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Main Download Information

Discussion in 'Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn' started by 45°38'N-13°47'E, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. 45°38'N-13°47'E

    45°38'N-13°47'E Chieftain

    Jun 7, 2008
    Just wonder...
    Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn

    :c5capital: FULL INSTALLER DOWNLOAD HERE :c5capital:

    Just download once! Since January 2015 the installer also contains an updater, so you can simply update your game when a new revision is released (thanks dbkblk!)

    Alternative installation methods:
    SVN installation, follow instruction here


    Modpack Thread (more info on the mod here)

    Troubleshooting & FAQ

    [Deleting "Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn" folder inside "Mod" folder and clearing your cache should be enough. If you get errors, try deleting CivilizationIV.ini in your Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword folder, it should recreate itself when you launch the game again. Just make sure you make a backup copy before deleting this file.]​

    If you get a " GFC Error: Failed to Initalize Primary Control Theme", have a look here

    If you get the missing religion icon bug because you are using Steam, have a look at the note for Steam users here

    Do you wish to turn on/off a gameoption that you haven't chosen correctly when starting the game; it's possible to do it using chipotle cheatcode. Enable cheat mode in civilization4.ini and then in your game, press the ~ key (shift + `) You should see a translucent text console appear in the middle of the screen, and it should say "Python" on the top line followed by some version/build info and then a prompt:

    2.4.1 (65, Mar 30 2005, 09:13:57) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]
    Make sure you see it says Python; if you hit just ` by mistake you'll get a similar-looking but very different console.
    Just type

    CyGlobalContext().getGame().setOption(XX, False)

    where XX is the option number you wish to change from True to False (the opposite works too). Here below you can see a screenshot of what number each game option corresponds to.

    Spoiler :


    What you see in the following spoiler are the OLD 1.75C and 1.76 versions which are quite obsolete now and not supported anymore (we keep them for reference if needed).

    Spoiler :

    Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn

    The Essential RoM Expansion!

    Development of AND 1.76 has been restarted!

    Civilization 4; Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn picks up where the Rise of Mankind mod left off. It is a realistic mod, simulating the rise of civilizations from the immemorial times, past the current era, and far into the future.

    The Trademark Feature of Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn is that you choose the new features. Every single addition is completely customizable, and can be enabled or disabled, to suit the user. You could choose to only take the speed optimizations and AI enhancements and leave all the new content. Or decide to use all the new content. Or anywhere in-between.

    Amongst the new Features are:

    Advanced and Realistic Diplomacy. Players can once again trade contact with other civilizations, establish embassies, trade for rights of passage, and sell their excess workers and military units. The AI will initiate it's own trades, and often attempt to instigate or calm wars, using all of it's means at it's disposal. Expect to have to manage diplomacy much more to gain a foothold in the world. Fail to understand the AI's demands and expect to have to face "aggressive negotiations." Realistic Diplomacy offers more forgiving AI, but harder to please AI. Over time, the AI will begin to forgive and forget past diplomatic events, good or bad. While this means your nuclear holocausts won't devastate diplomacy for all time, it also means simple gifts of technology will not keep others placated for long. Only a true kinship among nations will truly stand the test of time.

    Multiple Production and Research! Players will be able to, if they have excess resources, produce or research multiple buildings, units or technologies each turn. Expand your research and production capabilities to new heights! Your Capital city will never again waste turns constructing one missile each turn, now it could churn out five, ten, or hundreds, all depending on your production capabilities.

    Larger Cities! Cities, as they expand in culture, do not stagnate after reaching their second size! They can grow again, after reaching an "Influential" level of culture, allowing them to work an incredible 37 tiles and produce more than ever before. While this seems extravagant, healthiness and happiness will become a real problem as your city expands; plaguing you like never before. Fail to counter this, and expect to suffer.

