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[BTS] SGOTM 26 - Home Slices

I hope to start playing sometime between 11 AM and 1 PM Pacific. Hopefully some of you can be online to help make some minor decisions. If something major happens, I'll stop of course.
I'm opening the save and getting ready to unpause it. I hope a bunch of units with pre-existing orders don't start flying all over the screen. ;)
Turnset Report T152 - T156


Sell Louis Paper for 10:gold: + map
France moves ahead of Germany 824 vs. 823. Louis is now willing to DoW Saladin or Charly. Calendar is not enough to DoW Charly. He's requesting Guilds so Nationalism will surely be enough.
Louis is Pleased with us but I can't tell if iron is on the table since we don't have Astronomy yet.
Catapult now has 6/2 EXP
Galley 1 moves around cape Chaco Canyon and sees the the coast is clear (pun intended)
Musket takes Cover promotion and is now 6.6/9:strength:. It would take 3 turns to heal but he is forced at musket point to board Galley 1.
Chariot 1 at Cahokia-N will not pillage the road at Cahokia-N+NW or else it won't be able to pillage the road at Cahokia-NE next turn. So he stays in place.
Musket 5 gets 6:gold: for pillaging rice farm
Chariot 2 gets 0:gold: for pillaging hamlet (WTF?) and 8:gold: for pillaging cottage
Bribe Louis to join our war with Charly with Nationalism. We now have +1 peace, +1 war, +4 trade, +1 share tech, -2 religion, -1 first impression for a total of +4 Pleased.

Moscow: 38:hammers:
Cahokia: 37:hammers:; 5 pop
Mound City: 26:hammers:; 5 pop
Mesa Verde: --; 3 pop
Snaketown: 36:hammers:; 1 pop

The people in Clams and Cows think I'm a swell leader after the last tyrant and so they celebrate my existence (and reduce city maintenance to 0:gold: for 1 turn).
No harbor in Moscow yet and sabotage production is now 0 so he was building something else. :mad: He has a caravel in the city so I'm assuming that is what he built.
I think it's time to cash in the 1300:gold: for the trade mission now, yes? 78:gold: @-115:gold:/turn.
SB's galley is 1E of the clam resource as expected. Our galley is on the clam now and the caravel is 1W of the clam to block the galley's path.
SB built a Trireme in Cahokia. :run:
SB upgraded one of the archers in Mound City to a LB. There are now 2 LBs and 1 archer.
SB's settler is on the fur at Mesa Verde-SE to welcome our landing party. :D
SB's stray dog is 3 tiles further west at Vesa Verde-1S4E.
We also see a worker that just finished a ice mine at Mesa Verde-2S1E and the missing Cat at Mesa Verde-2S2E.
Spoiler :
Musket 6 gets 5:gold: pillaging incense.
Tundra preserves take 10 turns. Maybe LC was onto something with Serfdom!
Cat is now at 7/2 EXP. One more turn until 8/2 EXP.
Our musket captures the settler (0 HP lost :)) and we can see that Mesa Verde is protected by a CG2+drill LB and a worker. With only 7:hammers: into a build, we don't have to worry about another LB popping up before we can take the city.
Sell Peter our map for 5:gold:.
Switch Cows to build Wealth, adjust slider to 90% to get Liberalism in 1T.

Moscow: -- Just built a caravel
Cahokia: -- Just built a trireme; 4 pop -1
Mound City: 34:hammers: +8; 5 pop
Mesa Verde: 7:hammers:; 3 pop
Snaketown: 39:hammers: +3; 1 pop

We learned Liberalism. I sure hope I pick the right tech.
I see that Peter will have Theology in 1T (was 3T last turn).
We learn Medicine. Set research to Military Tradition and 0% slider (temporarily)
Cows still loves me with more partying in the streets and between the sheets.
Bismarck adopts Theocracy.
Peter has 60:gold: for trade.
Still no harbor in Moscow. He has 31:hammers: in a build though.
SB's Trireme is chasing our galley south.
SB's Cat and Dog stay put for some reason. Shouldn't they be chasing each other or something?
Mesa Verde is now guarded by 1 CG2+drill LB and 2 workers.
The buttons for joining the GM to Silver and bulbing 1114:science: into Replaceable Parts look so much bigger than the button to found Sid's Sushi which is right between them.
Sid's Sushi has been incorporated in Silver! It provides +8:food:, brings in +4:gold: and increases corporation maintenance by 11.6:gold: (it would have been 23.2:gold: if we weren't so damn Organized).
Silver changed from one of our biggest cities to a po-dunk 5-pop town in the sticks. But at +19:food:, that won't last long.
SB's galley didn't attack ours. Should we take it down with our Caravel at 79.28% or is this a semi-permanent standoff here?
Chariot 2 gets 15:gold: for pillaging the mine at Mound City-S+SW. He knew I was about to delete him after his poor performance on the hamlet.

