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Many Leaders Game 2 - Sword Training

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by Ozbenno, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. FeedBack

    FeedBack Time for some FeedBack!

    Oct 11, 2006
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    You cheater! :p
    You're gonna spoil all of us by one turn! :lol:

    I played my 50 yesterday. And yes, I could resist hitting enter one...more...turn... I'll report in the morning. :mischief:
  2. ChrTh

    ChrTh Happy Yule!

    Oct 13, 2001
    Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
    My Next 50 (How's that for catching up? :groucho:)

    Spoiler :

    2000 BC

    When we last left off, we were building the Great Wall and a new city. In terms of a new city, there's a lot of stuff to the East, but no way to get all of it. There is one spot that will get me 4 wineries, the gold, the sheep, and some Ivory. Yeah, I'll settle there.

    1960 BC

    I am the wealthiest civilization in the world! :banana:

    1920 BC

    Lakarnha is built. Start a monument.

    1840 BC

    Gandhi completes Stonehenge. He's also now researching Agriculture, having researched Archery.

    I meet Qin -- I mean, Kublai Khan. He's last in points. Time to adjust the old espionage slider.

    1680 BC

    Pottery comes in, start Alphabet (due in 28). Also ...

    I queue up another Worker. 49 turns until a Great Spy comes in :thumbsup:

    I'm forced to balance out my EP, I'm going with 2 towards everybody for now.

    1520 BC

    Mutal: Worker > Workboat

    1400 BC

    Lak: Monument > Worker

    1360 BC

    Mutal: Workboat > Settler

    1080 BC

    Mutal: Settler > Holkan

    1000 BC

    Lak expands, finishes Worker, starts Barracks

    950 BC

    Mutal: Holkan > Settler

    Chichen Itza is built amidst a lot of flood plains. Starts building Library.

    925 BC

    A Great Prophet is born in Delhi. Expect to see a Shrine next turn.

    900 BC

    ... and Kashi is born.

    I get Ivory online, so I can grow Mutal to 6 after this Settler.

    850 BC

    Barbs are already building cities!

    800 BC

    Alphabet comes in, start researching Currency. Yep, I'm going to Code of Laws the hard way.

    Tech situation shows I'm doing fine. I'm down Archery to everybody, Meditation to Alex and Winnie, and Winnie has Iron Working and Gandhi has Polytheism.

    725 BC

    Mutal finishes Settler, starts Spy :mischief:

    Churchill is researching Sailing :groucho:

    675 BC

    Pestilence has struck Mongolian lands (I still haven't a Random Event)
    Another Great Prophet for Gandhi (builds Temple of Solomon next)

    625 BC

    Mutal: Spy > Workboat

    Uxmal is built on the Choke Point. Starts Monument.

    600 BC

    Lak: Barracks > Library

    550 BC

    Mutal: Workboat > walls (in anticipation of Castle)

    400 BC

    Gandhi demands Writing. Silly Gandhi.

    Mutal: Walls > Holkan (for one turn)

    375 BC (Turn 100)

    Currency comes in, start Code of Laws (due in 10).

    Uxmal: Monument > Barracks

    Some fun stuff will be happening in my next 50. Spy will research Alex. Great Spy will be built. Code of Laws will come in. Stay tuned!

    The Empire:

    The Save

    Whoops, forgot to change Mutal to Market before saving the game. Hope I remember to do that when I start the next 50 ...

  3. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    I've added ChrTh's report to the first round linked threads.

    Good to see the second round saves rolling in.

    To establish when the next 50 turns ended, I just looked at the first MLG to see what year the second round ended at and, in doing so, I noticed pigswill played an extra turn then as well (to see if he got Oracle). I wonder what happened this time...
  4. azaris

    azaris King

    Apr 6, 2007
    De Gaulle (2000 BC - 375 BC):
    Spoiler :

    Turn 51: We are hopelessly uncultured. To combat that I go for the Henge in Paris. It's only 6 turns away. The work boat goes exploring.

