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To Germany
From Great Britain

Perhaps the French are not making themselves clear. They were not asking a question to which you can deny. They were making a demand to which you must adhere. We suggest that Germany take this Ultimatum seriously and not stack the French ultimatum within the file cabinet of the Reichstag, knowing that the British Empire fully supports her French ally.
The Kingdom of France thanks the British for their support in this crisis.
To Great Britain
From Germany

Seeing as how we do not take to kindly to threats our answer is still the same. It is up to France to decide whether or not they wish to drag the world into another war. But do remember that any action by Britain in their blind support for thier ally that jeopradizes the security of Germany will be met with due force
ooc Imacin, no they are not. Canadian capital is the military administative centre of Winnipeg. Ukraine capital is also right.

To the Italian King
From Pope Pius XII

We urge you to reconsider your postion on the Worldwide Freedom Alliance. We cannot allow such nations as France and Russia to disturb our fragile peace.

To Japan
From China

We are not at war yet and we shall fight to the last to protect the Republic's realms from foreign aggression wether that be European or Japanese.
I meant that the location on the map is wrong. On the map the Canadian capital is Regina and the Ukrainian is L'vov.

EDIT- Quebec's is wrong too. On the map it is Ottawa.
To France and Britaian
If conflict is to come, we will support support you.

We will move our troops out of the De-millitrized Zone once the last remnints of the rebllion has been suppresed. this will occoure no later then August, Possibly as Early as June.
Icmancin said:
I meant that the location on the map is wrong. On the map the Canadian capital is Regina and the Ukrainian is L'vov.

EDIT- Quebec's is wrong too. On the map it is Ottawa.

Me I did my best, If someone can go over the map and check all the capitals and post me a PM with that map, I will be happy.


As I have mentioned before these mid-week, military orders do not require purchases and are soley military postioning and attacks. Keep it to one PM and only the first set of orders will be counted, No redrafts!!!!
I've got a map and will send orders in a few hours so clean out yer box.
Icmanicn, can you hold off on those orders and respond to a PM I've sent to you? Thanks...
Those players who have AIM contact me at sheepmaddrell. I will be online for the next half an hour to answer any questions
I greet you all tonight. As secretary of war i must tell you what we are and who we are. We are american, we are free. We have stared death in the eye, spit in his face and lived to tell the tale.

Of course this is why we are alive today. This country was founded by men who believed in a united states, one that was not plagued by divisions. By feuding brothers.

In the words of Abraham lincoln, a house divided cannot stand. Well i hold that to this day. I have always believed we should be united. We cannot do that for our brothers to the south however. We are on two different paths.

But to the north there is still hope. We have a chance not to repeat the follies of the past. Before the revolution we were one. Before we broke off, we were standing side by side. We stood united against one common enemy.

Now we have seen a slight halt in this insurgency, may the roaring of the lion in his sleep cease. May his fierce claws withdraw and let a reconstruction of canada begin. Can we not become united in friendship. Can we not become more friendly. We are not all that different. We are all people we all free. We are all equal.

We all have felt the repercusions of this war. We have all felt it at home and out there.

Our boys sit always in fear. Wondering if the next step they take will be there last. If that will be the last time they talk to their mothers. That perhaps this is the last time they will see their best friend. They ask themselves the questions of life. What are they doing.

The pain staking drama they must go threw. And this does not go just for the soldier but the common citizen. Canadians die as well. They are harmed everyday. Innocent blood is spilt on the doorsteps. Young children see images we would never imagine our little children seeing.

To much blood has been spilt now to turn back. No we will finish this. Canada will be rebuilt. Can it not be with us. Can they not stand by us as american, as canadian. Will we not forget the star spangled banner and sweet maple home. These are our brothers we have stood side by side, seperate, but together nonetheless. Now can't we be one. Can we not be brethren and can we not be a nation under one. I will ask you to stand, not in applause, not in ecstasy, not give me any graditude at all.

It is your boys, your daughters, your men and women. They are the ones you applaud. They are the brave ones. We stand here in silence, in reverance to those lost and to those still with us. For those who have long gone we will never see with our eyes, but we will always feel them in our hearts. It is sad for me to see such young potential men go to die by the booming and the fire. The shrappnel. We will never give into hate. Darkness is not beat with darkness. Only light can do that. Hate is not wiped away with hate, only love can do that.

I offer my hand to every person in this great country whether it be a colonist or american or anyother nationality. America is not defined by one set of skin, hair, or anyother feature, it is defined by diversity. Let us never forget that. Goodnight.

First story!!! Ithinks:woohoo:

no offense is meant at all to confederates
orders sent!!! :band:
To Brazil
From Chile
Foreign Minister Michel Garcia, on behalf of President Enrique de Crozius, invites you to a conference in Santiago on the future of our relations and of our region.

OOC: Contact me on AIM at stignatiusjew. If you use MSN or yahoo, sorry, I have neither.

EDIT: @Mod Sheep- I don't need military orders this turn, do I? And do you need basic orders as well, sorry, but I am kind of confused.
OOC: I sincerely hope Italy don't do that or is not allowed to do that. Otherwise, the war is already over
You have the American capital waaaaay off.


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Alright map will be updated, I didnt get everything perfect like.

Orders are needed only if you are looking at going to war this turn. Like I said purchases are made only once a week or once every three updates.

Kentharu sorry to see you go, thanks for dropping in however.
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