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MTCSG-01: Immac's Muti-Threaded Concurrent Succession Game -01

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by Immaculate, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    In answer to Immac's question

    Spoiler :
    Madrid was whipped last turn, so I didn't re-MM the tiles, so no comment there. If I was continuing on , I would have MMed to grow first as you said.

    As for Barcelona, I think I was working max food tiles and gold mine, rather than just max food. This is because of the huge bonus to research that we get from working the gold mine

  2. Kanga_DU

    Kanga_DU Warlord

    Jan 13, 2006
    Spoiler :
    Turn 50 (2000 BC)
    Barcelona founded
    In the place in the save.
    Barcelona begins: Obelisk
    I want that border pop asap for the gold. Hope for Buddhism to spread itself in the meantime.
    Madrid is finishing a worker

    Turn 52 (1920 BC)
    Madrid finishes: Worker
    There's a Barb Archer wandering in the far north. Not so reassuring...

    Turn 53 (1880 BC)
    Madrid begins: The Oracle
    I'm gonna take a shot at the Oracle - looking to pick up Metal Casing
    Tech learned: Animal Husbandry

    Turn 54 (1840 BC)
    Research begun: Agriculture
    Noticed that we were researching Animal Husbandry with out Ag. With several turns down, I didn't think it worth while swapping the research order to hook up the corn earlier. I'm chop/mining the sole hill in Madrid anyhow atm.

    While defending, Warrior defeats (1.72/2): Barbarian Warrior at 99.0 percent.
    I'm using that south warrior to explore further. Possibly should just be using it to fog bust...

    Turn 59 (1640 BC)
    Tech learned: Agriculture
    Madrid grows: 4
    This puts Madrid at its current happy cap.

    Turn 60 (1600 BC)
    Research begun: Archery
    No credible defense, even against barbs right now. Need to fix that. :hammer:

    Turn 63 (1480 BC)
    Tech learned: Archery
    This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Turn 64 (1440 BC)
    Research begun: Pottery
    Barcelona finishes: Obelisk
    Not a sign of Buddhism yet for Barcelona. :(

    Turn 65 (1400 BC)
    Barcelona begins: Archer


    While defending, Warrior loses to: Barbarian Archer (1.92/3) at 21.9 percent.
    Waaaay down south. :cry:

    Turn 68 (1280 BC)
    Tech learned: Pottery

    Turn 69 (1240 BC)
    Research begun: Writing
    Madrid grows: 5
    I've let Madrid grow into unhappy as I need some extra pop to whip the oracle in asap. I'm getting nervous about loosing it and no defense for Madrid.

    Turn 71 (1160 BC)
    Madrid finishes: The Oracle

    Buddhism has spread: Turfan (Mongolian Empire)

    Turn 72 (1120 BC)
    Tech learned: Metal Casting
    Madrid begins: Settler
    I opted to get another settler out asap. I'll whip out an archer if needs be.

    Turn 73 (1080 BC)
    Genghis decides Buddhism is A-OK.

    Turn 74 (1040 BC)
    Madrid's borders expand
    Barcelona's borders expand
    I've got that worker hurrying to get gold online.

    Turn 75 (1000 BC)
    Madrid begins: Archer
    Barcelona finishes: Archer
    Yup, barbs incoming. Have to whip out both.

    Confucianism founded in a distant land

    Turn 76 (975 BC)
    Barcelona begins: Archer
    Tech learned: Writing
    Madrid finishes: Archer


    Turn 77 (950 BC)
    Research begun: Polytheism
    Research begun: Monotheism

    While defending, Archer defeats (2.61/3): Barbarian Archer at 99.6 percent. Not before the Archer pillaged that mine. With only one worker finishing that gold mine I don't feel in good shape at this moment.

    Turn 78 (925 BC)
    Mean while down near Barcelona, I've got an archer tracking a barb...
    While attacking, Archer loses to: Barbarian Warrior (1.04/2) at 92.7 percent. :mad:
    While attacking, Archer defeats (2.58/3): Barbarian Warrior at 100.0 percent. The archer from Madrid cleans up. Road link btwn two cities has been "disrupted"
    Madrid begins: Archer
    I'm gonna swap the settle back in the queue as soon as the pop grows back again.
    Barcelona finishes: Archer

    While defending, Archer defeats (2.28/3): Barbarian Warrior at 100.0 percent. @ Barcelona.

