Monopoly Buildings!


Feb 24, 2020
Monopoly Buildings for VP
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Getting a Monopoly is a very interesting feature in VP, and I thought I could add more flavor and interest to it! Over time, cultures have evolved and changed based on what resources are nearby, and what they build represents that. So now, when you get a Monopoly, you can unlock a building that relates to that Monopoly!

Compatible with Even More Resources for VP and More Unique Components for VP.

Each Building requires a monopoly on at least one resource. For instance, if you have a monopoly on Gems you may build the Jeweler building in cities with that resource nearby. You can also build it if you have a monopoly on several other resources. You can also build it if you have a Monopoly on CS luxuries, but to be balanced you still need to have the resource improved nearby, so CS luxuries aren't as powerful. Indonesia and Brazil have unique luxuries, by default these also have their corresponding buildings. I realized that some people won't like that for balance purposes so if you go into the mod files Core -> Settings you can set the first value to 0 to disable that.

Here are the buildings, sorted by Technology:
(including the Resources from MUC and EMR)

Spoiler :
Unlocked at Metal Casting

Ornament Workshop
Spoiler :
Unlocked at Engineering

Coinage Mint
Spoiler :
Unlocked at Currency

Hunter's Cabin
Spoiler :
Unlocked at Physics

Spoiler :
Unlocked at Civil Service

Spoiler :
Unlocked at Banking

Spoiler :
Unlocked at Chemistry

Spoiler :
Unlocked at Printing Press

Spoiler :
Unlocked at Economics

Farmers' Market:
Spoiler :
Unlocked at Navigation

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I wish you luck with balancing because this is gonna be tough.

For example, you access Ornament Workshop in Classical Era which gives you :c5culture: Culture and reduction to poverty which are very powerful at this point of the game. Then, you have Fine Dining Restaurant that gives you same amount of :c5culture: Culture from resources and scaling yields extremely late in the game.
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Plantation house actually hurts your city, and requires a unique emancipation action to disable its benefits. Then it’s just building maintenance with no benefit? I would replace this building with something else, like a confectioner for sugar/cocoa/cinnamon, then add cotton to the tailor, and tobacco to the farmer’s market or somewhere else. Plantation house is conceptually redundant with the plantation improvement. Also, we get it, slavery was bad. Civilization seems intent to just ignore slavery as a concept entirely, and I see no reason to start explicitly acknowledging its historical impact with 1 limp building in 1 era. Either design an entire core mechanic for slavery or you won’t do it justice.

personally, I would change up a few of these buildings. The diverse unlocks on all of these exacerbated existing balance disparities between certain monopolies. Having unlocks from ancient to atomic is too broad; I would tighten the unlocks to renaissance and industrial, so the bonuses are timed to come after monopolies have been established and after most buildings that boost luxury tiles are unlocked (Grocer and bank being the exception). The variance in tech unlocks will help you balance these buildings more effectively

to that end, Conservation association I would replace with a hunting lodge, or just “lodge”.

I’m struck by some of the needless verbosity in some of the names.
  • “Fine dining restaurant” rather than just “restaurant”.
  • “Perfume shop” instead of just “perfumery”.
  • “Luxury tailor” instead of just “Tailor”, “Dressmaker”, “clothier”, or “fabrician”.
  • “Coinage Mint” instead of just “mint”
And yeah, as @Asterix Rage pointed out, this isn’t compatible with hungry’s even more resources mod, and it would be much improved if it was
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Thinking on this more... You want to emphasize different connections between the luxury resources or else you will just repeat the splits that earlier buildings give these resources.
Spoiler current buildings and their resources :

Market - sugar, cinnamon
Stoneworks - Marble, Salt, Jade
Amphitheater - Lapis Lazuli, Silk, Dyes
Arena - Olives, Perfume
Caravansary - Truffles, Cotton, Furs
Forge - Copper
Temple - Amber, Incense, Wine
Circus - Ivory
Garden - Citrus, Cocoa
Bank - Gold, Silver, Gems
Grocer - Coffee, Tea, Tobacco
Non-augmented resources: Pearls, Whales, Coral,

So same/similar connections to those are things you likely want to avoid, or you risk simply making the Mint the double-bank, or whatever.

Here's a split I can see what would mix things up, lumps a bit more (9 buildings down from 10), and I think I managed to avoid pairing any 2 luxuries in the same way that an existing building does, but I could be mistaken.

More Unique Components in Italics, More Resources in Bold:
Spoiler :
Jeweller: Pearls, Jewelry, Lapis, Jade, Amber, Gems, Obsidian
Clothier: Silk, Cotton, Dyes, Furs
Apothecary: Tobacco, Coral, Salt, Coca, Poppy
Cabinetmaker: Ivory, Silver, Marble, Glass, Porcelain, Brazilwood,
Perfumery: Incense, Whales, Perfume, Lavender
Restaurant: Crab, Truffles, Coffee, Wine, Cloves, Nutmeg, Pepper, Champagne, Birds Nest
Farmer's Market: Citrus, Olives, Tea, Cheese, Beer
Confectioner: Cocoa, Cinnamon, Sugar, Honey
Mint: Gold, Copper, Manuscripts, Tin, Platinum
Thank you all for the feedback, I've been working out how to balance and rework this.