    Peaks, Mountains, and Climbing, oh my! Mountain tiles now produce production, can have resources on them, and present unique benefits to your civilizations. Learn to climb them first, and your civilization will have a distinct military advantage and commercial advantage. Give your Generals the ability to cross them early, before anyone else, and the battlefield is yours to command. Build cities on Mountains, and unlock rare and specialized buildings that can only be built on peaks. Neglect them, and the AI will use them to crush your armies, cities, and civilization.

    Fixed Cultural Borders. A New Game Option for players when they customize a map is Fixed Cultural Borders. Under certain civics, a player's borders become "Fixed" and are no longer affected by other nation's culture. When a player has fixed borders, they can claim territory outside of their borders. If the territory is unowned, they gain it next turn; if the territory is owned by another player, they must be at war to claim it. This grants players a unique way of expanding their borders, their conquest or exploration. In addition to this, Forts will also give off a small amount of culture. This allows players to use forts to claim future cities sites early. The AI has been fully taught this feature; expect to see them use it against you!

    Ruthless AI: Ruthless AI is a step above Aggressive AI. The AI have no restrictions on how often they can trade with each other. Ruthless AI removes the Psuedo-Emotion Firaxis gave leaders, enabling them to become much sneaker and vicious. The AI will never warn you of an impending attack by poor diplomatic gestures, and will attack the best target, regardless of the relationship. Ruthless AI does NOT give the AI any handicaps, it merely makes them more human and less forgiving.

    More Content! New technologies for various sciences and historical aspects of humanity have been added. No longer can you neglect the entertainment of your cities, or ignore your economy. Civic choices will drastically affect military output, and a failure to prioritize your production will lead to your downfall. Ignore the Weather, and expect to be defeated by those who can predict, and ultimately, control it! Learn to terraform land to your will! Build sea tunnels underneath continents to span vast oceans and connect far flung cities. But be wary, the AI will too!

    Speed Optimizations! Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn is much faster than just Rise of Mankind alone. While still slower than BTS, it has greatly improved the speed, of RoM.

    Author's Note:

    As a modder, I've read and been told countless times that "kitchen-sink" or "total conversion" mods are bad (or not as fun of a) mod. Other times, I've seen slogans such as "Content for Content's Sake" slandered, or made out to be a poor practice. I can't emphasize how wrong this kind of thinking is. "Kitchen-Sink" mods are often on the cutting edge of modding, innovating, creating new, creative, and original content. They are the best kind of mod. Sure, we could always try to deviate as little as possible from the original game. We could settle for only a few new technologies, units and buildings. We could be like everyone else. We could, but that would ultimately only hurt the player. Nobody ever comes up with creative and cutting edge ideas by thinking inside the box. It's only when you've discarded the standard rules of Civilization that you suddenly wonder... "What If?"

    Standalone Mod

    Download A New Dawn 1.75

    Download A New Dawn 1.75 Patch C

    Having Trouble Installing A New Dawn? My FAQ Offers Step-By-Step Instructions to help you get it up and running.

    A New Dawn 1.75 Patch C Changes:
    • Fixed Critical MP Reloading Save Bug

    A New Dawn 1.75 Patch B Changes:
    • New AI Military City Specialization. Should Make the AI specialize 1-2 cities for military production. AI will attempt to settle GG's in them, and focus primarily on military units and buildings.
    • Fixed Cottage Improvement Chain Yield Bug
    • Fixed Inquisition AI

    A New Dawn 1.75 Patch A Changes:
    • CTD Fix
    • Fixed Bug Where blank units appeared in the civilopedia
    • Fixed foreign characters breaking the automation tab
    • Minor Efficiency changes

