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Jan 20, 2007
I know the topic is dead, but, I have updated Rise Of The Prince with all of your suggestions and re-released it!

Rise Of The Prince.jpg


"Population is power."
"The world belongs to whoever gets there first."
"The man in front is always the first to die."​

You will learn the meaning of these profound truths and more, for the world is a harsh, unforgiving mistress who delivers her lessons lesson in suffering and punishes failure with annihilation.

You must guide your civilization from the dawn of time to the end of time. Your only hope of victory as well as survival is to grow a powerful civilization, devouring those weaker than you and defending yourself from those stronger than you.

I have improved several aspects of the game to make it more realistic as well as more amusing. Population is much more valuable now because units are formed out of population. I have fixed the upgrade paths so most units can upgrade all the way to the end of their appropriate chains. War is no longer the slow, grinding affair it once was. Wars are swift, bloody and brutal. I have seen large scale wars fought and civilizations wiped out with nothing but chariots and spearmen!

This mod features:

  1. Special rules for speed improvement: loading times are reduced up to 95%
  2. A greatly revised rule system featuring;
    • Vastly improved military aspect!
    • Several new units and wonders added to the end of the tech chain give every civilization a fighting chance, making the modern age the deadliest of them all!
    • Spies, Subversives and Dissidents allow smaller civilizations to band together and tear vast empires to pieces!
    • Units now cost population points to construct, ensuring wars have a definite end in sight and distinct measures of progress!
    • Improved pollution system accurately reflects role of pollution in society!
  3. New terrain graphics and new team colours
  4. 22 completely new units and 158 new units from other mods including cultural-based animations and a 2nd unique unit for each civ
  5. 5 new wonders and 25 from other mods
  6. 4 new civilizations = Assyria, Angola, Bantu, Canada and Israel
  7. 5 barbarian civilizations!
  8. A totally redesigned tech tree
  9. Religions
  10. Complete civilopedia entries

This mod is best played with the AI at its most aggressive (if playing single player or with bots on multiplayer).

Rise of The Prince was developed over more or less a year on and off and finally completed in December 2006!

This mod needs the English/US version of Conquests, patched to 1.22.

To find out more about the modpack this mod was based on look for Rhye's Civ3 mod.


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Hello childrens! :D

It has taken a long time, much soul-searching and even more slacking :crazyeye: , but I have finally made my first post. Hopefully it isn't too late. Civ 3 is an oldie but a goodie. Give my mod a try and tell me what you think ;) .

Now that the preamble is over with, let me get to the meat of my proposal.

I am looking for people who would be interested in one of two things; converting Rise of the Prince to Civ4, and creating an entirely new mod!

Let me begin by saying that I am somewhat lazy and I have other priorities at the moment :D (finishing some paintings/doing my webcomic/making my webpage/countless other tasks) so I wouldn't have much time to do coding or grind work. I consider myself an idea person and I work on the higher plane of ideas. I prefer to focus on the big concepts and let other people attend to the nitty gritty (and I tend to miss small details). I see myself as creative director, providing guidance on the grand scheme of things, describing how elements of the mod should function (eg. ideologies, units, buildings, etc.). I can write out the civiliopedia entries and send sketches (scanned and email) of what the units should look like (I am decently good at art and drawing) to show the direction I would like the art to proceed. I have a lot of experience leading teams from my time in university so I am perfect for this role.

Now to tell you about my idea for an entirely new mod, The Land of Dead Gods

The Land of Dead Gods is set in a world that is a blasted wasteland populated by half insane fanatics, who die by the thousands in never ending wars of conquest, sacrifices hundreds in public sacrifices and build great temples to their dark gods! It is a post apocalyptic world where a great apocalypse; that lies shrouded in mystery; devastated humanity and turned the world into a vast wasteland. The worshipers of the beings beyond time and space make war on the unbelievers, building vast temples and sacrificing millions for the glory of their dark gods. From the corpses of their victims rise legions of undead to fuel the fires of war. The terrain is a vast wasteland composed of plains, deserts, heaths and forests and jungles of black, withered trees. The sea is red and thick like blood (iron oxide tainted with lead, mercury and weakly radioactive materials). People are scrawny, sickly and half insane from mercury and lead poisoning. Food and resources are exceedingly scarce and run out constantly. All the world is locked in a constant, never ending struggle for scarce resources in a conflict that can never end, between global superpowers that are incapable of truly defeating one another.