Firstly, I agree that they could be condensed a bit, tech wise. I've shortened it to be 3 eras instead of 4.5 eras (though it may change as I've changed the groups). But I like having it last a bit longer, even if it is hard to balance.

I'll definitely work on compatibility with More Resources, it shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Now, the main thing I've been thinking of is the groups. Good job pinappledan on the groups you made, I really like them. I've already made Icons for a couple buildings. I didn't really think that much about how existing buildings affect resources, thanks for pointing that out.
As for the groups you suggested, they're really clever (I would have never thought of ambergris for whales), though I have a small revision.
In your grouping, you have 3 places where they are the same as VP buildings. You group: Silk and Dyes; Cotton and Furs; and Cinnamon and Sugar.
I know it's probably impossible to perfectly group them but I did think of some changes that would help.

I added "Hunter’s Cabin: Furs, Crab, Ivory, Birds Nest" and moved Brazilwood to Clothier because the category was too small. Also, I took luxuries from restaurant because it was too big.
Spoiler :

Jeweller: Pearls, Jewelry, Lapis, Jade, Amber, Gems, Obsidian
Clothier: Silk, Cotton, Dyes, Brazilwood,
Apothecary: Tobacco, Coral, Salt, Coca, Poppy
Cabinetmaker: Silver, Marble, Glass, Porcelain,
Perfumery: Incense, Whales, Perfume, Lavender
Restaurant: Truffles, Coffee, Wine, Cloves, Nutmeg, Pepper, Champagne,
Farmer's Market: Citrus, Olives, Tea, Cheese, Beer
Confectioner: Cocoa, Cinnamon, Sugar, Honey
Mint: Gold, Copper, Manuscripts, Tin, Platinum
Hunter’s Cabin: Furs, Crab, Ivory, Birds Nest
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I love them, they look great. Terrific job! But I won't use them sadly, we have already quite a lot of yields inflation, coupled with so little production.
Ok, version 2 is live!
Thanks for all the help and ideas guys.
I will be adding compatibility with Even More Resources soon, probably next week as I won't be able to work on it the next couple of days.

I kept the ornament workshop name because cabinet makers typically work with wood, but I think the name is a bit of a mouth full, so if anyone has an idea for a name I'd be glad to change it.
I'm wondering if Brazil and Indonesia have an advantage with their automatic monopolies on Pepper, Nutmeg, Cloves and brazilwood.
Yeah, I thought about that (potentially also Netherlands?? Not sure) so if you want you can go into the mod files, go to core -> settings and change the first value to zero. Then it will not use Brazil/Indonesia luxuries.
The vanilla game used to have a ‘mint’ building, but it’s now the customs house in VP
Updated to version 3.2

Mainly just neater code, some slight number tweaks but nothing major.

There have been a couple versions since the last one I've talked about on here, and I probably from now on will only post updates here if there are important changes. I'll also be using a more consistent numbering system as the mod jumped to version 3 without really any big changes.

As always, I am looking for any feedback or suggestions.
feedback or suggestions
Feedback: :clap:
Suggestions: No much. The features are great great great. I do appreciate the diversity of building effects. As a must have Modmod, It is probably worth to iron a few Icons to be more cartoon like. But I know it's not that easy...
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Feedback: :clap:
Suggestions: No much. The features are great great great. I do appreciate the diversity of building effects. As a must have Modmod, It is probably worth to iron a few Icons to be more cartoon like. But I know it's not that easy...
Thanks.I have a little less time now, and not as many ideas, so I'll likely now focus more on refining my existing mods than creating new ones. That will probably include refining the icons.
I like this mod, looks very interesting, I'm playing with it several games. How much culture gives confectioner when citizen is born?
Updated to version 3.3
- +1 culture to jeweler
- ornament workshop gains modified ability from perfumery
- +1 culture and gold to hunter's cabin
- pearls moved from Jeweler to Hunter's Cabin, Ivory Moved from Hunter's Cabin to Ornament Workshop
- Apothecary ability changed
- confectioner -1 gold
- confectioner moved to banking
- perfumery ability changed, moved to chemistry
- clothier converts 15% of culture to gold (was 5)
- farmers' market moved to Navigation
- restaurant now 1 culture / 3 citizens (was 4)
- +3 gold to restaurant

- slightly improved jeweler, perfumery, and clothier icons

I've been working on this for a while, meant to release it earlier but I thought a new version would come out sooner and some other stuff got in the way. But, it's finally here! I tried to see how each of the buildings worked in games I've played before by editing them in and looking at the impact. But, I'm also pretty bad at balance so any feedback would be appreciated. I also didn't like how many resources the jeweler had while ornament workshop had so few, so I moved around some resources. There aren't any overlaps with existing building buffs. I did have a bit of concern that now Hunter's Cabin has two aquatic resources which is a bit strange, but for me gameplay > realism. Additionally I changed around some of the abilities and added a new one so that ornament workshop would have a better ability (before it was just flat yields, a bit boring). Lastly, I moved some of the buildings back so that overall they are more concentrated.

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback feel free to tell me.
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