    Turn 79 (900 BC)
    Barcelona begins: Archer

    Turn 80 (875 BC)

    While defending, Archer defeats (1.98/3): Barbarian Archer at 96.7 percent. @ Madrid

    Turn 81 (850 BC)
    Madrid begins: Archer
    Madrid begins: Archer
    Madrid grows: 3

    Turn 82 (825 BC)
    Madrid begins: Archer
    Barcelona finishes: Archer

    Turn 83 (800 BC)
    Barcelona begins: Worker
    Barcelona begins: Granary
    Barcelona begins: Worker
    Indecision. :lol:
    Tech learned: Polytheism
    Buddhism has spread: Barcelona - No comment. $%^#!

    Axes out there now. *sigh*

    Turn 86 (725 BC)
    Madrid finishes: Settler
    I'd sent a warrior up there already. There was only one square of fog-of-war up there, however based on my luck so far...

    Turn 87 (700 BC)
    Archer promoted: City Garrison I @ Barcelona - see below.

    While defending, Archer defeats (3.00/3): Barbarian Axeman at 91.9 percent.

    Turn 88 (675 BC)

    While defending, Archer defeats (0.96/3): Barbarian Axeman at 80.6 percent. I finally got a fog buster on a forest hill near Barcelona. Close, but survives.

    Turn 90 (625 BC)
    Seville founded
    Seville begins: Work Boat
    Seville begins: Obelisk
    Seville begins: Lighthouse
    Seville begins: Work Boat
    Heh, more indecision. Workboat in the end. Monotheism in next turn, use an missionary to spread for border pop I think. Founded on the hill to get gold fish and sheep north of Madrid.

  3. remconius

    remconius Deity

    Jun 22, 2003
    Amstelveen, NL
    I assume you played from Llama's save?

    Guess that would be good to mention and why you chose it.
  4. Kanga_DU

    Kanga_DU Warlord

    Jan 13, 2006
    I should add I played from Llamacat's save. I can't give any good rational reason why. I just "liked" it the most. :confused:

    I was going to include a screenie of the demographics screen in the report, however as where I'm at, in a nut shell "sucks", I don't feel the need too now.

    [edit:] @ Rem - I took too long to make this addendum post. :p
  5. pholkhero

    pholkhero Deviant Mind

    Feb 24, 2006
    I think i'm the last person, but here's spoilers just in case:
    Spoiler :

    Okay, so snaky continents, monarch, genghis just nearby our religious civ . . . this remind of another SG mutineer, too ~ at least genghis isn't 10 tiles away this time, right on top of the copper! :lol:

    I played from RCs save. There was just one thing wrong with the other saves, ie Frank settled that 2nd city far away @ copper, Mutineer settled near the southern gold w/no food, etc. I figured i'd go a way that most people won't, and decided to head for a cultural win. Most of the gaems i;m playing now are war-themed so if i can steer this one that way . . . but i don't think anyone else wants to play that sort of game.

    I started off swapping the build to a settler. I let this build normally and swapped to the Oracle whenever a chop was due. I went for Archers first off, too, for some protection as i wasn't planning on settling near copper when we'll have Iron in our BFC.

    1560: I was finally ready at Madrid; I dbl-whipped the Settler @ Madrid and when it was ready next turn, i sent him north. Construction started back up on the Oracle.

    A few turns later in 1400:

    Then,in 1320:

    Having revolted now to "no state," Barcelona will pop it's borders in 3 turns, and then I'm going to take Confuciansim as the state for now since when the missionary arrives at Madrid, both cities will be Conf.

    After Archery, i headed for Cottages w/the Wheel and Pottery. 1120:

    I went for AH to see if we horses near by.

    1080 and the Khan stops by:

    Sure, why not? Hopefully, you'll get Conf . . . if not, then :mischief:

    In 1000 bc, I dbl-whipped a settler again at Madrid, and sent that eastward. I also have been slowly moving our fogbusters south and found this:

    I whipped a granary at Barcleno for 1pop in 750, whipped a granary and an obelisk in Seville during the remaining turns.

    In 600, the last turn i played, which i think is one too many:

    With iron in the BFC, this was a no-brainer to me. I've been thinking of grabbing Genghis' lands pretty soon and quickly, esp if he doesn't get Confucianism; we can start building swords pretty soon. There is also another settler in Madrid that i was going to send NW to grab the other gold and share those sheep w/Barcelona.

    Here's a snapshot of our lands:

    also, notice that "maybe, for cheap" sign? I figured if we really want to work that gold, we could build here and share the corn that's up there.

    our finances:

    and tech situation:

    We'll have a GP in ~ 20-25 turns which i was going to use for Theology and a 3rd religion. Other than that, i was figuring on a 1/2dozen Swords to go take Beshbalik and move north to Karakorum.