    A New Dawn 1.75 Changelog
    • In a Standalone Modpack Form
    • Route-To Mode is available to Work Boats that can build sea tunnels
    • Lots of New Dynamic Civ Names - Confederacy, Federation, Provisional Authority, to name a few.
    • Improved Turn Times!!! ;)
    • Barbarian may spawn units inside of naval ships - allowing them to raid the coast
    • Improved AI City Expansion
    • Corporation Balancing
    • Re-Balanced Unique Units
    • New Unit Upgrades (See the Civilopedia Chart!)
    • Merged Abyssia with Ethopia
    • Improved Initial AI City Founding
    • Trait Balancing
    • Faster Mod Startup Times
    • Added New Era Music for Late Game
    • Mastery Victory endgame video
    • New Free Specialist Actual Effects
    • Re-Balanced Killtech's Building Upgrade Chains
    • Lots of Balancing Work
    • Silicon Valley is a NW, not a WW.
    • Improved Trade Yield Information
    • Merged Future Civics into other Civic Catagories
    • Military Civics are Non-Optional
    • New Tech Hover's for When Improvements can upgrade to the next improvement
    • Better RoM Changes are Non-Optional
    • New Pedia Articles Describing New Features
    • When a Landmark Forest or Jungle is cut down, the sign is properly removed
    • Civilizations now only have 1 UU each.
    • Increased the Amount of Beakers GP give - they should always be able to research a tech in 1 turn.
    • MAD Nukes Mod
    • Advanced Automations Settings page
    • Changed the Dates for Marathon gamespeed to better match reality
    • Automate Protect Option
    • Added New Mission to Choose Free Tech for Great People
    • Completely Rebalanced Government Civics
    • Alert Message for Pillaging Roads.
    • Small Chance for Units Who Die On a Ship by the Coast to make it to shore

    Old link to Mantriur's full installer: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=12838

  2. jtanner28

    jtanner28 Chieftain

    Nov 10, 2008
    Current 1.75 Features:

    New Game Options
    Game Options are selected in the custom game screen.

    Multiple Production

    Multiple Production allows cities to produce more than one building or unit whenever possible. If a city has overflow production from the last item, it will be applied to the next item in the city queue. If the overflow production is enough to complete the next item, this process repeats. With large military cities, you can easily create multiple missiles or infantry units in one turn.

    Multiple Research

    The same concept as Multiple Production. If you have enough overflow beakers from your last research project to complete the next technology in the queue, you will research multiple technologies in one turn.

    Usable Mountains

    Usable Mountains transforms peaks from wasted space to strategic chokepoints and useful industrial locations. Resources can and will spawn on peaks, and units will be able to move over peaks after you have researched Mountaineering. After researching Algebra, cities can be constructed on peaks. Peaks now give 3 :hammers:, but no food or commerce. Any improvements that can be built on hills can be built on peaks as well.

    There is a new promotion, Mountaineering, available to Great General units. With it, all the units in the group will be able to cross over peaks without the aid of the Mountaineering tech. Peaks offer units a 75% defense bonus, the largest in the game.

    Fixed Cultural Borders

    Fixed Cultural Borders completely changes the way borders worked. Instead of Culturally-Driven borders, Military force and might dictate the spread of borders. With Fixed Borders, Units have new command "claim territory" that you can apply in an enemy territory. You claim it, next turn the plot is inside your borders. In order to recapture it, enemy must place his forces on that plot and do the same ("claim territory").

    When capturing cities, you get all the territory that the city 'provides' to its original owner. So when you're at war with someone and capture all his cities, you will get ALL his territory, up to the last plot (there's only one exception to this rule - the tiles that are not 'provided' by cities, but claimed by force can remain in the old civ, but for sure they can't go to other neighboring civ that is neutral in war). In order to keep all this territory you need only the military force. No neighbor of his that is at peace with both sides can benefit from the war. If someone wants that territory – he must declare war and capture it or trade for it (city trading, like in normal game).

    During a war, if a tile has more of your tiles surrounding it than the enemys, it is claimed automatically, if no enemy units are defending it. This makes the borders less shredded at the end of war.