In the game there are four main superpowers. An Aztec like civilization that worships the Star Demons (Tzitzimime). An Islamic flavoured civilization that worships the Moon God (jade like idol with a downward facing half moon on its chest and its face is like an octopus). A European style Inquisition era flavoured era civilization that worships the Old Ones. An African flavoured civilization that worships The Ones Who Speak From Darkness. Perhaps their could be an Asian flavoured civilization that blends ancestor worship and the worship of the beings.

The only victories possible are conquest (which is near impossible), culture and "space race". The "space race" victory requires building artifacts to bring their gods into reality (eg. the Black Gate, etc.).

Whenever a captured is sacrificed it produces culture and creates an undead warrior. All units require population points to construct but only living units can rejoin cities. Living units are cheaper to produce than undead units but they are weaker. The undead warriors are strong and powerful but slow. Every tech that produces units allows a living unit and an undead unit. Later on "demon" units can be summoned. They are creatures summoned from beyond and forced into shapes that allow them to survive in our reality (look at the Keeper of Secrets in the forums to see what I mean). These units are insanely powerful but have some form of drawback (eg. hard to control?)

The game starts in the stone age and progresses to the medieval ages. At the start of the game the superpowers are surrounded by minor tribes that they can steamroll quite easily (eg, only get weak horsemen and warriors and their tech chain ends early). The minor tribes are in a locked alliance against each superpower (but the superpowers are not in a locked alliance) so they are driven to expand. This is the expansion phase of the game. Once the superpowers meet one another they discover that defeating one another is near impossible because undead units have a defense much higher than their offense and demon units are difficult to control. It is similar to 1984 except on a much grander scale. Taking a city is a game in itself.

If it was possible (I don't know if Civ 4 is capable of this) there would be another plane (as in Civ 2: Test of Time) where the beings from beyond have to fight for control. There would be links between the two planes with one way travel only (only beings from beyond can cross over). When they take control of a gateway they can cross over, helping out units on the physical plane. It would add yet another element to the conflict.

If anybody is interested PM me though the CivFanatics website.

All flames must be funny. I good you bid evening.
For everyone who is having problems running my mod due to the Statue of Liberty error here are the instructions as to how to fix the mod.

Download this file http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads5/ron-liberty.zip

Unzip the files to somewhere you will remember.

Rename liberty-large.pcx to libertylarge.pcx.

Rename liberty-small.pcx to libertysmall.pcx

Rename liberty-splash.pcx to Liberty.pcx.

From this point on I shall refer to the directory where the mod is located in your Civilization 3 directory as Rise of The Prince.

Cut and paste libertylarge.pcx and libertysmall.pcx into
Rise of The Prince\art\Civilopedia\Icons\Buildings.

Cut and paste Liberty.pcx to Mod Directory\art\Wonder Splash.

Hopefully that should take care of it!

By the way, if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you rate my modpack at this page;


I just want to make sure that the modpack's rating is a true assessment of my modpack's quality and not just the opinion of isolated individuals with an axe to grind. It will help me in the future so I get an idea of whether or not I'm on the right track. I probably should have asked earlier :p but I figured everyone was going to vote anyways.
Please is the download a selfextractor program?
Thanks in advance.
Error rading file
Missing entry in "text\PediaIcons.txt" ICON_BLDG_Statue_of_Liberty
The game will now exit.
Any help will be appreciated.
It is not a self-extractor. Just download 7x from Sourceforge.net
or use any unzip program you can find.

From your error message I am pretty sure you don't have the files in the right place. I set it up using Civ3 Complete so the files are in \Conquests\Scenarios\ (from where you extracted it). Just take a look at the directory structure of your version to see how the other scenarios are stored then copy that. I know this because if you check PediaIcons.txt there is a "ICON_BLDG_Statue_of_Liberty" entry there (also, check to see that you have that file in the "text" directory). Good luck and have fun :D .
one of the best of mods i ever played, and ive played alot
one problem
you dident add the "upgrade unit"
on the atom bomb
Thanks a lot :D !

As to your comment, I did that on purpose because the small wonder "The Manahattan Project" pumps out atomic bombs (to simulate the cold war) and things would get real ugly if they could be upgraded to ICBM's. The first person to discover the requisite technology can mass upgrade their bombs then nuke their opponents into the dust :nuke: :eek: :nuke: .

Did anyone make it all way the through to the end of the game yet? If so, post a comment about how the end game plays out (do the units allow interesting combat, etc.). I would like to know.
I'm downloading now.