    Ron's Try
  6. LlamaCat

    LlamaCat Emperor

    Dec 29, 2005
    I admire your courage :crazyeye:
  7. Immaculate

    Immaculate unerring

    Jan 22, 2003
    Hi everyone.

    Interesting games. I noticed that no one went looking for the other civs with galleys/workboats (at least that i noticed from the write-ups- i didn't download the games this time- except one- Ozbenno's- last night).

    I will be absent until the 18th, so please proceed without me. I will be able to check the threads but will be unable to download saves to examine them or to play.

    I am looking forward to interesting developments.

    So, if someone wants to take it upon themselves to :whipped: if the succession game needs it while i am gone, that would be great. Otherwise, i will just jump back in on ~19th of november.
  8. LlamaCat

    LlamaCat Emperor

    Dec 29, 2005
    I'll make an attempt at summarizing the games without having looked at the saves. Someone else may want to give a better synopsis or correct my facts. This is probably just for my own reference:

    remconius -> pigswill
    2nd city on northern coast, Colossus being built in Madrid
    Oracle complete... metal casting
    some barbs killed

    remconius -> pholkhero
    3 cities / cultural thoughts
    Oracle complete... code of laws
    open borders with Khan, but war soon?
    cranking out settlers

    mutineer -> ozbenno
    2nd city to south, 3rd city in north
    Oracle completed, Colossus and Great Lighthouse being built
    1 turn from iron working

    llamacat -> kanga
    2nd city to south / 3rd city in the north?
    Oracle complete/ writing, poly and mono researched
    lot of barbarian activity
  9. remconius

    remconius Deity

    Jun 22, 2003
    Amstelveen, NL
    Good analysis about the saves.

    I guess we could add to that a comparison about number of techs and number of units.
  10. Mutineer

    Mutineer Deity

    Feb 20, 2006
    I am a bit surprised that no one choised Immaculate save.
    In my opinion his save about = to mine, as Greate Ligthhouse is the best early wander on this map.

    WE are playing 30 turns, don't we?
  11. frankcor

    frankcor Emperor

    Jan 23, 2006
    Rome, NY
    I like Pholkhero's notions about a cultural victory. We've got two religions now, a third is all we need. With this snakie continents map, we should be able to grab enough territory in a Sword/Axe rush to build 9 decent cities (two of them being former AI capitals?) and be able to defend the territory with a relatively small, mobile force at least until Astronomy and maybe beyond.

    edit: 30 turns work for us
  12. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Notes on research. Everyone has all "1st line techs", everyone has pottery, AH, archery, meditation, priesthood, BW and writing

    remconius -> pigswill

    sailing (in 4), iron working, metal casing

    remconius -> pholkhero

    sailing (in 4), iron working, code of laws

    mutineer -> ozbenno

    sailing, masonry, metal casing, iron working (in 1)

    llamacat -> kanga (only one who played correct number of turns)

    sailing, masonry, metal casing, polytheism, monotheism (in 1)
  13. pholkhero

    pholkhero Deviant Mind

    Feb 24, 2006
    also, w/GP that will be born from ORacle soon, we could grab CS since i left out Masonry.

    @ Frank, you could even use mine as a jumping off point for taking out Genghis and anybody else that might live on his island...or the one west of us.
  14. Mutineer

    Mutineer Deity

    Feb 20, 2006
    Ok, I look on save and did not like any one. Sorry everyone.
    Development on most saves was not very good.

    At the end of the day I choised Mutineer-Ozbenno's one.

    It is still strongest save economically and we will get colosys.
    I think we lost Greate Ligthhouse , which is a greate disssapointment.
    Why? Because for me useal cut of date for Greate Ligthhouse is 600 BC,
    after that date it is a good chance AI will build it.

    I expected it allready been build and it was posible to do.
    Ozbenno waster a lot of workers turns, building all this cottagess in capital.
    Capital has 3 more improve ties then It has population and population limit for, 3 cottagess we did not need to build yet.
    If insted of iron working we reseached Mathematic, to make cutting more efficient and use worker to prechop forest
    we would be able to get Great Ligthhouse in time.

    Barselona has cottage and worker currently trying to build one more on floodplain. Bad idea.
    This city designed to be production city, it does not have food resources, so it need frms to grow to good size and work
    all this hills.
    I left one allready build cottage alone, but change worker order on farming.

    Now, If I played it myself we would not probably had any cottagess yet, as grow and building and exploring will have mach higher priority
    for me, so I needed to sit and think how to play.

