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Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by J.K. Stockholme, May 25, 2020.

  1. Lord_Herobrine

    Lord_Herobrine Back in the Saddle

    Aug 21, 2012
    Lord Herobrine

    Travel Southwest into the desert, following the coastline. 1 AP
    Go to one of the pine trees and use my tools to make a hole in the side of the bark. I'd like to collect the pitch that is excreted on a branch to use as a torch to keep me warm. 1 AP
    Sleep where I can find that's safe. 1 AP
  2. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Listyr's Day

    I will be making handy use of my spear.

    Free Activity

    Cook and feed on fish: see first pointed action for where I hope to get my meal from.

    Do NOT annoy the elephant: avoid the majestic beast.

    Pointed Actions

    1) Fish at the weir. Add catch to the smocking rack.
    2)Escort the expedition to the west to collect the fruit, using my warrior skills to protect if we are forced to face a hostile engagement. I will focus on guarding her.
    3A) Whether I return or still with Thomas and if I am uninjured use the opportunity to collect needed plant material and craft some linen.
    3B) If injured gather the needed plant material and craft myself bandages to use on myself.
    4) Sleep in the cavern, unless Esprit is still out in which case I will guard her while resting.
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  3. Immaculate

    Immaculate unerring

    Jan 22, 2003
    Free Action:
    1. Maintain fire.
    2. Check beebox.
    3. Check on the goats. Check for new kids. All goats get moved into the caves at night until we can get a proper palisade up.
    4. Cook and eat venison.
    5. Avoid elephants.
    Standard actions (if bees are in the bee bait box)
    1. Hunt deer to the south of us using bola and the new ax i built last turn. @SouthernKing Invite Chat-Vert to join me since she is a hunter also.
    2. Build thick working gloves from the auorch or deer hides and sinew.
    3. Put on the beekeeper's clothes and thick gloves and bring the beebox back to the caves. Build a proper hive using the ax, stone tools, clay, and wood. Take some embers from the fire and place them on fresh green leaves and gently smoke the baitbox. Once the bees are sleepy with smoke, transfer the swarm to the hives. Return the baitbox to the southern site that I took it from so we can try to attract a second hive.
    4. Build a leather poncho with lots of pockets from the deer or auroch hide.
    5. Sleep
    Standard actions (if there are no bees in the bee bait box)
    1. Hunt deer to the south of us using bola and the new ax i built last turn. @SouthernKing Invite Chat-Vert to join me since she is a hunter also.
    2. Build thick working gloves from the auorch or deer hides and sinew.
    3. Join the expedition to the west (bringing my bola and knife for protection) but my mission is not to look for fruit; it is to set up the bee bait box closer to the flowers while also looking to find and take an existing hive. Still, stay near the group so we can protect and defend each other. I will dress in my beekeeper's gear and gloves and bring a pottery urn with me (in my satchel). I will drop off the bee bait box near the flowers and follow any bees i find to their hives. Using my protective equipment I will take the bee hive i find and place it in my urn.
    4. Once back at the caves, build a proper hive using the ax, stone tools, clay, and wood. Take some embers from the fire and place them on fresh green leaves and gently smoke the urn with the hive in it. Once the bees are sleepy with smoke, transfer the swarm to the new hive.
    5. Sleep
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2020
  4. Angst

    Angst Rambling and inconsistent

    Mar 3, 2007
    A Silver Mt. Zion
    Status: Healthy. Well Fed (+1 AP). Exhausted (-1 AP, major penalty to all actions). Warm.
    Action Points: 2 AP
    Traits: Handler, Waterborne
    Mana: 2
    Karma: 1

    1 AP: Just use it specifically to rest. ^^
    1 AP: Herd, with one mana spent! Maybe we can get some goat kids.
  5. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Journey for the Blood Fruit


    Crimson eyes envisioned
    Balls of red: keep us fed
    Enable us provisioned
    For the seasons ahead

    For these fresh ruby orbs
    We gather to be brave
    Forge adventuring corps

    We journey from our cave

    Terra incognita
    We will travel through thee
    Maybe hasted: like cheetah
    Or we move on our knee

    What dangers lurk unknown?
    The bear with claws and hair?
    Tiger with sharp jawbone?
    Another? Be aware!

