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Maps of the World


Mohawk Games Developer
Mar 14, 2002
Maps of the World

This map pack contains a map of each permanently inhabited continent.

To install, download this file and place in your mods folder at ..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meiers Civilization V\MODS\. Run the game, go into the MODS menu and click BROWSE. The mod will install automatically.

Enable the mod by clicking the button on the right of the mod bar (turns into a green tick), click Setup Game and choose the map:
- Africa
- Australia
- Europe
- North America
- South America
- South East Asia

Download: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=15409

Thanks Dale, I might be using one of these for a template if you don't mind ;)

of course once the tools are released publicly.
I am unable to reload a game I started on the North America map. :(

I downloaded this mod and the True Starts Earth mod (and that's it), enabled them and started on North America. Played for about a 100 turns and had a really good game going. Then I quit for lunch.

On trying to reload the game I get a message saying the loaded mods are incompatible with my save game.

I tried entering the mod screen but got the same message.

I started a new game on North America and tried loading it. Same message.

I tried various combinations of loading and unloading the two mods and loading the game. No luck.

I tried opening the game from the save folder (it asked for a path to the civ.exe) but no luck, as far as I can tell it just started the standard game and didn't load my save in any way shape or form. No luck loading my game manually after booting the game this way.

How can I get my save loaded? :cry:
Go to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\ModdedSaves\single and manually load the save by double clicking it.

There's a bug affecting some mods save games and this is the current workaround.
I tried this, as said above. ;)

Oddly the modded save folder was empty and it was in the regular folder. Double-clicking on the save asked me what I wanted to open it with (windows 7) and I chose the directx 11 Civ.exe. It then loaded to the main menu without any indication that I'd loaded a savegame.

I moved the file to the moddedsave folder and tried again. Same thing. :(
There's a new patch come out a few hours ago. From reports it fixes the save game bug as well as the not installing mods bug. :)
Well I've installed to version (was before I believe) after restarting steam and it has not fixed the saved game issue.
With a new patch I doubt you can load old saves. You'll have to start a new game most probably.
Dale, you are right and thanks for the help.

While it is possible to load old saves from non-modded .7 version of the game, it seems the saves are corrupt if they were modded from that version.

So I'll have to restart. Good luck with the mods/maps and keep interesting landscapes coming please :)
Oh Yeah I got to wonder why you didn't put more natural wonders in the map of Europe. I'm playing on Diety and having only 1 means my happiness cap is rather low. I think there is suppose to be more natural wonders as you get bigger in map sizes as a sort of counter balance to help you fill out the map better. So you may want to add some (some custom ones would be nice).
It would've seemed weird getting Old Faithful in Romania yes? :p

As for custom ones, I'm no artist so I would've had to have recycled existing graphics.
Hi Dale :)

Thank you for the maps.

Would it be possible to make this maps playable for Multiplayer or is it to eraly to ask?

Greetings Buddy

Can't activate any mods for MP at the moment. Though Firaxis have said it'll become available down the track. :)
Dale, I downloaded it off the mod browser last night, but I figured it's a good idea to post and say thank you. Didn't play enough to get a full sense of them, but it looked cool so far.
Ahh, just what I was looking for (europe map.) Thanks Dale
I just found out if you wish to earn Steam achievements off these maps, move the map files to ..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Maps\

If you play a map from a mod Steam achievements are disabled. :)
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