Aug 9, 2017
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UA: Ta-Seti
  • Archery Units cost +15% less :c5production: Production
  • +2:c5production: and +10%:c5production: Production in cities with a Garrison.
  • Gain +500:c5goldenage: Golden Age Points and +5XP for all Units for each World Wonder in a newly conquered City.

UU: Pitati (Archer)
Unlocked at Calendar
9:c5strength: CS, 11:c5rangedstrength: RCS​
2 :c5moves: Moves​
2:c5rangedstrength: Range​
Volley Promotion​
Mercenary - Does not cost Gold Maintenance (lost on upgrade)​
Naval Inaccuracy​

UI: Royal Pyramid

Unlocked at Construction
Buildable on flat Desert, Plains, and Grass and not adjacent to each other
Removes features
+1:c5culture:, +2:c5faith:
+1:c5gold: at Mathematics
+1:c5gold:/:c5culture: at Architecture
+3:c5culture: at Archaeology

+1:c5culture:/:c5faith: for each Era between the Era the pyramid was constructed and the current Era​
An Antiquity Site has a chance to be placed below any Pyramid on construction. Antiquity Sites are of the same era as when the Pyramid was originally constructed.​
Spoiler More Unique Components Compatibility :

UU2 (4UC) - Medjay (Unique Mercenary)
Gold Purchase Only
Can move after Purchase
no Purchase cooldown
Does not require Iron
Unlocked at Iron Working
2 :c5moves: Moves​
Shock I​
Temple Guard - +15%:c5strength:CS in friendly Territory, +1:c5happy:Happiness in City when Garrisoned :c5moves:
If Nubia is in a game, all players that have an Embassy with Nubia can purchase Medjay. Nubia gains 75:c5gold: whenever another player purchases a Medjay

UB (4UC) - Cenobium (Workshop)
350 :c5production: Production OR 200:c5faith:Faith
Can Purchase with Faith
Unlocked at Civil Service
No Gold Maintenance
+15% resistance to conversion​
+15% :c5strength:City Strength​
+1 :c5production: Production for every 3 :c5citizen: Citizens in the City​
+1 :c5production: Production to Forest​
Allows :c5production: Production to be moved from this city along :trade: Trade Routes inside your civilization​
+4:c5production: Production to :c5production: Production :trade: Internal Trade Routes from this city​

  • Pouakai: Code
  • Sukritact: Art, Models
  • Regalman: Art, text
  • COF: Text
  • JFD: Lua
  • Janboruta: Art
  • Tomatekh: Lua
  • JTitan: Models
  • CharlatanAlley: DOM Voiceover
  • Derek Fiechter: Music
  • pineappledan & Enginseer: VP Compatibility
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons
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I messed up! Could I Get a moderator to move this to the mods repository thread?

Edit: thank you!
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Yes, everyone gets to use the temple guard promotion. So better happiness management for everyone, but you will make Nubia rich if you do
Why not up the gold and make it only civs that have met Nubia...?
That would probably be better. Makes more sense than everyone on another continent having access to Medjay. How did they get there?
It's harder to do though. I'm not sure if there's a lua hook for when you meet a new civ.
If it requires iterating through every civ to see if they have met Nubia yet each turn then I won't bother. As it is right now, it's a single trigger at the start of the game and the lua is done. If it takes processing every turn then it's not something I'm interested in pursuing.

EDIT: There is a GameEvents.TeamMeet() function, but there isn't a single example of its use according to the wiki. I couldn't find any after a quick google search either. I did find some discussion cautioning against its use for implementing game changes, because if the UI doesn't need it (ie when an AI civ meets another AI civ) then it probably won't fire.

EDIT EDIT: I could make it so other civs can unlock it by having an embassy with Nubia maybe? That also makes it so a civ can't buy more Medjay if they are at war with Nubia, and means they have to get both writing and Iron Working to unlock Medjay, while Nubia only needs Iron Working.
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Of course, it's a good idea, but Humans will use this "exotic" mechanisms better than AI
I've played a game with Nubia and the AI definitely buys them, so no problem there.
Having embassies with everyone is something the AI is better at than I am; I always forget until I want an open border agreement or something. AIs don't need to know this unlocks a free unit from Nubia, because AIs already spam embassies to everyone obsessively.

I'll see if I can figure out how to do this embassy change. It removes Medjay if Nubia is dead and disables Medjay if you are at war or haven't met them yet, so that ties up all loose ends. I might need @Enginseer's help on code.
Okay, Medjay rework posted!

Medjay garrison happiness reduction reduced to 5% for all needs
Only civs with an embassy with Nubia can purchase Medjay
ie. Cannot purchase medjay if you have not met Nubia, are at war with Nubia, or Nubia is dead
Note: Medjay now have a compatibility issue with multi-civ teams. Team games will only give Medjay to the team captain. This is consistent with the rest of 4UC (Russia's Pogost also is not compatible with teams of 2+)
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Spoiler The Nubian Dream :

I really like this custom civ, coincidentally, Egypt is in the game as a wonder runaway :mischief::mischief:.
Thank you!