    Turn 52: My third city location has an annoying lion camping on it.

    Turn 53: The lion is dead and to commemorate the proud feline, a city called Lyons is founded on the spot where it died. Lyons -> granary.

    Turn 57: Stonehenge completed. Paris -> granary.

    Turn 58: Iron Working is invented and the Classical Era begins in 1680 BC. Turns out that shiny stuff floating around Paris was iron! Tech path set towards Priesthood to try and grab you know what.

    Turn 59: Paris -> work boat.

    Turn 61: We finally meet someone - it's Gandhi. Paris -> scout. The work boat has ventured far into distant lands but has not yet met any intelligent life. Nor any AI civs for that matter.

    Turn 62: Meditation is in.

    Turn 63: Paris -> worker.

    Turn 64: Priestood is in, Paris switched to The Oracle, due in 6. Fingers crossed... Meanwhile teching Writing, due in 4.

    Turn 66: Orleans -> granary.

    Turn 68: Writing is in, start Aesthetics. I want to build the Shwedagon Paya to see if it's good for anything. A mining accident causes a tragic loss of 20 golds from my treasury. I hold a candlelight vigil in memory of the perished coins.

    Turn 69: OB with Gandhi.

    Turn 70: The Oracle comes with a set of Code of Laws included - thank deities for tack on offers. This inspires Confucianism to start in Lyons. Orleans -> library. Paris -> worker.

    Turn 72: Confusion spreads in Paris.

    Turn 73: Paris -> axeman. Lyons -> library.

    Turn 76: Paris -> settler.

    Turn 79: Aesthetics is in, Alphabet next. Paris -> Shwedagon Paya.

    Turn 81: Orleans -> axeman.

    Turn 84: Lyons -> Confucian monastery. Great Wall BIAFL.

    Turn 85: I lose AGAIN to the same barb warrior. :mad: I've now lost two scouts and two warriors to that PUTAIN LA MERDE! As a result there is no hope in getting to the lands SE to find who lives there.

    Turn 87: Orleans -> scout (sigh).

    Turn 88: Research set to Monarchy. Judaism FIADL. Rheims is founded on the edge of the eastern deserts. Tipu Sultan is born in Paris, he is joined as a super specialist. The work boat has travelled to the far corners of the globe and discovered... LE SODDING ALL!

    Turn 89: Lyons -> Confucian missionary.

    Turn 90: Orleans -> worker.

    Turn 91: We meet good ol'Alex. He's founded Buddhism. :crazyeye:

    Turn 92: Shwedagon Paya completed, Paris -> Statue of Zeus. Let's get wonderhogging. Convert to Free Religion.

    Turn 94: Meet Mehmed. Lyons -> axeman.

    Turn 95: Monarchy is invented, moving on to Currency. Make OB with Alex and Mehmed.

    Turn 97: Orleans -> courthouse. Lyons -> Confucian missionary. We might not be orthodoxly religious, but having Confusion around helps keep people happy (it also helps avoid contamination of rival religions). Trade Meditation to Gandhi for Masonry.

    Turn 98: Lyons -> Confucian missionary. Gandhi is half way through IW, might as well trade it to him for Sailing. Spy points paying off already.

    Turn 99: Gandhi builds Kashi Viswanath. Lyons -> courthouse.

    Situation: Statue of Zeus completes in 3 turns. The small isthmus to the SE got blocked by a barb city by an amazing stroke of luck.

    Plans: Revolt to HR at a suitable moment. With Sailing in I could island hop to Marble Island and set up a colony there just for fun. I have no direct contact with the AI civs so military is not priority at the moment. Suits me fine, I can concentrate on grabbing those shiny wonders.

    I'm toying with the idea of beelining Theology and then building the AP for Confucianism. I could try for a sneaky religious-diplomatic victory. This requires controlled mass missionarizing and some cooperation from the AIs.
  5. ChrTh

    ChrTh Happy Yule!