    If you are not using a civic that "forces" fixed borders, the game acts as before (i.e. the culture defines borders) and once a player has the necessary civics all of his territory becomes ‘fixed’, no one can take it by culture means anymore and his units get the new command to execute when in enemy territory (‘claim territory’). The player still culturally expands his borders over unoccupied territory and over nations that don’t have fixed borders (think of the Roman Empire that enforced its own borders, but influenced the surrounding tribes that had no solid state formed).

    Surround and Destroy

    Surround and Destroy gives attack bonuses for surrounding enemy forces. The more units you have around and enemy, the larger the bonus, up to the maximum of 60%. Particularly useful for sieging medieval cities.

    Advanced Diplomacy

    Advanced Diplomacy vastly changes the way diplomacy works from standard Civilization. Many new trading options are added, each with their own benefits, and potential disadvantages.


    Nations can now establish embassies in other nations. Embassies improve diplomatic relations between countries, but be warned; revoking a foriegn embassies rights will have disastrous diplomatic repercussions with the other nation. Embassies also allow the trade of Military Units and Workers between countries. In addition, Embassies are now required to unlock higher diplomatic functions with other nations, namely, Open Borders Agreements and Defensive Pacts. Be warned, Embassies allow for enemy spies to more easily complete their missions in your country.

    Right of Passage

    When players research Writing, they can request to have a Right of Passage agreement between two civilizations. The agreement is similar to open borders, in that it allows foreign trade, but the agreement only allows for defensive units to pass through the nations. Offensive units will not be able to enter the territory.

    Trading Military Units

    Certain Military units, like siege machines can be traded, with Advanced Diplomacy. To be traded, each player must have an embassy in the other players nation. Each tradable unit will be marked in it's respective civilopedia entry with "This unit is tradable."

    Trading Workers

    Workers, can be traded, with Advanced Diplomacy. To be traded, each player must have an embassy in the other players nation

    Buying and Selling of Corporations HQ's

    Nations, if they happen to own a corporation Headquarter, can also sell it to other nations, where it will be automatically moved to one of their cities. If a nation does not own the particular Corporation Headquarter, they can offer to buy it from the owner.

    Trading Contact with Other Civilizations

    Nations can buy and sell contact with other civilizations that they have not yet met. It allows you to meet civilizations who you would not otherwise be able to trade with for many centuries.

    Barbarian Generals

    Barbarian Generals allows units to gain Great General experience from combat with Barbarians. It also allows barbarians to get experience as well, and they will be able to spawn their own Barbarian Great Generals.


    When you capture an enemy city, it retains the personality of the former owner. The conquering player will be able to build the former owner's Unique Unit and Unique Buildings in that city instead of their own.

    Ruthless AI

    The ultimate challenge. Ruthless AI removes any human aspects from the AI, making them cold, calculating, and cunning. The AI will expand strategically into nearby targets, destroy threats, and use diplomacy to it's advantage. Watch small border conflicts flare up into International conflicts, with the entire world arrayed against you.

    Great Commanders

    Great Commanders are a new use of Great Generals. While players will still be able to attach Generals to units or settle them in cities, they will also be able to use the general unit in stacks, and have Great Generals receive XP from successful combat in nearby tiles. Great Generals will be able to earn promotions from this XP, and the promotions will boost the stats of all nearby units. Other promotions can extend the command range of the general (the radius in which the general's effects may be felt) or the amount of effects the promotions provide.

    Realistic Culture Spread

    Culture will spread in a more realistic fashion, more quickly over low lying lands, like plains and grasslands, and slower over heavily forested hills and peaks.

    New Content


    Guilds are a medieval variant of corporations. There are twelve total guilds, part of three separate branches, the Servant Guilds, the Victualers Guilds, and the Craft Guilds. Each of the twelve guilds offers separate benefits to cities that incorporate them, be it health, happiness, production, science, or wealth. Spreading guilds is identical to spreading corporations, except it doesn't cost money. Guilds will, however, incur maintenance fees; the best way to alleviate these fees is to use the "Guilds" economic civic. Guilds are very useful for increasing city production or making your cities happy and healthy. Most guilds become obsolete in the Industrial Era.

