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merry christmas everyone

zumerika me meli (says Google translate) me pronounced may.

Kyr will give the correct answer. Meli is actually one of the words I remember from studying ancient Greek, because the Sirens are described as honey-tongued, or honey-voiced.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

Here in Central America we’ve been eating nacatamales and dodging kids’ fireworks. Christmas Eve my gf’s aunt asked when I was going to bring out the rum so I got a bottle of 7 year aged goodness.

However my partner wanted to go to the church service and found the idea of pregaming a bit odious. We spent 3 hours at the evangelical service, the kids’ choir with electric candles, the teenagers singing out of tune or way too well, and the pastor being his Latin American evangelical A game full on yelling the glory of Jesus. A lot of singing and clapping and kids running amok.

Many of the neighbors blasted music, the last until almost 3am.

We left to drink the rum with some of the family which perfectly set me up to be Santa Claus. My partner, who didn’t drink, slept very soundly.

I on the other hand was somewhat sick from that much concentrated liquor which was perfect because I needed to set up my gift. I had recently acquired some old Amazon fires, and my gf doesn’t have books, doesn’t have access to books, doesn’t have money for books, but wants to read. Five years ago one of her students gave her $20 to buy the first Harry Potter but she needed the money to pay for university.

So, awoken by rum poisoning, I was able to finish setting up her fire with a ton of books in Spanish, most notably Harry Potter. One of her windows (bars, no glass) opens to a tree. So I set the gift bag on a chair under the window with the Christmas tree.

She was so happy she was mad. First off it just looks like an expensive tablet. She’s only got a phone one screen so this is already some hardware. But when we set her up with an account she could access all the books (side loaded booty from the high seas of course) she loved it. A friend of mine helped me out, so we got her some fiction, some general interest nonfiction, random popular stuff, etc

Later she read me the first chapter aloud while I played some vampire survivor. Introduced her to my immediate family in a few video chats, and that night we watched Klaus for the first time which is like the greatest new Christmas movie.

In all it was a wonderful Christmas, a nice spiritual and material expression of love and connectedness. There is such a joy in getting to be Santa Claus, especially with some magic inducing Christmas surprise. I am also covered in about 50 mosquito bites from the last 4 days.
It took me awhile to figure out why giving her a "fire" was a good thing. Then I realized you were talking about some electronic gizmo.
Central America not South America ;)
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