    Oct 13, 2001
    Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
    Stupid question du jour: is there a way to stop the city governor from assigning specialists? I don't want them to assign any scientists in my spy city, and frankly, I never like the choices it makes. This bugged me in Warlords but I was too lazy to find a way to stop it.
  6. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    I don't know of one but would love to find out, as it is one of my pet hates.
  7. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    you never like the choices it makes because the computer tries to balance things out.

    i've had this problem with my great artist cities in a couple of my games. Really annoying changing it everytime.

    There are buttons like "focus on Culture" or "focus on science" i think, i don't know if they put one for espionage though.
  8. FeedBack

    FeedBack Time for some FeedBack!

    Oct 11, 2006
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Well, here's my report:

    Spoiler :
    Turn 51 - 1960 BC
    Lord McCauly says I`m the second largest civ, only behind Alex. Wait until I hit the settle button on the settler! :lol:

    Turn 52 - 1920 BC
    Actually, I decided to go one tile south with my city. To found on the plains hill for the extra hammer.

    Turn 61 - 1560 BC
    Maths is in. Start Masonry for the Great wall. Maybe I still have a shot.

    Turn 64 - 1440 BC
    Masonry is in. Start Pottery. Settler on way to gold-silver site.

    Turn 67 - 1320 BC
    Pottery is in. Start alpha for the spies.
    The gold-silver city is founded. I pop a hut :eek: for hostile villagers.. :(

    Turn 70 - 1200 BC
    After two chops and a whip, The Great Wall is landed. Nice!

    Turn 71 - 1160 BC
    Stonehenge BIDL. Glad I went for the Great Wall. ;)
    Start mining the gold for the happiness problems.

    Turn 74 - 1040 AD
    Gandhi adopts slavery! :lol:

    Turn 77 - 950 BC
    Founded another city near the ivory and the floodplains.
    Finally that gold is hooked. Now for the silver...

    Turn 79 - 900 BC
    Alphabet is in. I think I need to post this screen....

    Alex didn't have The Wheel yet. The only tech useful on trading was Archery. Well, I don't think I'll need it soon with my Great Wall and Phalanxes. ;)
    Will it be possible for me to get the Oracle?

    Turn 80 - 875 BC
    Alex ADOPTS SLAVERY! :eek:

    Turn 83 - 800 BC
    Poly is in. I start priesthood. And I notice Judaism hasn't been founded yet... Strange things...

    Turn 85 - 750 BC
    Priesthood is in. Starting Construction for the Odeon. ;)
    Neither Gandhi nor Alex have Priesthood... This is getting weird.

    Turn 94 - 525 BC
    Great Spy born on Athens. :cool:
    Spotted Marble on the island West of Athens. Galley dropped a Settler / Phalanx pair there.
    Gandhi is willing to trade Monotheism with me. He must know someone else... I'll send my spy there. The Great Spy build Scotland Yard at Athens. I know about the Spy Bomb, but who'll I detonate it into???? ;)

    Turn 95 - 500 BC
    The Oracle is landed! Metal Casting is selected. Why? I want to build the Colossus along with the Great Lighthouse in Corinth. Got wonder happy. :)
    Ephesus is founded for Marble on the west island. Sending a worker down there.

    Turn 96 - 475 BC
    Construction is in. going for Aesthetics for Literature and the All Mighty Great Library! :D

    Turn 97 - 450 BC
    Gandhi asks for Metal Casting... Well.... Go find a cure for baldness first! :p

    Turn 99 - 400 BC
    Met Winnie the Pooh Churchill. Trade Mathematics to him for Iron Working. Oh! There's iron on Athens' fat cross! :mischief:
    My spy mapping Alex's territory got caught.
    One of my Ivory camps was destroyed by a random event.
    I land the Great Lighthouse on Corinth. Start a Forge for the Colossus.

    Attached Files:

  9. ChrTh

    ChrTh Happy Yule!

