SheepNES: Settling Accounts

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america checking in
To: Germany
From: USA

We shall support you in keeping the lands that are rightfully yours.

To: Canadian Rebels
From: USA

You are only causing more pain for your families. More canadians die everyday. Is it truly worth the death of so many innocent canadians.
Italy ready to go.
From: Prime Minister Tojo of the Japanese Empire
To: China

It is clear you have lost this war. If you sign an armistice and agree to vassalship under the Japanese Empire, we will cease the total subjugation of your nation.
All Hail the Kaiser, checking in for Germany!!

To France
From Germany

Your threats have little effect upon the will of Germany. The territories of Aslace-Lorraine were claimed with the blood of many brave German soldiers and is a rightful part of our territory. Any attempts made by France to challenge this will be met with severe force... However, in the interest of peace we may consider negotiating an acceptable compromise in return for these lands. The ball is now in your court, be so kind as to give a respectdul response or you may find yourself lagging far behind in score.
Russia announces its support of France.

Furthermore we deamand that German and Austro-Hungarian troops vacate the Ukraine.
To: Parties involved in the alsaace-lorraine crisis
From: America

We ask that the parties of europe convene in a conference to figure out these border disputes. A descision to make new found borders to insure equality amongst the powers and make sure no one is taken advantage. We do not want to see a massive war suddenly brake out of this.
To Jewish USA
From Russian Empire

Go back to your backwater continent mongrel scum and do not interfere in the pureblooded affairs of Europe.
To Russian Empire
From Germany

Diplomacy requires more tact than what has been shown by the Russian Empire. We do hope you reframe yourselves from speaking out in turn again or there could be very unfortunate consequences from such blunders. And as stated before we are more than willing to negotiate for the return of the land, however be aware that no plans have been made for any such agreements with Russia concerning Ukraine. But please, continue making complaints and we shall process it accordingly.
To: Russia
From: USA

We will overlook your beligerence, but we merely do not want another brake out of war. I believe that we should strive for peace, but you have clearly stated your intentions. America will tell you that before jumping to the ideas of war, try diplomacy. It can work wonders, but i would not expect you to understand it, but you can always prove me wrong.
Yeah that's pretty messed up stuff... Hey Thom can we talk, I have a proposal for you, involving Egypt, interested?
TO: The German Empire
FROM: The Kingdom of France

Are you trying to make us pay money? Pay money for lands you stole? How dare you insult the French honor so, demanding bribes from land that you STOLE from us! Thousands of French men, women, and children live under the heel of your Kaiser. They deserve to be a part of France.

TO: The United States of America
FROM: The Kingdom of France

We agree with Russia. Keep your Socialist nose out of the affairs of Europe, they do not concern you.

TO: The Austro-Hungarian Empire
FROM: The Kingdom of France

Your demand scares us so. Your empire has long passed it's prime; it is merely in it's death spasms. Keep your nose out of affairs that do not concern you. Aslace-Lorraine is a territory of France, owned by Germany. I see no reason why it should concern you.

TO: The Russian Empire
FROM: The Kingdom of France

We support you in your endevors to gain back land that was stolen from you, as well.
To France
From The Greater German Reich

Very well, we have reached an impass it seems. Negotiation does not seem to be a word in your vocabulary and without any kind of compensation we must deny your request. Have a nice day.
@Sheep: The Canadian capital is WAY off, as is the Ukrainian one.


CC: International Community
From: Italy

Italy, after a disscussion between King, Premier and Parliment, have decided against continuing to be a member of the World Wide Freedom Alliance. This decision will come into effect at the end of the following month. We do ask however that our former allies take no hard feelings and do not attempt to destroy Italy in a fit of rage. We will stand as a neutral observer until further notice.
To: Italy
From: America
we mourn the loss of your country from the alliance. We hope to continue well relations however.
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