SGOTM 16 - Plastic Ducks

The Decathlon objectives are as follows:
  • Humbaba --an advanced era barbarian unit -- must be dead (Thanks Leif). He is a real monster just like in BOTM 41, but now lives in a fairly secluded place.
    Dead, T232.
  • You own at least 2 Legendary culture cities.
    Done on T235: Paris and Orleans
  • You are EITHER the United Nations Secretary General OR the Apostolic Palace Resident.
    Currently UN Secretary, since T228.
  • You have learned Future Tech 1.
    Done on T234.
  • At least one AI opponent has been eliminated (conquered) by your team.
    Done: Brennus and Ramesses.
  • You own at least three Holy Shrines
    Done: Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism.
  • You own at least three Corporate Headquarters
    Done: Sid's Sushi, Mining Inc, Cereal Mills
  • You have stolen EITHER Iron Working, OR Astronomy, OR Physics using espionage.
    Done: Iron Working.
  • You fulfill the requirements for TWO victory conditions, at least one of which is NOT Conquest or Domination. (For example, your spaceship arrives on Alpha Centauri the same turn you get Domination, that’s two. If you achieve domination on the same turn as conquest victory, then you need one more victory condition to fulfil this condition. Understood? ).
    Diplo victory on T235 and Domination land+population limits attained on T235.
  • Blazing: You must submit a save covering at least your first 100 turns – or victory or defeat - not later than 2 months after game start. **
    Done: T102 submitted November 11th.

Final update.

I'll upload screenshots and the save shortly.
Start of T235... I put all our commerce towards EP this turn :lol:
Spoiler :

Diplo victory
Spoiler :

Culture spread, 3.7:1 ratio, not as good as anticipated due to higher generation by AIs.
Spoiler :

Just because I could, warriors to re-capture the Legendaries. (I did have 2 MP units lying around just in case, and a boatload of Marines for Orleans as well.
Spoiler :

May have gone a bit overboard for Paris's culture...

Domination limit. Settling the northern city was enough to take us to 730 tiles, so I kept SB's last city and settled 2 random ones instead of 3.
Spoiler :

3 corps
Spoiler :

3 shrines
Spoiler :

And there you have it... going to upload save now.
I get a blank page when I try to upload the save :confused:

EDIT: still not working, I'll e-mail it directly to AlanH then.

I am sure everything'll be alright.

:goodjob: kossin!
It's probably the server acting up. Anyway, sent it to him personally... not sure we can visit other threads now (or if PR is allowed to post EDIT: hi Gumbolt) as the final save is not officially uploaded to SGOTM server.
The server is running out of memory as it tries to process your file. I'll work on it and let you have the upload feedback when I have it.


Apparently, the save is too monstrous. (it sure felt that way when playing)
Well done on schooling us all yet again. :)
The lack of being able to download saves meant i was forced to try guesstimate from thread talk and screenshots.

Kakus are aiming at t238 finish, with t248 as a backup. AP cycle.

Shawshanks game looks like it will finish t280 ish

FE in the t265-t270 range

After that i got a bit bored of trying to make estimates, as they no doubt will be embaressingly wrong. I doubted you guys would finish techs by t235.
Unforcederror has made a few posts in both PR and US threads.
Congratulations :goodjob: I was hoping that spies would come into play :)
Are we allowed to open, let's say Kaku saves?
Good I asked before opening it then.
Good game PD. Wow you really spread those corps to good use. Using sushi to spam workshops. Then wealth. 200-300+ hammers in a city is nice. Looks like you spammed cities heavily too. 200-300 hammers and you can soon complete most builds in 1-2 turns.

Spy trick was nice. I don't think I have ever used the spy culture mission.

Was GLH stronger then mids?? Who knows. Looks like most teams picked up on a lot of the right ideas. Kauk seem to of done the best of both worlds. I see you managed to nab MOM too. Need to read the thread a bit more but it sounds like you had the game planned out before you even played.

It's been funny reading some thread with people asking how late units actually work.

Looks like you and Kauk have done about same date 3 turns in it.
You can't actually download them at this point (at least, I couldn't).

It's down to IP addresses. See the discussion on final few pages of our pages. They basically block your main IP address. If you have a dynamic IP address it may work. Otherwise visit your parents/friends and download there. Or log in through a second ISP. Or wait till end of game.
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