    Oct 13, 2001
    Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
    Thoughts at 375 BC

    Spoiler :

    So far, my worst fear about BTS, namely, the Espionage system would prove too unnecessarily complicated and sap enjoyment from the game, has not happened. Part of it is probably because I am focusing on it; I guess I'll have to play a game where I leave it in the background. That said, I'd like to hear what the other players are thinking about the Espionage system in their own games.

    The next 50 turns should be decisive for the game. CoL -> REX should basically sew up the game; the rest of the game will be spent playing with all the espionage options. A couple of concerns:

    I'm next to F#!@ing Alex. So I need to make sure I keep my Military strong for defensive purposes (not that it'll stop him :rolleyes:) ... on the plus side, I'll feel a lot better about making Alex my Espionage Itch (tm) than I would Gandhi or Winnie.

    I think the AI is responsive to Espionage Point generation. Ever since I could see what Gandhi is researching, it looks like he's been trying to close the gap in the ratio. So I need to make sure I never leave an AI alone.

    Going Forward
    I want to build up Mutal more, especially since with Courthouse I'll be able to run a Spy Specialist. That means the UB for Maya, which comes with Construction. Then the next Spy-related build comes with Engineering, so I'm looking at Math > Construction > Metal Casting > Engineering. Math will give me Aqueduct for Health which will help out with the Forge for Metal casting (Happiness from Gold). So Market > Courthouse > Aqueduct > Ball Court > Forge > Castle in Mutal (with a couple of Holkan or workers interspersed, I reckon).

    In my pre-4000 BC thoughts, I noted that I should be generating 44 EPs (without the slider) by the time Courthouses come in. Since I've bee-lined to CoL, that won't be the case as I will not have Scotland Yard built yet. So I'll be looking at 22 EP/turn before the slider. That'll give me a minimum of 5 EP/turn towards each of the met Civs, which is not shabby.

    As for the other cities, the primary builds will be libraries (for culture and research) and courthouses (for EPs and the eventual Forbidden Palace on the East Coast). Also hope to get a lot of units going shortly, but like I said, we're looking at REX in the next 50.

    A note on Wonders: I am not building any outside of what generates Great Spy Points. My hope is to get nothing but Great Spies this game. As a result, I'm not going to be able to run specialists outside of Spies, so when I get Mercantilism, that should be a lot of fun (better make sure every city has a Courthouse before I convert to it)
  10. TriviAl

    TriviAl Prince

    May 28, 2003
    South UK
    Here's my report up to 375BC.

    Spoiler :


    The good stuff first: Netted the pyramids. Founded 2 new cities (Philadelpia and Chicago). The settler for city #5 is nearly finished. Founded Judeism. Explored the opposition territory.

    The pyramids rock - allowed representation, with the sizable happy cap boost that entails. Soon the specialist economy will be going into overdrive - gaining the beaker benefits of it as well.

    Chicago should be a nice short term city. Has silver and gold, with more than enough food to work them. This should help with the baseline of the economy and keep things ticking over.

    Spread Judeism to all my cities and revolted to state religion + theocracy. This helped with happiness and production... if I can score a GP at some point it will give a nice cash boost.

    The hanging gardens should be a lock. It all pushes up Washingtons GE GPP count - a few of those would be really useful over the course of the game.

    Civs met: Greeks (Alex), Indians (Ghandi), Brits (Churchill), Mongols (Khaaaaan!)

    On the badside, it's all linked to 1 thing:

    :viking: BARBARIANS! :viking:

    I underestimated the barbs. Used to playing at monarch and figured they'd be a lot easier at this level. They arrived later and were only warriors... however the sheer numbers made things tough! I had to devote research to getting archery to counter this. Then had a Philadelphia pretty much spamming archers to combat them. Lost a couple of tile improvements (marked on the map). At one point I even had to attack a wounded barb warrior with the sole defender in the capital - another warrior. At >99% odds, but it could have been a total disaster. This slowed everything down somewhat. Am on top of it now and the new copper city will see the end of this problem.

    Meditation > Archery > Polytheism > Monotheism > Maths > Sailing > Calendar > Priesthood (due in 1).