    Modern Corporations

    Modern Corporations expands the amount of Corporations in the late game. Corporations that give increased military training and experience are useful for catch-up. Other corporations can give happiness, health, culture, science, commerce, or espionage against rivals.

    Advanced Nukes

    Advanced Nukes expands the nuclear arsenal available to players, allowing players to access advanced biological weapons, and nuclear weapons that can destroy entire continents. Chemical and Germ warfare can be used, to ruin even coastal land, and utterly annihilate a city to nothing. Advanced Nukes provides the finest and latest gear in the art of destruction.

    Mastery Victory

    Mastery Victory is the ultimate victory condition. Players must survive to the end of time, and be the most powerful player. Having cities with legendary culture, or constructing wonders adds to your final score. Spreading your religion to the most cities also boosts your score. The player with the highest score at the end of time wins.

    Resource Depletion

    Resource Depletion allows for heavily used non-renewable resources to deplete from the the game. Each turn, the game measure how much you are using a resource, and based on your usage, the chance of depletion changes. As you rely more and more on a particular resource, the odds of it depleting increase.

    In Addition to this, mines without any resource also have a small chance of depleting. When a mine depletes, no mines can be built on top of the tile ever again. While this will rarely happen in the early game, by the late game, players will be forced to re-adjust their strategies if they relied too heavily on mines for their production.

    To balance this, Players with Resource Depletion installed will also have an increased chance of discovering resources.
  3. jtanner28

    jtanner28 Chieftain

    Nov 10, 2008

    Mods & Modcomps:
    • Rise of Mankind:
      • Zappara
    • RevDCM:
      • Jdog5000
      • glider1
      • Phungus420
    • Better AI:
      • Jdog5000
      • Fuyu
    • Unofficial patch:
      • Jdog5000
    • BUG & BULL:
      • EmperorFool
      • Ruffhi
    • Vicinity Resource Code:
      • Shqype
    • Civic Flavor Code:
      • Grave
    • Mountains back to Service:
      • NeverMind
    • Larger Cities
      • Jooyo
    • Sea Tunnels:
      • Jooyo
    • CAR Speed Improvements:
      • Stmartin
    • Multiple Production:
      • Denev
    • Event Image Code:
      • EmperorFool
    • Promotion enter City code:
      • Kael
    • Avoid Unhealthiness & unhappiness:
      • Jean Eclard
    • Defender withdraw concept:
      • Killmeplease
    • Battlefield promotions concept:
      • Killmeplease
    • Great Commanders concept:
      • Killmeplease
    • Advanced Nukes Mod:
      • Civ Fuehrer
    • Early Buildings:
      • GeneralStaff
    • Civic Buildings:
      • Generalstaff
    • Fixed Borders:
      • Dexy
    • Improved Cultural Border Spread:
      • Phunny Pharmer
    • Original Civic Screen Code:
      • StrategyOnly
    • Mapscript Tools:
      • Temudjin
    • Jungle Camp
      • Vincentz
    • Industry Improvement Concept
      • Vincentz
    • Various Balancing Ideas & Code
      • Vincentz

    • mechaerik
    • hrochland
    • Kathy
    • jojoweb
    • nitram15
    • Walter Hawkwood
    • Arian
    • Civ Fuehrer
    • Dancing Hoskuld
    • Darkstyx
    • TechXltd

    General Coding Assistance:
    • EmperorFool
    • DavidAllen
    • XienWolf
    • God-Emperor
    • Kael
    • Sephi

    Alpha Testors:
    • Os79
    • lichen8566

    If you think I used your work, and didn't properly credit you, PM me.
  4. jtanner28

    jtanner28 Chieftain

    Nov 10, 2008

    Advanced Diplomacy Civilopedia Article:
    Spoiler :

