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PAE VI Patch 6.2

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Ancient Europe' started by pie_at, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. pie_at

    pie_at PAE-Let's play ancient :)

    May 29, 2009

    Patch 6.2.x (4.3.2020):

    - Reward for special trade: skirmishers too (and immortals) and auxiliaries (even Roman auxiliary), to be able to build those special roads
    - Reward special trade: amount depends on map size. Tiny-Huge => 3-8
    - Building: Acropolis only buildable in cities on or next to hills
    - Fix: Gamespeed texts
    - Strategy-Text update: Silk Road
    - Fix: formations due to veteran upgrade are not adopted
    - Fix: double movement for trade caravans
    - Fix: double resource distribution (camels)
    - Events: amount of necessary units and buildings depends on map size (instead on amount of players (BTS))
    - Pedia Info: on how much units goes collateral damage
    - Text Fix: "We do not want foreign gods!" instead "We want one religion only!"
    - MAP: standard europe map: copper at Sparta too, if Athens is in game
    - Boar can appear on a pig resource
    - Fix: bronze resource costs changed to a strategic resource as listed
    - Fix: on decimation of units
    - +1 :4nahr: cancelled for horse stables, because you get this bonus, if horses are in your trade network
    - Tech Water Storage enables oat (ca. 2400 BC)
    - +1 :) for tech Windows & Mirrors
    - New wonder: Baalbek temple complexes
    - New wonder: Baal Temple of Palmyra
    - New building: Training camp (only available with civic Professional Army)
    - New tech: The scythe (enables rye, ca. 1200 BC)
    - Neues special building: Nymphaion/Nymphaeum +1 :), +1 Health
    - Public Parks instead of +2 :4gesu: -> +1 :)
    - Increased the chance fo mercenary attacks a bit
    - Horses, camels and dogs can now distributed via wagon
    - Freed slaves cannot be settled as free citizen anymore, but as reservists
    - death rate of reservists decreased from 3% to 2% per turn (to compare: death rate of slaves = 6%)
    (reservists can be helpful in future civil wars)
    - special reservist units for civs: Kleruchoi, Evocati and Soldurii
    - Aqueducts are now conquerable (no special building anymore) and checked via python (available for: Assyrians, Babylonians, Hebrew, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans)
    - Bamboo Longbowman: 50% city defence
    - Bugfix: lost wonders due to Religious Ejector
    - New action for Druids: can sacrifice slaves to increase the morale of the troops (like Rhetoric)
    - New tile improvement: Kastell/Castrum with Roman Roads
    - AI: 50% less food costs for unit creation
    - water mill improved (10% -> 25% bonus)
    - half death rate not only for house slaves (Patronage), but also for field (Iron Plow) and mine slaves (Mechanics)
    - You get a warning pop up when the Huns will appear. Now with sea peoples and vikings.
    - Appriciation of bonus resources: forge, bronze forge and market gain more commerce for certain goods
    - collateral damage for disc chariots
    - ocean needs 2 movement costs
    - Bugfix: CityRenegade: if a unit is attacked in a foreign city (city owner != unit owner), the city calculated its takeover
    - Barbarians: may not create Quad-, and Quinquereme
    - Fix: floatsam moves over sea and does not disappear now
    - Fix: if the original owner takes back his/her city, the surrounding cities shall not revolt
    - Fix for AI: a gold wagon without a passable route, moves into the next city and even may be sold there: chance 1:20 per turn
    - Pedia: slave pedia update, who to use them and their death rate
    - Decreased death rate for slaves that joined a building (with the techs Humoral Pathology and Anatomy)
    - Fix: wonders disappeared due to Christian fanatics (event)
    - Ballista for Greeks (Tech Greek)
    - new unit for Romans/Etruscans: Carroballista (replaces Ballista)
    - new unit for Romans/Etruscans: Scorpio, as upgrade to Velites (later skirmisher unit for Romans)
    - small changes in tech tree around Marian Reform
    - Bonus Pedia: now lists buildings that adds a bonus with the bonus resource (health, happiness, commerce, production), eg forge, market,...
    - less prod costs for religious ejector
    - Bugfix: endless turn in onTurnFeatures
    - New function: provincial palace can be removed
    - New function: Hegemon can quit a vassal (button via unit in capital)
    - New function: Hegemon can give cities to a vassal as a gift, if own culture < 51%
    - Governor: double reward when paying the full tribute
    - New terrain: deep sea
    - Hastati changed to a spearman animation (no swordsman with pilum anymore), fits better for the upgrade of Hasta-Warrior
    - Pilumni (Tech Pilum) now also for Romans and no special unit for Etruscans anymore
    - CONSCRIPT_MIN_CITY_POPULATION increased from 3 to 4
    - Fix: Macedonian Pezhetairos now with tech Armor & Shield instead of Improved Phalanx
    - first build a provincial palace, afterwards settle a provincial governor
    - cheaper salary

    Patch 6.2.0 (15.03.2020):
    - Correction on Hasta-Warrior and Hastati
    - Correction: swordsman upgrades to Principes instead of Hastati
    - Infos added to supply wagon: can transport monuments
    - Bugfix: mercenary ships could arise on ocean ice
    - Bugfix: AI movement with gold carts
    - Samnitian Warrior with tech Linothorax instead with Armor & Shield
    - Skin Hasta-Warrior changed to a greco-roman spearman skin; it looked like a hoplite
    - Added map Eurasia XL and XXL
    - Text-Tool Import
    - Tech "The scythe" added to advanced scenarios
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2020
  2. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
  3. cristir

    cristir Chieftain

    Mar 23, 2020
    there is a very annyoing bug: when you atack a city and you select multiple units, sometimes, it won't select the one with the best chances. if you have 20 shield bearers, you need to check each and every one to see which one has the top chance. not sure why...

    also, when you are attacked, it will keep choosing your best unit as the defender, even if the chances are low and you will lose a good unit instead of sacrifing 1-2-3 poor units and save the good one. happened many times, nothing you can do.

    would be nice to be able to build new buildings and units from enslaved troops, for example if you enslave a hoplit, to be able to build a building and built hoplits after that.

    to choose where to put the mercenaries, happened many times to pay for them and it put them at my border, attacking my own troops instead of the neighbour's.

    also the leper thing shouldnt kill your troops though, quite frustrating to atack a city, have some good troops gone because leper showed up after the atack and you cant move the injured troops. next turn they are gone..

    not sure who built the romans vs germanics tribes scenario but he deserves a couple od beers, best scenario ever..
  4. pie_at

    pie_at PAE-Let's play ancient :)

    May 29, 2009
    really? hm.. I only have this problem on different units in a stack, but perhaps it's the first strike chance that makes it difficult for CIV to calculate. but it's a CIV feature, I can't manage that.

    this is also a CIV feature, I can't handle. I am sorry ;(

    this sounds like FFH but not PAE :)
    other cultures different customs. a germanic tribe won't build a academy if they free a hoplite. it the other way round: the freed slave learns to live in the new culture.

    hm... ok, this is something I can change ;) I will disable neighbor border plots for that feature.

    ok, I will change the damage from 20 to 10 percent per turn. But it is a CIV bug that such units disappear without warning or log! sorry for that.

    you mean the Barbaricum scenarios? JohnDay is it ;) I'm sure, he's very happy about your feedback :)

    edit: oh, I just wanted to check the border plots for mercenaries and I already considered that: mercenaries don't appear within 2 plots from border.
    so, if the mercenaries change their mind, than your city seems to be more attractive to siege instead of the enemy's. more defending units prevent that.

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