    Comments: Examining the state of the world, noticed that Judeism had not been discovered. Decided to beeline for that. Had to take a pause for archery due to barb problems. Still managed to net Judeism, which rocks!

    Then headed for Calendar to build the Mausoleum of Mausellos. Next target is CoL to bring my maintenance down a little.

    Building projects: Pyramids. A library in Boston - my GL target city. Monuments all round - for the charismatic bonus/expansion. Barracks and a lot of archers in Philadelphia. Worker count up to four. Up to 1.8 settlers. :)

    Here's a state of the union with barb excitement marked:

    Future Plans:

    Secure a GE to rush the GL in Boston. Found 5th copper city. Build Mausoleum. Run specialists to fuel golden age and push through yet more specialists.

    The Save

    A quick note:I will be visiting america from Wednesday 15th August until Sunday 26th August.

    My plan is to get next weeks turns done before I go. May well get involved in that weeks conversation if I find a net connection and time. The next week I'll catch up when I get back in a 100 turn bonanza. Would that be OK?

    Does anyone know of a decent free/very cheap art package. I am fed up with manipulating images in MS paint. :blush: :cringe:
  11. Bindamel

    Bindamel Call me Bindy - mel

    Feb 2, 2006
    GMT - 5
    Hammurabi, another 50 boring turns:

    Spoiler :

    As I let the game sit for more than a week, I thought about all the things I'd like to accomplish in this turnset. Fishing boats to the clams, a galley and scout to Marble Island, another settler or 3, Code of Laws to pay for another settler or 3, and perhaps some military buildup in preparation for a confrontation with Gandhi.

    These are the spots in games where I go crazy. Too many choices, all of which seem good and necessary.

    Turn 51 brought Bronze Working, and by now, the well known copper deposit in the southwest. I hooked that up, but have not built any melee units yet, instead using my bowmen for garrison/fogbusting duty.

    I met Churchill in 1640, and Washington in 1440 B.C. Churchill wanted the peace to last 1000 years, so I made a note to kill him in 640, but it just wasn't going to happen.

    Next tech was Alphabet in 1280, to see trading opportunities. There weren't many to speak of, AI tech rate seems slow, even for noble. I traded Mysticism to Qin Shi Khan for Fishing, and later gave him Poly for Sailing. After Alphabet, I grabbed Mathematics, and then the religious techs to get to Code of Laws

    I did detour one tech to get my UB. Catapults might be okay too, I guess.

    Both clams did get improved, as did the gold after I settled 1 SW of it (Nippur, aka Drunken Sheep City). Health is not an issue, so I traded sheep to Churchill for fur, even though I don't have my second sheep pasture up yet.

    No wonders yet, Oracle due in 12ish (currently 14, but city is due to grow next turn, so more hammers will be available.) If I get it, that will be Civil Service. CoL came in on the last turn, and made Nippur the holy city for Confucianism. The AI built Stonehenge and the Great Wall in the 1200's, and the Great Lighthouse near the end of the turnset.

    Isaac Newton was born in Babylon, and set up an Academy in Akkad. That's not typical for me, usually the capital gets the first, and often only Academy, but I'm thinking ahead to making the capital a production powerhouse.

    Random events happened, but none to me.

    The state of the nation in 375 B.C.:

    Alex beat Gandhi to the choke point, so I rearranged my espionage points to concentrate on my new first target. I also parked a spy in his capital on the last turn of the set.

    Ph34r my Strategy Layer Dotmaps of Doom!

    The four cities:

    Babylon was really suffering for happiness; the fur, gold and Garden should go a long way to being able to build up the city.

    I whipped the library in Akkad this turn, so it looks worse that it really is. :p

    Things I still need/want to do:

    Explore Marble Island; the scout landed there on the last turn.
    Build up my military; first catapult is being constructed in Babylon, I will likely get to Macemen before I'm ready for Alex, so I'm holding off on the melee builds.
    Build more workers; someday there may be a game where I sit back and say "I have plenty of workers". This isn't that game.
    Settle my production city (other than the capital) south of Nippur. It will have Rice and two floodplains for food, and two elephants and cows for hammers. Only one (desert) hill though. :(


    Attached Files:

  12. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Turns up to 375BC.