An Ancient Ruin is placed below any Pyramid constructed in Ancient or Classical eras. Ancient Ruins are of the same era as when the Pyramid was originally constructed.

I don't understand this part, nothing comes out after construction, or even after discovering archaeology. I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood how this works. But even without it, I think royal pyramid is still powerful after archaeology.
It should mean that when you construct a Pyramid in those two eras, it will place an Ancient Ruin underneath the tile to be unearthed after Archaeology. If that isn't happening it could be a bug, or that you just happened to put those Pyramids on top oftiles that have blocked the ruin spawning, as I believe an Ancient Ruin cannot be placed on strategic resource tiles, for example.
Update is live. Nerfed Nubia's UA. Dropped the :c5goldenage:GAP scaling on era; scaling on number of wonders already is an era scaling of sorts, and its neat to have some scalers that aren't all just era scalers.
Quick thoughts so far:

UA: The production bonuses to garrisons are interesting, and obviously plays well with the Medjay. The second part is more situational--obviously extremely powerful, but hard to make use of. Could come in super handy if you started next to, say, Egypt. How appropriate!
Apedemak Archers: Cool, cool, cool. These guys absolutely wreck barbarian camps, are extremely inexpensive, and thanks to the recent changes to the tech tree can be quickly upgraded to composite bowmen. Even (slightly) effective when trying to take cities. The extra movement from rivers is nice, can be a lifesaver when facing an invasion. One game with them and they are rapidly rising up my list of favorite unique units.
Medjay: Wow, what a fun unit. A resource free swordsman, can be bought for not too much money, and even helps with happiness. It feels weird to keep a melee unit as a garrison instead of a ranged unit, but trade offs make for interesting gameplay. Being able to move immediately is another lifesaver when facing an invasion. (God, I hate Dido.) I didn't notice any other civ buying one; is there an instant yield notification or something? I think that would come in handy, could even provide a bit of intelligence as to what your rivals are up to.
Royal Pyramid: That early faith is an absolute godsend, and it picks up extra gold quite early, which is nice synergy with the Medjay. Culture is always welcome as well. And then, a pretty much automatic upgrade to landmarks later on, which can be extraordinarily powerful tiles. Love these. My only criticism would be there aren't the most visually appealing improvement, but c'est la vie.
Cenobium: The least interesting part of the kit, but still worthwhile. Being purchasable with faith is terrific. The bonus defense from faith is nice, but don't feel a big jump from it compared to walls and castles--which is probably fine, you should rely more on defense buildings for defense.
There's a floaty :c5gold: popup on your capital and you get a notification that Medjay mercenaries have been hired abroad.

I can report that civs have definitely used the Medjay, and I have gotten free gold for it, but that was before the new requirement that civs had to have an embassy with Nubia first. This is a pretty significant hurdle in comparison to them only needing the tech, but some users correctly pointed out that civs actively at war with Nubia still being able to buy Medjay was a bit silly.

Cenobium is a bit lackluster, yeah. I'm at a loss what to do with it tho.

On the other hand, methinks the royal library may be a bit too powerful, and deserving of a nerf. Thoughts?
Royal Pyramid, I think, is in a good place. It's a powerful improvement, but it only gives faith and culture and a little gold, and it has some significant restrictions on placement.

I think the rest of the kit is powerful enough that the Cenobium doesn't need a whole lot additionally.

I had embassies with everyone (except f***ing Dido) and no one bought any medjay, alas. Must have just been one of those games. It did look like the other civs I was in contact with were not exactly rolling in cash, to be fair.
Hey, guys. This is probably my favorite custom civ, but sadly I am not getting ancient ruins/antiquity sites (or whatever) under the pyramids (built on early eras).

I mean the civ is probably still good without it but if someone knows what could be the problem I'd appreciate it.

I play with just some wonders mods, civ events, civics and reforms and unique-city states and i've actually made some tries without them active and nothing. I've looked at the code a bit but I really don't know much about coding. It looked "fine" :crazyeye:

function NubiaRoyalPyramid(iPlayer, x, y, eImprovement)
    local pPlayer = Players[iPlayer]
    local pPlot = Map.GetPlot(x, y)
    if pPlayer:GetCurrentEra() > 1 then return end
    if eImprovement == GameInfoTypes.IMPROVEMENT_MC_LITE_NUBIAN_ROYAL_PYRAMID then
        pPlot:AddArchaeologicalRecord(GameInfoTypes.ARTIFACT_ANCIENT_RUIN, pPlayer:GetCurrentEra(), iPlayer)

I suppose that's where the problem should be, but I don't know.

Thanks in advance.
It could be a settings problem. I probably can’t deal with it tonight, but I’ll take a look some time this week

Edit: I can at least confirm for now, that Nubia does not have a line of SQL code which would activate the lua code. I usually test with 4UC which activates this setting also, so I usually don't catch VP mod options errors. I'll have to test it, but for now you will definitely need this line in your code somewhere:

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