Reboot Role Play Challenge: The Mighty Kahn

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    The Mighty Khan Segment 8: The End of America part 2

    So the results of the AP vote come in

    Well, that was expected I guess. The segment proceeded without a "Peace" vote, but there may be some real concerns for future wars against our Buddhist friends/victums.

    Meanwhile the great city of CHicago falls, much history there and many statues to former greats, but teh attitide in the city once the Mongols entered were "What have you done for me lately." Oh yes, and some talk about a stupid goat which had nothing to do with this battle.

    So with the Mighty cities of Philadelphia and Chicago lying in ruins, Ghengis plans to settle between them and claim the elephants, only to see

    The 40 year guy tells the Mongol, "Just run over them, they are a bunch of never beens."

    So the city of Cincinnati is destroyed and the last Mongol city on former American soil is built

    These 3 Mongol cities will end up claiming many luxury resources, helping the future war effort (especially paired with Monarchy) and trade. But for now happiness is not an issue

    So Ghengis sits down to talk with FDR, and finds,

    Well now, willing to prostrate himself him at the Khans feet and become a vassal with a mere 2 cities left. While FDR is willing to give a king's ransom, the mongols are not interested.

    However, we are willing to take peace with Fred who actually put up more a fight that FDR (hell, we fought a small invasion force!)

    Now while playing Mongolia I do tend to forget to report how the cities are doing, but I can tell you we are close to finishing the Forbidden Palace on this continent

    Burning cities is all well and good, but seams like we burn through the treasury just as fast

    The LAST Mongol city is built, near the capital to reduce the temptation of other powers settling Mongol lands. Hell the fish and iron are enough to build a good city and like this can become the Maori city if we ever get hold of some stone.

    But now the Horde is weary and time to take out the last 2 American cities of San Francisco and Seattle,

    First San Fran

    The 40 year old wonder was not found here, but the Mongols find a warrior kneeling outside the city gates, doing absolutely nothing while the horde passes him by and burns the city to the ground. As the Mongols left he was still there, talking to thin air and some say he was arguing with an old ghost.

    As the Horde approaches the last city of Seatle, the 40 year old guy from Boston says "Don't worry, they will just give you the city. Not on purpose but they always make fool mistakes"

    So ended America! Ghengis call after the 40 year old and asks him, "Hey, just who are you anyway". The 40 year old guy just smiles, waves with his arm around his wife and says "Just an old warrior who knows how to win." He was never seen again but his legend spread around the globe that he was the greatest ever, although this was always questioned especially by people who saw an old ghost that apparently came from the city of San Francisco.

    So Mongolia has 3 very well placed cities that desperately need courthouses. And Ghengis looks f=very greedily at that prime Celtic land that lies between the Mongolian cities

    Now we did find a slew of unemployed American workers from the Seattle razing

    Something about the Amazon moving and no work, who is Ghengis to understand American, he has other things to do. So he he sends all of these workers (10 workers for these few American cities, all while Mongols pillaged, what the hell was FDR thinking!!!) The Mongolia to work. They were quite efficient and quickly working on bringing the new Mongolian lands up to useful levels.

    Yes Monuments, then courthouses, and I thing=k we can spare a few Buddhist missionaries in the future. Yes there cities will grow quickly.

    So we saved here with 10 turns left on Guilds, for Knights and Grocers. After that, well I am thinking Gunpowder. Seams like Mongolia has really 1 option at this point, expansion and war.

    The land is getting better, but still not great

    Techwise, we are still doing OK but The Indians and Egyptians must be watched. Would be regrettable if the religious Rameses and Religious Ashoka went to war.

    Power number expectantly dropped against Brennus, but given our tech advantage I think we are OK.

    And the demographics


    By the way, RAmeses built the AP.

    So my friends, where do we go from here. I think time to crack for markets and grocers, the economy is going to hit real hard, we just enough treasury to finish guilds and not a whole lot of food to support a lot of scientists or merchants.
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    Once the great khan heard of riches of the city hosting the apostolic palace, there was no doubt in his mind that his next destination will be to sit on the golden throne of Buddhism incorporated. Over Celtia's razed cities, of course.
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    one down... :)
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    The Mighty Khan Segment 9: Start of the Celtic war, part 1 the buildup

    The Khan considers all his options. This Celtic empire will not be as easy as the inept Germans or Foolish Americans.

    To start, Mongolia must fully embrace this "Buddhist" religion that is spreading over the continent under the guidance of the AP

    OK, so buddhist missionaries are the top priority. Followed by whatever infrastructure and of course the military.

    We also have some Hindu cities which would allow a convenient "conversion" to Sitting Bull's religion, at a later time.

    Techwise we finished Guilds (Ger promoted knights!) and started on LIterature.