    Spoiler :

    First a recap. Where are we? What are we doing?

    The tactic of the moment is seeing how possible the CS slingshot is in BtS at Noble level. I reckon about 20 turns should tell us that.

    By the end of this 50 turns I'd like to have 3-4 extra cities, have researched to Currency and Literature and be ready to start Great Library.

    Let's go!

    First IBT gives us some encouragement (even though it is only Noble).

    Second gives a :mad: event, I've found so far in BtS, you've always got to try and have money in the bank to avoid the negative effects of these events (why I want Currency).

    We get CoL in 1560BC.

    Now for Maths before Oracle hits (currently 6 turns). I stop working a mine and employ a scientist and have both due in 9.

    I had the brilliant plan of sending the Confused missionary to Alex to convert him before I changed religion but he founded Judaism the turn before I founded Confusedness :mad:

    Gandhi wants me to cancel deals with Alex, not likely buddy.

    CS slingshot completed in 1200BC :goodjob:

    We revolt to Bureaucracy.

    Now time to expand. Settlers are being built in both my cities and Alphabet is being researched.

    Here's the situation when we have Alphabet. Pretty poor picking it must be said. I trade Alex Priesthood for Archery.

    Third city is founded for the copper.

    Fourth for the elephants. Not the best location but the extra happy will help now.

    Churchill eventually wants a trade but Currency is one turn away, lets see if we can get cash for that too.

    Well 10 is better than nothing ;)

    Choke city established at the end of 50 turns.

    We have 5 cities up and running.

    Persepolis is starting to resemble the science/production hybrid I was looking for. Great Library will be out in 20-odd turns. Pasargardae will become a science hotbed.

    Would like to grow an extra 3-4 cities again next turnset, find the other civs and start the move to corporations and space.

    So far I've not had to drop from 100% science.

    Techs: Code of Law, Mathematics, Civil Service (Oracle), Alphabet, Archery (trade), Currency, Meditation (trade), Aesthetics, Sailing (trade), Monarchy, Literature, Iron Working (trade), Music (not completed)

  13. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    @Bindamel, can I get a save please?

    The games submitted so far are starting to show a much greater difference than the first round. Good stuff!
  14. Jet

    Jet No, no, please. Please.

    Mar 16, 2006
    375 BC:
    Spoiler :
    Still no plan, except to imbibe generously while playing and posting.

    Last time Vienne, at the chokepoint, had started Stonehenge, and the capital had started my first Worker, both with zero hammers. I was all set for defense with 3 fogbusting Scouts and two Archers. I decided to build Stonehenge in the capital instead. As a charismatic (and Celtic!) leader with Hinduism, it was a wonder I wanted to get. I didn't need the culture at the chokepoint.

    Vienne built Granary, Worker, Worker. But, wasn't the Granary stupid? Yes. Mainly, though, I didn't want to give any of our more sensitive readers (vra) a micromanagement spazz-out (vra) by growing Vienne past size 1. It did get hit by a couple barb Warriors:

    but with an Archer I wasn't too worried.

    I also lost a Scout to a barb Warrior, but another Scout was promoted from Guerilla I to Guerrila II.

    I finished BW and adopted Slavery and in Bibracte built Worker, Stonehenge (1160 BC), Archer, Warrior (home garrison), Settler, Archer.

    I researched Priesthood, Monarchy, Writing and built the Oracle in Bibracte (625 BC), taking Feudalism. Between Stonehenge and the Oracle I think I chopped 2 forests. I adopted HR when I got Monarchy but haven't gotten around to adopting Vassalage yet, although I will. Not sure whether to adopt Serfdom, but with 3 cities and (almost) 4 workers, I probably won't do that yet.

