Civs:

East/Central European Civs:

Finland (January 5, 2021)

Mediterranean Civs:

Middle Eastern Civs:

South Asian Civs:

Malaysia (November 17, 2020)

East Asian Civs:

African Civs:

Pacific Islander Civs:

Fictional Civs:
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Hi, i dont know if your still doing this but are you doing modular civs ? if here some ideas : Bavaria, Central American Federation, Sicilia, Sardinia, Wessex
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