    RAther than show all the tech trade screenshots, here is a list of the trades made up to the Celtic declaration of war

    Brennus gave Compass + 420 gold for Civil Service
    Rameses gave Aesthetics for Compass
    Brennus gave Optics +50 gold for Engineering (what do we care if Brennus can build a castle)
    Rameses Literature + 450 gold for Optics
    Sitting Bull 450 gold for Aesthetics

    With all that trade done (and taking advantage of Brennus) the Mongols started researching Gunpowder

    The next AP vote allows open borders

    But regarding the tech situation after all those trades, we apparently have a monopoly on Guilds

    Now, remember how possessive Ghengis is of the primary continent

    As if we need another reason to hit Brennus.

    All the tech trading allowed us to build a caravel to locate the Queen Zealot

    Confucianism and ticked at us. But Ghengis is shrewd and thinks how to leverage this Spanish lass's "religious views".

    At this time a beautiful thing occurred


    SO Sitting Bull, Ashoka, and Fred (yes he's still alive) against Brennus and Stalin

    Our buildup to the war continues as we attach the Great General Zhukov to a knight unit giving us a level 3 medic promotion. When we go to war we plan on moving faster.

    The former Seattle Amazon workers finished improving our new lands and approached the Khan about forming a union, after all there are TEN of these guys. The Khan scratched his beard and had and 10 killed, we disbanded the stack to conserve costs and further build military.

    Once Gunpowder was finished, we opted to start researching Theology, thinking to sway the heart of her Zealotship and not caring about the loss of the other Buddhists (We love organized religion). Hell, Rameses loves us enough and Brennus's days are numbered.

    And Theocracy is a real benefit now because ALL Mongol cities are currently Buddhist, with a few missionaries meandering with the Horde Stack

    Unfortunately, a random event mission of mercy stops the Celtic/Native American war. But only temporarily because Sitting Bull is looking to get Stalin's head

    And once we finish Theology, we noticed we had a monopoly on Gunpowder.

    Which is WHEN we adopted Theology to get those well promoted early gunpowder units

    As the Khan predicted, the Spanish Lass notices our adoption of Theocracy even if it is of the wrong faith, and makes a rather rude but convenient suggestion

    We agree and cut ties with Brennus.

    The 2 halves of the Horde

    and the Mongols are ready for.....................
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    The Mighty Khan Segment 9: Start of the Celtic war, part 2 WAR!

    Since Brennus will not talk to us since we closed borders, we had to do the war thing rudely

    Just march the horde into Celtia.

    The first few turns strategy was simple, a dual attack on the city of Nemetocenna taking any stray units out with pikes or knight.

    our long stationed spy revolts the city

    And soon


    We quickly found the Mongolian city of Ulaananbaatan

    At the same time, that nuisance city on the main Mongolian continent falls

    And a look at the power numbers

    GOOD, Brennus is losing more units than us.

    More so after a counter attack that was quickly destroyed

    Followed by the destruction of Cerevella (why do the AIs continue to settle that worthless hill!!!)

    There are 2 main cities on our radar, Isca and Hurcium

    Hurcium is a simple city on a plain with no walls/castles

    Isca is walled, castled and on a hill

    So the strategy is to take out Hurcium fast, leveling the defenses with treb barrages


    As the horde heals in proper Mongolia lands

    NOW, with all this warring the Khan has not forgotten the benefits of trade once the monopoly of gunpowder was broken

    Sitting Bull trade 610 gold for Theology (Go get them BULL!!)
    Sitting Bull Banking for Civil Service + 15 gold
    Sitting Bull Music + Paper + 50 gold + a map for gunpowder
    Isabella Philosophy and 410 gold for gunpowder
    Ashoka Drama + 1260 gold + a map for gunpowder

    And the Map shows us that

    Sitting Bull is nicely leveling Stalin, very likely we will never get the chance to kill him ourselves. Once the Russian borders are pieced by Native Americans, Brennus will find himself with a true 2 front war!

    Ashoke is well behind Sitting Bull (He is vassaled to him by the way), while Rameses is to the north.

    The horde finished the immediate plan

    and the next Mongol city built before Brennus or Rameses can resettle

    Power numbers on Brennus are really starting to suffer

    SO I paused here to reflect a little on what needs to be done next

    The techs

    Not too bad except RAmeses and Ashoka are an issue on our continent. Isabella is a MAJOR threat for an intercontinental invasion!!!!

    A look at demographics

    The game is no way done.

    Some some things to consider

    1) Continue the assault on Brennus

    2) Next I think is RAmeses which needs to be FAST, before he can build a defense. Also espionage probably should be directed against Egypt now.

    3) While Egypt is attacked, we should convert to Hinduism and spread that faith. Hindu or Buddhist, ISabella will be pissed anyway, just stay in theocracy.

    4) We are researching chemistry, I think Astronomy is next to build a frigate navy, perhaps some privateers just to keep Isabella occupied (and watched).

    An awful lot to do considering our production is still not great on the homeland.

    Long term I am looking at Aggressive rifles against protective native American muskets.

    I am really hoping to hold Isabella off until the modern era and nukes.
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