    Brace danger for blood fruit
    Seeds to bring us harvest
    We will lay you to root
    To keep us from starving

    Bloodied eyes envisioned
    We journey for your taste
    Enable us provisioned
    So our feast not need haste
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  6. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    1 AP) with Grasses, weave a roll that can be used as a mattress, and as a pack to carry things in
    2 AP) gather some of our preserved food
    3 AP) Head west towards the red-fruit that we will not be calling a blood fruit because that's way too edge, and not the way we do things.
    4 AP) While walking, spend time to (Forage) focusing specifically on cultivable grains and vegetables
    5 AP) Rest.
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  7. J.K. Stockholme

    J.K. Stockholme Right Opposition

    Nov 15, 2011
  8. SouthernKing

    SouthernKing crickety cricket

    Dec 29, 2010
    Deva Loka
    1 AP to join Papa on the hunt. Oo! Sharp objects! Blood! Meat!
    1 AP to forage (while we are hunting). Pretty berries!
    1 AP to sleep. zzzzzzzz.... zzzzzzzz....
  9. Kyzarc Fotjage

    Kyzarc Fotjage Rise Up

    Apr 16, 2009
    Western Washington
    Just finished coordinating the Great Sheep Hunt.
    1 AP: Pray to Thenron for guidance on today's shepherding
    1 AP: Go forth and shepherd some sheep, using Thenron's guidance
    2 AP: Further prayers to Thenron, trying to attune more deeply to the spiritual world using the leylines
    1 AP: ZzzzZZZZzzZzz
  10. Everblack

    Everblack Blacker then you

    Jul 21, 2012
    1. Work as a team Baioreznomat in sheep herding
    2. Sleep

    Free Action: if their any food in storage to eat.
  11. Belgarion95

    Belgarion95 Chieftain

    May 21, 2014

    1 AP: Craft a net from nearby long grasses. Baioreznomat is embarrassed by his poor net from yesterday, and is ready to a
    1 AP: Work as a team of four (Baioreznomat, Hale-as-Stone, Sleeps-in-cave, and Lord Thenron) to corral and capture the sheep, stretching the net between two of us and guiding all of the sheep back to the Vale
    1 AP: Construct a pen to hold the sheep in using the timber Hale-as-Stone collected
    1 AP: Butcher one of the sheep, cook and eat
    1 AP: Sleep
  12. J.K. Stockholme

    J.K. Stockholme Right Opposition

    Nov 15, 2011
    Day Eleven


    Spoiler Tit-Trou Stockpile :
    Fixtures: cave-side furnace, rock cave entrance (5), fishing weir (5), linen hammock (6), bee box (2), bee hive (5), wood fence (3), smoking rack (4)
    Tools: stone tools (2), bone weaving tools (1), three unused torches, rope (1), pickaxe (5), pottery wheel (4), two clay urns (6)
    Apparel: beekeeper’s hood (4), beekeeper’s suit (4), auroch gloves (9)
    Weapons: stone axe (5), stone/snakeskin bola (1)
    Food: two days’ tomatoes (6), two days' jungle mushrooms (4)
    Misc: gold nuggets, cured deerhide (3), snakeskin (3), two adult goats, one baby goat

    Spoiler Avatars :
    Papa Grand-Crinière-Vert
    Status: Healthy. Well Fed (+1 AP). Well Rested (+1 AP).
    Action Points: 5 AP
    Traits: Hunter, Crafty, Toolmaker
    Inventory: lizard satchel (3)

    Mémère Esprit
    Status: Minor Injury (1, bruises). Well Fed (+1). Well Rested (+1 AP).
    Action Points: 5 AP
    Traits: Forager, Crafty
    Inventory: linen (3)
    Mana: 1

    Status: Healthy. Well Fed (+1 AP). Rested. Hot.
    Action Points: 4 AP
    Traits: Waterborne, Warrior
    Inventory: stone spear (3), linen (5)

    Status: Healthy. Well Fed (+1 AP). Rested. Warm.
    Action Points: 4 AP
    Traits: Handler, Waterborne
    Mana: 1
    Karma: 1

    Status: Healthy. Well Fed (+1 AP). Rested.
    Action Points: 4 AP
    Traits: Hunter, Spelunker
    Mana: 1

    Papa, you go for your morning routine stroll through the valley and see little buzzing bugs – the bees have finally found your box! You grab the box and take it back to base, heading out with Chat-Verte for hunting before you’ll dive into your bee-related projects.