I'd tried (and miserably failed) in making units cost population because the AI couldn't seem to handle it. You're mod has interested me enough to reinstall civ3 and conquests. :goodjob:

I'm looking forward to try it out.
Started to play, looks cool, I'm at the end of 3rd era and no problems till now.
Few questions:
The extra units cost 10 gold. Was this intended ? Not that I don't like it, just asking :)
The diffent types of pollution are really anoying - :) I usually hate pollution and change the factories so they don't produce it...and now...:cry:
The timeline is different. I'm in 2200 and only at the beginning of 4th era.

Nice job btw :)
Oh I forgot to ask why Early Cloning comes after advanced Cloning? Doesn't make much sense to me:crazyeye:
Armies of invisible units attacking directly from a transport. REALLY COOL !!!
Also, TH IS IS THE FIRST TIME I've seen AI building armies (lots of them) and using them effectively !!!
Great job !!:goodjob:
After playing most of the way through the version of the mod without new leaderheads (good job on it, it was an interesing mod that took a bit to get used to), I noticed a few things.

1: Several computer civs had atomic bombs before the Manhatten Project was built. I never saw one used, but they were on the spy reports.

2: The mod has no no-resource units after archers etc. This meant that isolated cities could only build archers/spearmen/etc. At one point a German city that I controlled reverted to the Germans, since it was inside my civ it had no access to iron and recived an archer as a defended. The Germans conscripted an extra archer, but obviously my attack helicopters had no trouble retaking it. More advanced no-resource units would aviod this (eg modern milita)

3: The years seemed to pass very quickly. Up until the middle ages this just made me feel backwards, but after that it was just too far out.
The following table (based on scenario settings from the biq) illustrates this

---........---...----- ...------
300t ............6450y

In my game (monarch level) I started researching satalite communication on turn 193 at 2122ad and would finish all research (with no trading/stealing) on turn 243. It felt like it should have been about 2000ad, but 2000ad was ~turn 117. Even with my slow pace (=in tech to 4 or 5 other civs) I was not 60 turns too slow. The year rate needs revising.

4: Upgrade cost - the computer does not seem to upgrade its units, so the cheap UG cost gives a big advantage to the human player. (Also due to their slow speed to computer seems to be left with many Early Tanks after their other offencive units have been destroyed, even long after they are obsolete.)

5: Bombardment - I noticed a few odd things when so many modern units had bombardment or defensive bombardment. Does offensive bombardment represent integrated artillery in units.
5a: Sinking submarines with Guerillas and Tanks. It works too well.
5b: Modern Armour with a bombardment range of 2 leads to them being a unit that feels abusive to use (as you know the compter won't use them the same way). They have better defence overall than mechanised infantry (hp bonus), they can be sent foward to bombard a target - then back to guard cities on the same turn (the computer won't even use them to bombard), and the bombard range of 2 just feels wrong (even if it does represent integrated artillery in units).
5c: There are a number of units with defensive bombard and a RoF > 1, this is redundant as defensive bombard with RoF > 1 has an effective RoF of 1.
5d: since artillery units require no upkeep, have no population cost, have lethal land and sea bombardment, and have >1 move, it was highly attractive to build (for the human player, computer built them at normal rate). At one point in the game (napoleonic) I had my unit limit in regular units (upkeep of 10 means this is a pretty solid limit) and twice that number in artillery, unsprisigly they went though computer cities like a hot knife through butter.
5e: Lethal bombardment - since all ragned bombardment is lethal land and sea bombardment, it is highly attractive to use (for the human player, the computer player only bombards with ships / artillery). Even tanks can be used to sink battleships that are at sea. If bombardment was not lethal, the player would at least need to risk some of their population points finishing off the enemy.

I would sugest removing offensive bombard from all units except artillery (to make it fair), and reducing the number of modern units with defensive bombard to mark the difference between those with/without.

6: A number of the units have bad pallets. This mainly seems to be the ones with combined animations. I did not not the problems as I played (I should have) but the problems included
- Red Shadows
- Units whose animations transparent sections (the rest of the square) obscured the units they were fighting
- other pallet mismatches

7: (minor problem) In the espionage screen there was a black box instead of the Canadian leaders face.

8: Civilopedia - a number of entries refered to units costing mutliple pop points in the text, but the units actually cost only one pop point.

All in all it was an enjoyable game - none of the problems interfered with the interesting core features of the mod.:goodjob:
Doesn't work. It gives the error message:


Missing Entry in "Text\PediaIcons": ICON_BLDG_Statue_Of_Liberty

The game will now exit.

My version is up to date at v1.22 and it is a fairly fresh clean install (a week or so). I have tried another mod and it seems to work.
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