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Modules for Fall Further


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Dec 8, 2001
Post notice of your own modules below and/or PM me - I'll add them to the first post. (PM's most reliable.)

1) MODULAR PYTHON - From odalrick. Currently alpha, but functioning.

2) Fall to Pieces - A number of modules from Iceciro. (Check spoiler text for list.)
Spoiler :

  • FlatScions: Cathedral of Rebirth requires Necropolis rather than Hall of the Covenant. No unhealth for Scions from Haunted Lands. Doomsayer and Doomgiver do not lose strength outside of Scion lands.
  • FlatLead: This module returns the two leaders from Fall Flat to playability in Fall Further 051 - Camilon Jivorn, the Svartalfar leader, who is Aggressive/Warlord and Xivan T'nava, a four-civ leader who is Charismatic/Usurper.
  • Piece of Law: Law II is Valor, and Law III is a very strong angry Host of the Einrajar. Valor can affect undead units (Scions of Patria!).
  • Piece of Recon: Gives units access to anti-recon promotions, Surround I and Surround II. It also removes the bonus XP from the Austrin's Exploration Guild.
  • Naval Antics: Intended to make the AI play the naval game correctly. It removes the Crew promotions and increases the cargo space on ships designed to move units by one.
  • Serious Business: Changes the icons of the civics that are ni! taken from Monty Python, the quote for Swampdwelling (the same), ni! changes Guybrush Threepwood into a respectable hero, and changes the Inquisition icon and sound effect. Ni.

3) More Great Sage Buildings - By far wanderer. Allows Great Sages to construct four new buildings: Martyr's Ward, Master Alchemist, Controlled Rift, and Djin's Bazaar.

4) Improved Terraforming - From westmastaflash. Requires modular python. Expands functions and uses of Vitalize and Scorch.

Spiders - Improved skins for the Archos giant spider units. Blame any heebie-jeebie attack on Beaded Dan.

Fort Commanders - westmastaflash. Requires modular python. Forts may be claimed, receive a special Fort Commander unit, and spread culture.

7) D&D Druids - From WarKirby. Requires modular python. A number of changes to Druids, featuring Wild Shapes.

Bannor Chain of Command- by xienwolf. Greatly expanded Commander system for Bannor and tech-demo. Included in 051 download, but not active by default.

9) Esus and Empyrean Revised - by Riot Starter. Adds the "Envoy" unit for Empyrean, the "Saboteur" for Esus.

10) Civics Revised - by Riot Started. Currently only revises Slavery. The module enhances the civic via changes to "Slavery" itself and Slaves, plus the addition of a new building.

Older modules - don't use new system:

1) Tarquelne's FFH2 modules for Fall Further Four modules made Fall Further compatible. Last tested with 043D
  • Calabim Assassin and Shadow UUs.
  • Holy Warriors - UUs for each religion rather than each alignment.
  • Blasted Garden - a Reagent supplying Wonder.
  • Salt Golem - Ocean-going golem.
  • Battlemage - Amurite UUs: Siegemages for Catapult, Battlemage for Arqubuser, War Wizard for Cannon.
Modules are still independent - All need not be applied.

2) The Hamstalfar civilization. Attached. Last tested with 050N.

3) WarKirby's Modules for FF. (offsite link). Discussion thread.

4) Semi-modular: Malakim+ Rerelease A number of changes, including tech and Trait, to add flavor and give Malakim a reason to stick to desert. Last tested with 043F


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How to make a module.

A post from xienwolf, and another one, discussing the new module system.

Converting a FFH2 module for Fall Further:

Here's what I've learned so far:

1) FF schemas are often different. You'll need to use the FF file. If you don't you'll get a CTD when you try to start the game.
2) The CivilizationInfos file format is much more convineient in FF. UUs/UBs only require the section of the civ getting the UU/UB.

3) Known XML changes required beyond those listed above.
  • UnitInfos: "WeaponTier" must be deleted. Use FF's weapon system instead.
Yay, thanks. Been hoping these would be inculded, but this is just as good! XD
Where else are mods that work with FF? I am just getting into fall further and still unsure excatly how this works.
Where else are mods that work with FF? I am just getting into fall further and still unsure excatly how this works.

A few mods have versions compatible with Fall Further, but these have fallen in number as we keep eating them :D

(the Scions of Patria for instance was a mod that had a Fall Further version, then became Fall Further specific and is now a part of the basic Fall Further install. FlavourMod was also incorporated into Fall Further a while back and now the author - Jean Elcard - is working with us to further develop that and other additions)
Where else are mods that work with FF? I am just getting into fall further and still unsure excatly how this works.

Me too. How would you go about loading all these mods with FF?

Me too. How would you go about loading all these mods with FF?

EDIT: Oh, just the modules above? Do what V. said. Plus set modular loading to "1" in FF's .ini file if it isn't already.

For some reason I took the question to be how to get dated/FFH mods in the game. I'll let the answer stand:

If it's a modular mod it may not take much. Replace the schema files with FF schema files and then pay attention to any XML errors that pop up as the game loads, basically. I think that'll generally be pretty quick/easy, due to the way xienwolf's made the great majority of the files optional.

If it's a non-modular mod you could try to make it modular. That might save you work in the long term, but most non-modular mods can't become modular.

Beyond that you'd need to merge the files with FF's files.

I'd get a program like WinMerge that identifies and allows you to manipulation differences between files. Then I'd:

Compare the original FFH files to the mod's files. Either note or "extract" all the differences. Extraction might consist of deleting all the non-changes from the file.

Take those changes and put them into the FF files. Then either tweak things so they're compatible, or try loading the game and let the error pop-ups show you where there's a problem and *then* start tweaking.

The whole thing would be simple (though perhaps long and tedious) for the XML. Probably simple but possibly hairy in python, and probably hairy but possibly simple for the DLL.
OK, thanks guys. I like to try the new mods and hope the reward will be higher than the risk of adding these.

Now, if I can just get rid of these .43E CTDs....:mad:
[to_xp]Gekko;7539022 said:
Tarq, any plan to make Apepis' modules FF compatible? or should I ask him instead ? ;)

Yep, ask him. Hard keeping up as it is. :)
"Tarquelne" download now contains the Battlemage module. The Battlemage and War Wizard now have FF-style ranged attacks and I've improved the unit buttons, too.
I like the Tarquelne modules very much, especially the Holy Warriors. Any chance, that they would be included into the "official" FF release?
So, now that we have quite a few FF mods, I think this thread should at least be updated and stickied, or maybe a new thread made... We've got:

  1. Fall Flat
  2. Fall Further Plus (Better to list just that than the three mods it's made of.....)
  3. Warkirby's Modules
  4. Legion of D'tesh
  5. Sephi's Era mod

Probably a new "Mods" thread since most aren't modules.
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