    Chat-Verte and Papa, together you go hunting for deer spotted at the south-western edge of the river valley. With bola and spear, you are careful, but when you pounce, the larger game escape – Papa, you entirely miss the mark, but Chat-Verte, the precocious hunter, scores a kill on a young animal. You bring the deer back to the cave. Chat-Verte, you then head off foraging, but realizing the valley is pretty much exhausted from prior foraging, instead look outside the valley to the north-eastern jungle. There you find mushrooms that from sight and smell you trust are not poisonous or harmful.

    Meanwhile Papa, you get to work on the bees! With auroch hide you craft auroch gloves, which are the most finely crafted thing you’ve ever made. You make a bee hive, smoke the bees to sleep, and transfer them, creating a permanent small colony near your base. You then move onto butchering the young deer, which takes time and as such, you do not have the time today to make your poncho.

    Mémère and Listyr, you have separate mornings before uniting for the trek westward. Listyr, you go fishing at the weir, but despite your luck and equipment, the fish simply don’t flow. Empty-handed, you head back, and join Mémère, who has crafted a simple linen that could be used as a mattress or makeshift bag. Together you trek west, passing the swamp and the western mountain, before entering a temperate region with new trees. On your way, you encounter a bear, and although Listyr hits it with his spear, in truth, the best course of action is to simply evade and flee, which you succeed at doing. After much searching, Mémère you end up finding the strange red vegetable (or some would say is technically a fruit), and grab all you can in your sack to head back with Listyr.

    Angst, your day is a lot simpler – it starts with you falling asleep. After a good rest, you wake up later in the day, and head out to the two goats – calling on the energy of the world, you attempt to push the two goats to mate. Against all odds, with the help of the non-corporeal plane, it seems to have had some effect! Though your overzealous herding did end up causing the goats to damage some of the fencing. By tomorrow a baby goat will join the group. Still pretty tired and a little disoriented, you go back to the cave.

    With fish and deer for all, the tribe eats and is satiated with a feast in the evening, before everyone heads to sleep. When you wake up the next day, danger lurks in every direction of the valley.

    OOC: Your guys’ turns are now a little complicated, so apologies for inevitable stats errors from here onward – please point out anything that seems off.

    Hale-as-Stone, Baioreznomat, & Sleeps-in-Cave

    Stashed Nearby: cave furnace, Thenron effigy (2), deerhide blanket (7), Thenron’s protective ley-lines (2), woollen mattress (4), two days’ mutton (2), grass net (3), sheep pen (2), sheepskin (2), three adult sheep

    Status: Minor Injury (1, scorpion sting). Well Fed (+1 AP). Well Rested (+1 AP).
    Action Points: 4 AP
    Traits: Crafty, Sneaky, Shaman
    Inventory: stone spear (2), stone tools (1), cured tiger/deer clothes (8), stone axe (4)
    Mana: 4

    Status: Healthy. Well Fed (+1 AP). Well Rested (+1 AP).
    Action Points: 5 AP
    Traits: Sneaky, Crafty, Butcher
    Inventory: cured tiger clothes (4), stone pickaxe (3)
    Mana: 2

    Status: Minor Injury (1, scorp scrapes), Minor Injury (2, wolf bruises). Well Fed (+1 AP). Rested.
    Action Points: 4 AP
    Traits: Crafty, Warrior, Sneaky
    Inventory: stone spear (1), atlatl (3), stone hoe (3), stone tools (2), linen satchel (7)

    Before the day’s great sheep hunt, Baioreznomat and Hale-as-Stone make preparations. Hale-as-Stone, you pray before the figure of Thenron, but after quite a while of contemplation, you feel nothing of the spiritual world – and then the antlers on Thenron’s head fall to the ground, breaking apart. You will not have help on the hunt today. Baioreznomat, you craft a grass net, improving on yesterday’s design – this one shall last longer than the day.