    Turns finished 125 AD.
    Spoiler :

    First thin first. I stop building colosys in capital. Useally we have untill 500 AD to practically garanty build colosys and right now we are working on 1 sea tie and will not work many soon.
    Insted, I start worker. We argently need more workers to do nessesary development.
    Iron working-Alphavit.
    I plan to send work boat exploring, as city does not produce any culture and only god knows will buddism spread to it or not.
    I tend to use the fact that any deal done on turn you meat civ imrove relationship about 4 times better then any other time.
    Did not work out well, but still not a bad choise.

    Boat went west exploring.
    He meat Chinise, Japanise and Milinease. Nice collection.
    I open borders with chinise and Malinease, gifted Prieshood to Japanise for +4 trade, but that was not enogth to start to trade resources because of religious differences. :(

    MM wize I change capital to work as many cottagess as posible, seens we build them.
    We did not work mines untill allmost end of my turns.
    Next turn Khan converted to Confucianism :(.
    couple turns after we lost GL as expected. :(

    Alphavit - politeism-Monoteism (Revolted to orgonised religion)-Monarchy(now it is cheap with all prerequisites)-
    Revolted to more enligtined rule.
    Traded monarchy to Quin for Matematic and some gold.
    Literature-Dramma (I am allways like to have flexibility of culture slider and I plan to research cheap Music with 2 prerequisites.
    GA will be good, we can use it to ligthbulb paper or some other tech.
    It would offer Monotheism firs, but Masta allready has it, so it is not a good idea.

    One turn befor end of my rule I traded Alphavit and Mettalocasting for Currency and 120 gold to Masta.

    Currency is a critical tech in my book, more income and Masta start to offer only little gold for Alphavit.
    Quin had Mettalocasting for last 10 turns.

    My suggestion would be Dramma - Music, that what I am aiming for.
    Fort free artist and trade tech.

    Building wise.

    Capital build worker-setler-library-Ligthhouse- 2 galleys for piration emergency-
    Colosys (the moment cooper come online) I think 3 turn to build collosys left.
    sea resource got pillaget, but right now I have 2 galleys out. I suggest
    let barb galey to attack us using 10% defence bonus. even if one lost second will finish it off.
    I lost so many sea figth so now I never figth in sea if I do not have ability to finish opponent.
    Whip was applyed many times. Currently capital on -3, but that OK.
    If we get Colosys capital would be very good to let it grow to size 15 with out any worker actions.
    lost GL-continue on settler-Forge-Library-replace workboat for capital.

    Worker after farming floodplains went to prepare cite for cooper/Marble city

    Build roads and prechop forest.
    When setler was done and city settled I chop to obelisk and start to mine cooper, puting it online soon.
    Currently it's borders will expand in 4 turns (I think) I suggest to use them to mine plain hill and then
    build quary on Marble as fast as posible, using second worker next Barselona.

    I want to Build Greate Liblrary, and with 150% bonus we can chop it in Barselona in no time.
    AI got alphavit from me only on previous turn, so we will have enogth time.

    North city boat-obelisk (2 turns befor it finished we got lucky and buddism spread to it)-granary-boat-

    So, here, our situation.
    We own 5 cities, have all contact. Boat will get around the word soon.

    Lots of infrastructure build and I think we 3 turns to Colosys.

    Tech wize we in very good position.

    DEmo wise we still first in GNP and better in other category.

    I got GP on last turn, left it for next person to use.
    It is active in capital. I do not think lightbulbing Cristianity a good idea, Masta has it. Just build shrine.
    I like out position.

  15. LlamaCat

    LlamaCat Emperor

    Dec 29, 2005
    Mutineer I think you need to play more turns because 30 turns would take us way past 125 AD wouldn't it? I've only played about 17 turns and I'm at 75 AD or something like that...
  16. Mutineer

    Mutineer Deity

    Feb 20, 2006
    460 turn left (-50) 410 turns left (-40) 370 turns left (-30) 340 turns left.

    I cheked f8 and it's show 340 turns left.
  17. LlamaCat

    LlamaCat Emperor

    Dec 29, 2005
    I chose Ozbenno's game for no particular reason, other than I haven't built the Colossus much before.