    Guilds Civilopedia:
    Spoiler :

    Mastery Victory Screen:
    Spoiler :

    City Screen:
    Spoiler :

    Defense Hover:
    Spoiler :

    RoM Settings Page
    Spoiler :

    Tech Tree (warning: large image):
    Spoiler :
  5. dudeSDCA

    dudeSDCA Chieftain

    May 21, 2009
    San Diego, CA
    Congrats on the new layout and getting 1.5 released! :goodjob:
  6. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    :king:Very Nice.:goodjob:
  7. vincentz

    vincentz Divemaster

    Feb 4, 2009
    Auch! 75 megs!
    What makes it so heavy?

    Anyway. Good work as always :D
  8. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    I had the perfect timing to upgrade my internet otherwise it would take a few hours to download it.
  9. Axil

    Axil Chieftain

    Jul 28, 2006
    from the land of the Ddraig coch
    Having problems for some reason -
    RoM 2.81 on it's own works fine but as soon as I install A new dawn in it's default configuration it messes up the graphic and I lose the land textures (I can see the trees and resources but land (plains mountains etc) dissappear. Any ideas? . All I can think of atm is I have Civ 4 installed on e:\Firaxis rather than the default
  10. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    I've seen this before, supposedly it's because your computer can't compute everything.
  11. little_cyclone

    little_cyclone Loyal Civ4 & C2C mod player

    Mar 12, 2004
    The Deep South
    Has AND been updated for 2.81 yet?
  12. Zimbaa

    Zimbaa Chieftain

    May 2, 2008
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Read the OP
  13. szemek77

    szemek77 Chieftain

    Feb 25, 2008
    Poland, Warsaw
  14. ghostmaker650

    ghostmaker650 Chieftain

    Nov 27, 2009
    SF Bay Area, CA
    Hi, I've installed A New Dawn 1.50 and am currently 118 turns into a new game, playing a custom Huge Europe scenario, standard speed. I am playing with Surround and destroy, advanced diplomacy, and unlimited wonders all checked (but none of the others that come with A New Dawn).

    What I've noticed so far is that some text are bad. Like some of the text for diplomacy relation, they say: TXT_KEY_MISC_ATTITUDE_FIRST_IMPRESSION and another is
    TXT_KEY_MISC_ATTITUDE_LOW_RANK. Those are the only 2 I've seen so far though.

    And all the text for the combat odds are worded in much the same way TXT_ACO_HP and what not.

    I'm not sure if A New Dawn is the cause, but it is the only change I've made. I'm still playing RoM 2.8 (perhaps updating to 2.81 will fix this? I'll post again if I find out)

    UPDATE: updating to 2.81 did not help. Same problems.
  15. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    My I feel special, listed twice and one of them incorrectly. :p
  16. os79

    os79 Chieftain

    Mar 14, 2009
    Eastern USA Coast

    Great job in getting the subforum for AND. And congrats on the new version!
  17. vincentz

    vincentz Divemaster

    Feb 4, 2009
  18. os79

    os79 Chieftain

    Mar 14, 2009
    Eastern USA Coast
    Just want to be clear:

    When you say for 2.8-2.81, you mean either of them, right? Or do I have to patch up to 2.81 before installing AND?
  19. DRJ

    DRJ Hedonist

    Dec 1, 2005
    Hamburg, Germany
    Very well done! Big up to the wizard of civ!

    Btw. will there be an "extended" A.N.D., including "heavy" stuff like Jooyos Blue Marble RoM-merge etc.?
  20. civ_king

    civ_king Deus Caritas Est

    Mar 9, 2006
    why does Socialism give unhappiness from hospitals
    what is the downside to Objectivism
    Why do petting zoos need zoos? I have been to many cities with a petting zoo, but no zoo "proper"
    maybe a tech to represent smoke jumpers?

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