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[BTS] Shadow Game: Monarch w/ Charlemagne

Yep...really you need to step back and ask the question "What do I want to do with this game?" Basically, you could probably run this map with just elepults on this level, and capitulate everyone for a fast conquest. It's really up to you. But sounds like combat experience is what you are looking for right now.
I think we need to consolidate, even for a domination victory.

We have gold and gems. Research metal casting. Forges give happiness and production.

I don't like cottages in Vienna, no rivers. Build a market in Vienna after the forge. Run a great engineer and two great merchants. I don't want great scientists.

How are we going to expand borders? Do we lack religion? Monuments suck.
Agreeing with Lymond, probably you would gain more from military ambitions, in the sense of what can be provided by the forum.

Ideally you go Monarchy (which will also short-term alleviate happiness) --> Feudalism, in the meantime building Jumbos and Cats, which should be more than enough.

Not generally a fan of wasting production on Markets for happiness - Realistically, there should be enough whipping in the tank (especially once HR is active.)

Whilst I agree, ideally you'd trade Monarchy, I think it's the natural next step (or MC to lead to Machinery (Xbows can support elepult just fine.) - But if going for the very quick win, it's got to be Feudalism before MC/Machinery.)

I would be keen to ensure you take at least 1 more player out before Feudalism arrives (given that you can't trade monarchy currently, the AI is quite some time off from getting it.)
@Mr_Trotsky I considered calendar but chose to tech directly to Feudalism - if I understand the strategy, I need time to leverage the HAs before the AI gets longbows, so every turn counts. Happiness is not great at the moment, almost solely due to whip anger, which is declining. Researching calendar is 5+ turns, then worker movement + improvement time ~ = 10 turns? until I get the benefits - on the other hand, monarch + feudalism ~ 15 turns + 1 anarchy as I change civics and take Buddhist state religion, boosting happiness and preparing for the next wars.

That's my understanding, anyway. Regarding trading for monarchy, Egypt only offered it when I was 1 turn from researching myself, so not an option unfortunately.

@lymond definitely going conquest this game, that's what my game is lacking and needs to improve

@Peteyboy so you would switch to HR immediately after monarchy? Also, I haven't researched construction yet; would you do that before proceeding with Feuadalism?

Spoiler T105 :

  • growing cities, improving tiles
  • IW revealed iron near Nuremberg, built monument to push borders instead of library since NB is not a commerce city, and 3 turn build time instead of much more
  • scouted Ghandi completely, he's ripe
  • abundunce of foreign trade routes now, with india, egypt, arabia, england even
  • HA horde ammassed near Hurrian, will sweep in 2 turns


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You need workers now I guess. Whip & chop em.
Build cottages.
Don't build any infrastructure (apart from granary)
Get to Guilds.

Like @sylvanllewelyn said, it wouldn't hurt to gobble another AI in between. Use catapults + elephants for that (and a couple of rounds of whipping)

Can probably get Gandhi with horse archers, no need for elepult there. He's not close to Feudalism tech, he's only four cities, he's Gandhi and doesn't build many units, and his only source of metal is right on his north border where you can cut him off first turn of the war.
Go ahead and raze Hurrian if it's got nothing else. Just beware while Ghandi is going to probably squeeze another city in that area afterwards. If it's also crap (not on the river south of NY) you'll have to raze it too when you deal with him and do something with the site eventually (perferable on the river so it actually has commerce).
Go ahead and raze Hurrian if it's got nothing else.
Is it really worth the time though, if the only prize is some :gold: and you risk losing a HA or two? Could also get ready to finish off blue and yellow.
Depends on who caps it if you don't. If one of the further off AIs grab it, it's going to be a distraction later on when the front lines are further away.
Hurian should be better improved by the AI (at a much cheaper cost)
Agreed that it's a distraction unless you have 99% shots there (>raze for 50 bucks)

Edit: Scouting AI land and army is worth the upkeep imo. (information = power)
Depends on who caps it if you don't. If one of the further off AIs grab it, it's going to be a distraction later on when the front lines are further away.
It's very easy to capture later with units that are moving into that direction anyways.
Mayhaps. Either way, it's a minor thing.
Is it really worth the time
that's also what I'd started wondering, glad you asked the question. Decided to leave Harrian and build towards Lincoln.

Speaking of which...

Spoiler T115 :

  • HR and Buddhism cured most of my happiness problems
  • Amassed the horde and declared on Lincoln
  • Boston captured
  • Feudalism researched, began Construction
  • Lincoln refused to vassal, so...
  • Philly razed, Amis dead
  • Shaka falls next
  • Aachen, with barracks and military advisor, is producing units; all other cities wealth; will rebalance as needed

Military Advisor? Are you referring to spending a GG on that? First GG I use for a super medic and most others I save for promos on a few units. If saved, it can prove very useful for some additional health on 4 to 5 units at key moments.
Super Medics are for comfortable wars (when you are rolling and want your units at full health quicker), Warlord promo when you expect harder battles and need instant benefits for them.
Settled GG i only consider in a (future) HE city, but they are long-term so it's best to do that when you finished a war and know that peace times are prolly ahead. During those only the military city can build units and 2 more xp makes sense.
thanks @Fippy, makes sense - so the decision point when that first GG pops is, can my current units get the job done, or do I need some heavy hitters. Then, for 2nd+ GGs, sounds like there are cases for settling, in long games when +2 xp per unit can accumulate
And note that these gg decisions will become more important as you move up levels as they can make a big difference at times as combat gets harder and AI has the capability of produce more units and keepin' up techno-wise.
Spoiler T121 :

  • Researched Construction
  • Researching towards Guilds, but so far only at 0%
  • Built HAs until ~25 total, veterans plus new - now most cities building elephants, a few catapults
  • Knocked out Shaka, ready to focus on Ghandi
  • Scouted Indian cities - almost all currently defended with 2 archers
  • Plan of attack? I'm thinking amass south then strike at Patal, Delhi, Vijay, Bombay?
  • Would you strike now? Or continue building the army first? Any other considerations?


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