prince shadow game

Barbs don't even have Archery ;)
No favors done if units are built before workboats i.e.

Hunting should be your next tech, and some workers busy on connecting Ivory.
Happy is very valualble early (unlike health).
For this you will also want an unit securing the area.

Sound has to whip yup, no warrior inside means unhappy next turn.
Worker for 1t, then growing & whipping would give you enuf overflow for a warrior (before library).
Then this city would be well made for using 2 scientists and working on a :gp: while slowly adding some cottages.

South your warrior should be one tile further north, so nothing can surprise your cities (2 tile spawnbust radius).

Warrior at Sitting can move out and spawnbust NE.
Chopping the work boat out should have been your first priority as I mentioned worker plan was to get the wb out asap.
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