merry christmas everyone


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Mar 3, 2007
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merry christmas all.

hope you get some good food and some nice presents you want or need.

personally, i'm looking forward to the food the most.

thread topic: christmas traditions where you live? danish christmas is done the 24th (no 25th thing as in the anglos), we use a christmas tree, and we sing and dance around it. we use straw goats and christmas garden gnomes ("nisser", originally folk spirits) as decoration. something i remember from my childhood are "klatrenisser" or climbing gnomes; you cut them out of paper and hung them around your house in random places. some decorative nisse dolls have the same function

here's a random picture of some klatrenisser, i never used these

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

Christmases are different for me now, but when I was young Christmas Eve was always the fun day/night that I recall. Christmas Day always seemed a bit anti-climactic.
Swedish/Norwegian traditions (some of them) kept when my grandfather emigrated, and when my grandmother's parents emigrated. Christmas is on the 24th for me, as well.

Aside from a few food-related treats (scored some chocolate brandy beans at Walmart yesterday and a couple of new flavors of Pringles I haven't tried before, and tonight's Christmas dinner is Chinese takeout), my Christmas plans are no different from plans any other time of year. I'm reading, writing, posting, and might see if there are any good concerts on PBS.

You can tell it's finally winter. It's just after 9 am and the Sun hasn't even been up an hour yet.

Anyway... sit back and sing some carols.


Star Trek Christmas Songs

(I wrote these back around 1989-1990; they and other
non-Christmas filks were published in the R.D.S.T.S. Songbook)

I Saw Mommy

(tune: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus")​

I saw Mommy kissing Captain Picard
On the observation deck last night,
They didn't see me creep down the hall to have a peep
They thought that I was tucked up in my cabin fast asleep...

Then I saw Mommy kissing Captain Picard
On top of his head so shiny bright--
Oh, what a fight there would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Captain Picard last night!

Doctor Bones McCoy

(tune: "Good King Wenceslaus")​

Doctor Bones McCoy looked out
On the feast of Stephen.
Where the food lay 'round about,
Deep and crisp and even. :huh:
Blushing, the Lieutenant said,
“Sir, I'm off my diet.
Here's a pack of onion rings--
Have one, won't you try it?

“Bring me pie and bring me cake,
Bring me hard rock candy!
Bring me a creamy choc'late shake --
Anything that's handy!
Popcorn, pretzels I do crave
Lots and lots of munchies!
And my sanity you'll save --
With a bag of Space Crunchies!”

“Lieutenant, you are out of line,
Go and eat your dinner!
Plomeek soup will do you fine;
You will be much thinner!” :nono:
“Doctor, won't you take with me
A walk to the transporter
Where this ship, it soon will be --
One CMO shorter!” :mad:

We Three Ensigns

(tune: "We Three Kings")​

We three Ensigns of Enterprise are
Off on shore leave, we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain*, in
Search of the perfect bar!


Bar of wonder, bar so bright
Bar for which we've searched all night
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Lite!

*2 syllables, not 3; this was to make all the words fit

Phaser Fire

(tune: "Jingle Bells")​

Dashing through deep space
In a double-warp drive ship,
Ferengi we do chase
O'er a for-ged credit slip

They do not see us come
As we prepare to fight
For a case of Klingon rum
We'll blast them out of sight!

Oh ---

Phaser fire, phaser fire,
Shields down all the way!
Oh, what fun we all will have
When Starfleet wins the day --

Phaser fire, phaser fire,
Shields down all the way!
Oh, what fun we all will have
When Starfleet wins the day!

God Rest Ye Merry Starship Folk

(tune: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen")​

God rest ye merry starship folk,
Let nothing you dismay
For Captain Kirk and Mister Spock
Will soon be on their way
To save you all from court-martial
'Cause you were gone astray ---
Oh, tidings of extra duty, extra duty,
Oh, tidings of extra duty!

*Back at BanffCon, when these were first performed in public, someone said, "You should write more verses for this one". Well, 30 years later I'm finally getting around to it. It's in progress. Better really late than never.

And now for some more feline/canine greetings:

(I haven't done this one as a filksong... yet.)




What an adorable puppy! :love:


Finally... "But Doctor, I'm HUNGRY!" (what's Christmas without a gingerbread TARDIS?)


Summer here. Got up at 5:30am hot. Supposed to be 25 degrees today.

Christmas BBQ breakfast going on now.

And served.
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The mountain white with snow and ice;
The sunlight sparkles oh so nice;
A Christmas card of icy cold,
So snuggle up, and your loved ones hold!

Merry Christmas one and all! :xtree:🤶🎅🎄
Merry Christmas to the scallywags at CFCOT, who make my whole year merry.
My daughter (10yo) asked for me to read them "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" this Christmas eve after the family movie (Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which was OK... I only dozed off twice, but could still follow the story).

Anyway, the Grinch is a bit of tradition... @Farm Boy , Its our family's version of "Dad reads T'was the night before Christmas", but it had been a couple years since one of my kids actually requested it. My favorite part was seeing my oldest (13yo) who is generally far too cool and aloof for such nonsense, bashfully beaming at all the parts where I can look at them and recite from memory... doing the voices and acting out the gestures like a proper old storytelling Dad... I sure hope I live long enough to do the same for Grandkids someday...


There was a controversy after the reading, whereby I thought that surely the 10yo was the custodian of the book but no... my middle child (11yo, soon to be 12 in 5 days son) exclaimed that the book was his, opened the book to display his name written inside the cover and ran away with it to restore it to "safe keeping". Apparently this book is much more serious business for my kids than I realized... which is nice.

Again... Merry Christmas everyone... now go put those "some assembly required" things together while the kids are sleeping... God have mercy on any of you putting together Barbie Dream Houses, or any Dollhouses FTM, or bicycles tonight. Drink early and often... it helps, I swear.
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Here's a Christmas song lolpic that made me think immediately of you, @Kyriakos! :D


That dessert in your post looks good (minus the nuts - those look like bits of almond?).
Post holiday debrief:

Our daughters are both in their 30s and spent the holiday with their in-laws, as did my two older brothers. So, instead of buying gifts, my wife and I took four boxes of canned food, two big sacks of winter clothing (we're cleaning out our closets), a bunch of toys my kids don't need, and an unopened box of dishes (1986 wedding gift) to a local organization that helps people in need in our community. We also made our usual $500 donation to the local homeless shelter.

Then we enjoyed our holiday meal of roast beast, roasted potatoes and carrots, and finished it off with a pecan pies made with pecans from our own trees. Plus a bottle of Zinfadel.

Hope everyone had a fine time!
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