Moscow: -- 31:hammers:
Cahokia: -- 8:hammers:; 4 pop -1
Mound City: 35:hammers: +1; 5 pop (looks like with the blockade off he's working food tiles now)
Mesa Verde: 14:hammers: +7; 3 pop
Snaketown: 42:hammers: +3; 1 pop


Musket vs Cat at 99.09 odds: Musket gets hit once (7.7/9:strength:) and 2 EXP.
Set research to 0% on Steel.
Catapult 1 is now at 8/2 EXP and will move toward SB next turn.
We are 5 points away from a GG.
Worker blocks mine at MV-S+SE.

SB's galley sinks our galley at 32.2% odds. :(
Bismarck made peace with Charlemagne! :mad: There are no options to bribe Bismarck to attack so it's a 10-turn Peace Treaty.
Peter will trade Theology but has not picked his next tech yet.
Sabotage production goes to -- in Moscow so Peter just finished something. Will he finish the Harbor yet? Can we afford to wait? We are scheduled to put him into Slavery/anarchy this turn. He has 70:gold: now.
Caravel sinks SB's galley and is now 2.2/3:strength:.
A GG was born in Science.
SB moved a CG+drill2 LB out of Mound City (I assume since I can't see the city). It is at MC-S+SW likely headed toward MV. He must have just built this. Sab production is -- now and there was no drill2 LB before.
SB's Dog disappeared.
SB's LB in MV didn't take the bait, obviously.
Musket 6 moved to Mound City-NE and we see 1 CG2+drill LB, 1 CG2+drill archer and another trireme!! So he did move a LB out. It would be great to pick off this LB on open ground if possible.
SB promoted an archer to a LB in Cahokia. It now has 2 CG2+drill LBs and a C1 Dog (and a great scientist which has been there for a while).
Cat went ahead and got another EXP since Cat 2 isn't done yet and we have not boat to get Cat 1 into the action.
Trade Peter Education for Slavery, Theology, 70:gold: and map.
GM twiddles this thumbs for one. more. turn.
Sushi executive is enjoying a cruise.
National Park is whipped in Science. GM trade mission stays at 1300:gold:.

Moscow: -- (he just completed something)
Cahokia: 10:hammers: +2; 4 pop
Mound City: -- (trireme); 5 pop
Mesa Verde: 21:hammers: +7 (even with us blocking a mine with the worker); 3 pop
Snaketown: 45:hammers: +3; 1 pop

I decide to leave the worker on one mine and move the injured musket to the other mine (rather than healing again). This removes the river penalty and should slow down SB's hammer output in MV.
MV is crippled this turn with a galley on his crabs, units on his two mines and fur and 2 muskets at MV-W on the forest. His max hammer output should be 3 this turn and he's starvin'!

Louis adopt Bureaucracy
SB adopts Bureaucracy and Slavery
Both of SB's triremes move to take on our trireme which was blockading at Mound City-2N.
Sushi spread in Science costs 60:gold:. Expenses jump by 20:gold:/turn with no CH in Science.
Science has two NP specialists now!
Peter picked Drama next (14 turns).
No harbor in Moscow (of course since he was in anarchy). Still -- for sabotage production.
No sign of Dog or LB that left Mound City.
Attack on Mesa Verde commencing:
- First musket (17.83% dies). LB redlined at 1.9/6. :D
- Cover musket wins at 99%+ odds and razes MV.
- 2 workers captured
- MV pillaged for 98:gold:


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ouch. Kait was much better at pillaging. 6 was pretty good for a farm tho.
I didn't even know that 0 was possible for a cottage/hamlet/village/town.

right. are you sure we won't collect enough in trade or pillage to coast another turn? We just need Liberalism
Let me get to the end of the turn to see where we are. Peter has 50:gold: in trade on the table so we could sell him Education now if we wanted. That would balance the budget thanks to the massive parades going on in my honor.
Any thoughts about what to do with the trireme in Cahokia? Do we just leave our Tri parked where it is and hope for the best? As we discussed, SB's Tri can't catch our galley.
Any thoughts about what to do with the trireme in Cahokia? Do we just leave our Tri parked where it is and hope for the best? As we discussed, SB's Tri can't catch our galley.
i think we block in our culture. Seems more likely it would go for the galley then
Might be worth it to pull our tri back to where it blocks the southern path to Canal. On the other hand, staying knocks Cahokia down to pop3, right?

I tend to preserve units in this type of situation.
Makes sense, although I don't think we can actually do a blockade in our own culture, can we? In any event, the blockade wouldn't have any effect because Cahokia would be able to work 4 coastal tiles and stay at 4 pops and +2F/turn.

So should I move our Tri so that it's 3 tiles away from Cahokia so that if SB's Tri comes after ours, we can spank him with our caravel after the clam galley situation is resolved?
I haven't done any city MM or whipping yet but it looks like we can finish Liberalism in 1 turn at 80% slider. 83:gold: @ -79:gold:/turn. We fall quite a bit short at 70% so my guess is that if we whip anything we can't get there in one turn.

We have to whip the Forge in Silver. We could probably delay the whip in Clams for 1 turn and not affect anything.

Should I whip the Forge in Silver and see if we can get Liberalism in 1 turn without selling Peter Education? We could also just sell Peter Education for his gold and Slavery 2 turns earlier than we had originally planned.
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