    And then the three of you are off – to the north, beyond the ley-lines that define your river valley. As you leave, white apes approach one of your ley-lines, inspecting and tossing it around before panicking at its change of colour and then leaving. You worry that the disturbed stone may create a weak point in your anti-predator defence grid. Moving north, you coordinate, working with the net and other tools, trying to capture as many sheep and shepherd them to base as you can. Hale-as-Stone, you fail repeatedly, losing multiple sheep for the team that were within your collective grasp – has Thenron forsaken you? Is there a god of the grazing animals that you should have worshipped instead? Meanwhile Baioreznomat and Sleeps-in-Caves, you both prove yourselves able handlers. Working together, you net the camp four sheep – all of which you guide toward camp without carrying them manually by net.

    With the evening, Baioreznomat, you use up the timber cut before by Hale-as-Stone and create a pen around the cave, enclosing the sheep – it is incredibly rickety and simple (a proper fence or palisade will require more AP and more timber). You then take one of your sheep, and butcher it for its meat, for the entire tribe to feast upon, saving the sheepskin and attached wool for later.

    Hale-as-Stone, you return to Thenron. What could have gone wrong? You spend many hours praying, contemplating, attempting to reach the divine – and you succeed. You breach the chasm between the mortal and spiritual planes, and for a time you feel yourself leave your body. You drift above, able to see strange shapes in all directions… and then you return. With all of your spiritual exercise you have become a shaman.

    Everyone partakes in the sheep’s meat and sleeps the night – Baioreznomat and Hale-as-Stone on their mattress, and Sleeps-in-Cave on the hard cave floor.

    Double A

    Status: Healthy. Fed. Well Fed (+1 AP). Overheating (penalty to energetic actions).
    Action Points: 4 AP
    Traits: Warrior, Crafty, Spearman
    Inventory: stone tools (3), stone spear (6), sling (3), crabshell shield (1), rope (4), two days' crocodile meat (2), crocodile skin (3)
    Stashed Nearby: fire

    This isn't the first time you feel like you lost your soul. Everything seems to freeze and you seem to be without that inner voice that
    brings forth all of your thoughts. Though you do not know it, a day has passed for the world, but no time has passed for you.


    Status: Minor Injury (2, rhino impalements). Fed. Rested. Cold.
    Action Points: 3 AP
    Traits: Warrior, Spearman, Crafty, Forager, Sneaky
    Inventory: stone spear (2), enchanted wreath (2), bearskin tunic (4), bearskin backpack (4), one days' forageables (3), three days' lemons (5)
    Stashed Nearby: nothing

    You begin your day attempting to exploit nearby trees for pitch to create a torch – it takes time but you are successful enough to make a single torch which you use to keep yourself warm throughout the day. As you travel the plains, toward the desert, keeping to the coast, you feel chills from the northern winds across the sea – you can make out a land beyond the waters. You also feel the sun heating you up, and combined with your torch, you feel better as the day progresses. Despite your efforts to remain sneaky, a panther trails you throughout your journey, until it launches into a sprint – you run yourself, but it’s speed is to much and so instead turn to fight. It claws at your clothing – your wreath, tunic, and backpack are damaged, but you suffer no injuries to your body. You respond with your atlatl and spear after evading a charge, and along with your torch, hurt and scare the panther back across the plains. Your atlatl is damaged beyond repair, as are your stone tools – but you feel like you’ve learned how to evade predators better. You rest on the coast to the sound of the waves.


    Orders due for Monday August 10th!

    Patch Notes:

    Special Plants
    Since thomas.berubeg has started trying to find plants for cultivation, I’d like to let everyone know that there are sixteen high-value plants (cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc.) spread throughout the world. Players will need to explore to find them – these only exist as sprites on the map and have no hidden ones that can be found from searching for hidden things. Avatars that benefit from a diversity of food sources will be healthier and therefore have more Action Points at their disposal.

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