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Satya Yuga || Civ of South, Southeast Asia, and "Cairo to Cathay".

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by poom3619, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. DarthStarkiller

    DarthStarkiller King

    Jun 2, 2015
    Santos, Brazil
    You seem to be missing some layer effects.
  2. Groucho Marx

    Groucho Marx Duke of Savoy

    Mar 18, 2016
    I assume the mystery civ that was mentioned a few posts back was Jammu and Kashmir? Presumably under Gulab Singh?
  3. EmeraldRange

    EmeraldRange Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2016
    Yangon, Burma
    I think that would be fine, given the historical context, but I would throw in some miscellaneous small towns in the mix once Bago's one gets too far into Taungoo's city list.

    Rangoon is a modern name for Dagon. Dagon = Rangoon. Since we are dealing with older Burma, Dagon would be more accurate. (Side note: this is where shweDAGON comes from)

    Dala is a separate city, although in the past decade, it has become part of Rangoon. I would say you keep Dala seperate.

    If we make Sukritact's Burma into Bagan Empire, here is the city list I have

    Here is a city list I came up with
    Spoiler :

    1. Bagan
    2. Minbu
    3. Kyaukse
    4. Popa
    5. Tagaung
    6. Thaton
    7. Pathein
    8. Bhamo
    9. Maingmaw
    10. Halin
    11. Beikthano
    12. Binnaka
    13. Prome
    14. Mergui
    15. Henzada
    16. Vesali
    17. Pyinsa
    18. Shwesettaw
    19. Bago
    20. Swe
    21. Dalla
    22. Magway
    23. Bhupaya
    24. Martaban
    25. Dagon
    26. Salin
    27. Nyaunglebin
    28. Shwebo
    29. Taungdwingyi
    30. Sagaing
    31. Laungkyet
    32. Monywa
    33. Ngaputaw
    34. Ananada

    As already mentioned, there is no problem with overlapping city names (even capital names). The civ the founds that city name first takes it and the other skips over it.
  4. EmeraldRange

    EmeraldRange Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2016
    Yangon, Burma
    As poom asked me a while ago, here is some music I've search around for. Ignore the video content because some of these are from movies. If you like them, I can loop them so that they go on longer (as some are really short)

    Bago Peace
    Bago War

    I get that the War one isn't as aggressive, but it is rather fast paced and Burmese music in general is rarely aggressive.

    Taungoo Peace

    I'm still trying to search for war music, but as I've said it is very hard to find war-like Burmese music especially as so few pieces are online. Let me know what you think of these and I can try to loop them.
  5. Chrisy15

    Chrisy15 Flower, Beautiful

    Jul 9, 2015

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