    Spoiler :

    600 BC
    switch production in Seville from work boat to obelisk - there was no cultural expansion so why build the boat with no fish in range?

    iron working done, switch to alphabet for tech trading; iron found near Madrid; Khan converts to Confucianism, and we are Buddhist

    I'm interrupting the Colossus in Madrid for another worker in 6 turns, we need them desperately

    the Great Lighthouse (and Pyramids) are built somewhere else, so we lose the GL in Barcelona but will pick up a little desperately needed cash at least. what's this... a hut? didn't see that so my warrior is heading there ASAP

    Madrid is growing a little too fast for my taste, so I'm going heavy on production of the Colossus now. That copper near us looks so close and would be great to finish this wonder, although we probably don't need it at this point.

    well well well.. that figures: a barbarian guarding the hut and I'm looking at 9% odds. I fortify my warrior the nearby forest and see what happens. And way down south I discover another hut guarded by a barbarian warrior. here's the map down south, reached a dead end it seems:

    archer completed in Barcelona, start on barracks since I assume this can be a good production city; iron and now more gold are hooked up

    Alphabet done -> Polytheism -> Literature; Khan won't trade squat with me; Ah! Buddhism spreads in Seville in the north, better late than never I guess. We're just about at our happiness limit in all cities. Moses born in Madrid, probably going to build a shrine but will sleep on him for the next player just in case someone plays my save.

    Colossus built; start on axeman to go take out that barb guarding the hut on the coast near Khan; here's where the next city is going:

    Khan demands metal casting...since we finished colossus and I feel very weak militarily, I do something rare and give in

    Galley completes in Madrid, waiting for scout to pop out next turn, then time to explore that other land mass to the west. Literature is now researched, and that marble is still just outside my borders, so I was thinking to expand Cordoba and start on the Great Library and hook up the marble

    Oops... scout stepped off the boat in the wrong place. Sure enough, he dies next turn. Looks like a lot of barbarians over here.

    Axeman beats down that warrior guarding the hut outside Cordoba, and all it provides is a lousy map!

    There's a settler on deck in Madrid, along with a great prophet available for use (build a shrine?). Math is due next turn, then I was going for Calendar to hook up those spices. Also was thinking of hooking up the marble and building the great library in Madrid.

  18. remconius

    remconius Deity

    Jun 22, 2003
    Amstelveen, NL
    I was very honored that 2 people picked up my save. As you can imagine I was more than a bit biased to continue on one of these 2.
    Comparing them Pholk used Oracle for CoL and expanded a lot (4 cities, settler in progess and 3 workers). mined gold, but didnt hook it up.
    Pigswill got MC and started the colossus. Also he hooked up gold, which pholk had neglected. Pigswill only still had the initial worker and one more archer, but with colossus I'd be working coastal tiles so I would not need the extra workers. Also pigs managed have 138 cash available.

    I decided to go for Pigs' game and leverage the Colossus.

    Spoiler :

    PT: Set sci to 100%.

    Borders expand and workboat is sent to fish.

    Sailing comes in > Monarchy next for HR.
    Goldfish completes granary, archer next.

    We're not big, GK is smaller. He's probably coming our way soon!

    Goldfish completes archer > settler next.

    GK suggests OB, I agree.

    Monarchy comes in, Alphabet next. (Maybe we can convince GK for a trade)

    Colossus is completed!

    Time to expand, we need to work coastal tiles to put colossus to good use:
    -Whip settler in Goldfish.
    -Switch Madrid production to Settler.

    Goldfish builds settler > Axe next.

    Great person comes in: What do you know, it's a Great Merchant!

    Freak luck of the RNG. 98 points for priest and 2 for merchant from colossus.
    He'll give CoL, which opens opportunities.... or I could add him to Madrid for 1F and 6G

    I think long and hard and do the following:
    Get CoL and switch science to CS. Bureaucracy should make Madrid very powerful!

    Settler in Madrid whipped.

    Barca founded, starts Granary.
    Goldfish builds Axe > Archer
    Madrid builds settler > Granary

    Madrid builds granary > Lighthouse

    Seville founded, starts granary.

    Goldfish builds archer > Archer

    Buddhism spreads to Seville.

    Madrid builds LH > Axe next.

    Current situation:




    Notes for next player:
    -Dont neglect Military, GK is doesnt think twice about declaring. Also good for happiness in Madrid.
    -Need a few galley's pretty soon.
    -Another worker would help develop new cities.

    -Civil Service comes in in 11 turns.

    -Madrid should build a library and assign two scientist while growing to size 12?
    -Goldfish should continue to work coast tiles, build LH and produce units slowly.
    -Barcelona and Seville can work corn and a few hills and coast to be hybrid cities with reasonable production.
    -If buddhism doesnt spread automatically, a few missionaries are needed.
    -Next city can be built in the south using the lake, FP and Marble.

    Dont forget the save:
    View attachment 142404

  19. Mutineer

    Mutineer Deity

    Feb 20, 2006
    Only 3 save avalible, who is missing?
  20. Kanga_DU

    Kanga_DU Warlord

    Jan 13, 2006
    Hmmm IIRC Immac is not available this turn - I think Frankcor is the odd one out.

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