Politically Aware: How Old?

Thorvald of Lym

A Little Sketchy
Nov 21, 2005
A Palace north of Oslo
I'd always been something of a history buff ever since I was old enough to start perusing the library's non-fiction, and it was World War II specifically that helped bridge The Past with contemporary politics. Like many young and impressionable children, I fell for the commulist aesthetic under the naïve logic that Stalin had a sweet 'stache, which was a source of surprisingly subdued vexation for Mom, whose family has Ukrainian roots.

I was around 10 when I became properly conscious of domestic politics, and while it took a few years to foment into something beyond recognizing which party served as what satirical punchline, teachers later remarked on my precocity for world issues. (A friend and I once took a day off school to attend a protest in the capital.) By upper secondary I had cast off tankie illusions but had consolidated a general socialist outlook influenced by Catholic mysticism from Mom and rational humanism from Dad. The rest has grown, developed and refined through university studies and my blundering into OT back in 2006, as well as first-hand observations of local politicians' antics.

Turning 18 meant a whole different thing. On that morning, my grandmother woke me up and said, "Happy Birthday, now you can vote!"
Honestly I looked forward more to casting a ballot than learning to drive.


Dec 1, 2002
Me too.
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