Ork looted Basilisk & Chimera (Nov 14, 2007)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here are a couple of looted vehicles for warhammer 40.000 orks. Basilisk heavy artillery and Chimera troop transport. Some orks scavage the recent battle sites for anything useful - and there aren't many things that orks cannot re-use. They're recyclers in nature, but very messy ones.

Looted Basilisk
The file includes the improved sounds and fixed attackA-animation by Vuldacon.

- - - - - - - - -

Looted Chimera

:bounce: Hey... I just noticed LMR was green!! Is it for this special occasion? For sure, with all these great units everybody will turn greenskin :smug: I'd have to turn my name into "theorkuneed" :D
:cool: Sweet! Those are awsome! Looks like you are on a roll, I hope the 40k mod is progressing on par. So as to do them the justice they deserve!!;)
Ok, the Looted Basilisk is going to be Orc's Mobile Artillery in the FF mod....
Orks are the opposite of hippies, they recycle to destroy the environment quicker. I mean otherwise all those unused shells and depleted uranium would just go to waste right?:D

"So in a way, I'm invincible!"
"No not at all, in fact the slightest breeze could-"

Yeah, so these, are freakin spectacular, you hear this all the time because you insist on making new things that are even awesomer (ork grammar there) than we thought plausible.

Somehow nowadays I get to feel a bit disappointed when Vuldacon doesn't produce any cool sounds to go with the units, and you all have to get along with the boring ones I've provided :(

;) :p Cheers to all :thumbsu:
aaglo... I have been so absolutely "Booked" finishing every aspect of the EFZI2 Game for the Update that I have not had much time to do any other thing. Just not enough Hours in a day... and night :)

I have at least one hundred Units I want to make some time and I enjoy animation and all Graphics work. As I said long ago, I only started making sounds because I Like Great Units in my Games to have them. It isn't that I love making sounds as much as it is a necessity to enhance Great Units that are already wonderful works of Art. Sounds can synergistically improve a unit as well as detract from it. I understand all aspects of making a Unit and the efforts that are required to make a Great One. They deserve some Good Sounds that will do justice to them.

COAtlantis1745 is a good "Sound Man" that is capable of doing justice with sounds for units.

You are one of the Few unit makers who always provides sounds with your Great Units and that is very commendable. You are also one of the extreme few who make correct units_32.pcx files. :)
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