    GW was BIDA in 500 BC, not that I was going to build it myself,

    I broke my own dotmap to found Tolosa 1N of my plan, on the Wine, because momentarily it appeared to be a better Oxford. It's not remotely a better Oxford, with less food AND less commerce in the long term. Maybe with food boosters it would be slightly better, but that's no excuse. But then since you've all seen the map, you probably all know all this.

    I researched Sailing (for exploration and maybe a Marble grab) and started Metal Casting, which I don't have much use for in the short term, but in another couple turnsets the happy boosters will be handy. What I'm doing with research is far exceeding what I can do with hammers.

    I'm a few turns into my second regular building, a Granary in the capital. Tolosa, my suboptimal future Oxford, is also working on a Granary, its first build.

    Shrine Prophet in 6 turns.

    Since this is Aggressive AI, I should show you some demographics. For power comparison I have 1 Warrior, 2 Scouts, 4 Archers, and 1 Longbow.

    The AIs are bringing it, to my surprise. I'd better drop a longbow in Vienne. I have declined open borders.

    We're equal in food and I'm trailing Alex in production. I bet he has 2-3 cites working mines and building (hopefully) Phalanxes, but we'll see if he's smart enough to spam them. I kinda doubt it.

  15. vra379971

    vra379971 Deity

    Jan 2, 2003
    Thanks for your sympathy Jet :p

    It had nothing to do with micro-management however. As you've no major cash cows and cottages to speak of, and maint is calculated by distance and population...you get the idea.
  16. pigswill

    pigswill fly (one day)

    Apr 29, 2006
    berkshire, england
    350bc save: http://forums.civfanatics.com/uploads/90414/Gilgamesh_BC-0350.CivBeyondSwordSave

    Spoiler :
    My general strategy in this game (so far) is to expand peacefully to cover the northern bit of the continent, there's space for 11 cities in my reckoning:

    An early objective was to get the continent sealed off from land based settlers, so Kish was founded in 1200bc:

    I'll probably build a fort on the hill 1S of city; couple of protective archers/LBs should make it an obstacle and it should also act as a canal. Another aspect of keeping AIs away is to keep borders closed as much as possible but may need open borders with Gandhi to send a WB exploring east.

    Built another city in 1200bc then stopped a bit to build up ziggurats (reduced expenses and spy points) before next round of expansion. I've got a settler on the silver/pig/iron site, two more being built.

    Techwise it went sailing, hunting, archery, alphabet, maths , IW (trade), currently researching aesthetics. Haven't built any wonders but I may take a break from expansion, go for Statue of Zeus, Great Lib (needs lit) and Mausoleum (needs calendar). Zeus needs ivory which I've already got. Would need to colonise west island to get marble. I'm thinking about settling directly on marble, maybe set up west island as a colony as a longer term project.

    Been exploring with a WB but not found anything interesting, not even a route around the world. I've met up with Alex, Gandhi and Ch'ill so far, I assumethere's civs I haven't met yet but its early days.

    I've built a few units to keep up with the power chart.

    I've got a spy heading south; also running a spy specialist to get a Great Spy (another 16 turns I think).
  17. Swiss Pauli

    Swiss Pauli Emperor

    Jul 29, 2006
    Yes, empahasise f/h/c and the gov will only assign specialists when there's no more tiles to work.
  18. Bindamel

    Bindamel Call me Bindy - mel

    Feb 2, 2006
    GMT - 5
    I knew I'd forget something. :blush:

    I'll post it tonight.
  19. ChrTh

    ChrTh Happy Yule!

    Oct 13, 2001
    Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
    :undecide: I don't know if I like that enough to do it ... I'll play around with it

    Quick thought on the game:

    Spoiler :

    I keep thinking I'm advanced in tech and then I read the other players' reports and I realize, nope, I'm pretty much behind everybody. I have to keep reminding myself that it's because I'm sacrificing research for the espionage slider, otherwise I think I would :suicide:

  20. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    Wow i really want to read these reports...

    So i'm going to complete my turns soon... Right now i'm looking at nice vacation spots in the caribean! :)

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