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Team Organisation

Discussion in 'Team CDZ' started by Robi D, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Robi D

    Robi D Minister of (Dis)Order

    Jul 1, 2005
    Adelaide, Australia
    I realise it a bit of a contradiction for the CDZ but i figure we should at least list some guidelines which we can discuss while we wait for everyone else :)

    I did see some teams listing loads of various government positions (even city governers:lol:) but in my experience most of them are only useful in generating even more polls. Really only two positions are required;

    1. Head Turnplayer
    Some people prefer lofty titles such as president, prime minister or whatever, but the function is the same. The duties of the head turnplayer apart from playing the turns is to maintain threads for screenshots and discussions for the team. They will also coordinate other people who might be helping to play turns (in case of a short absence) or just logging in to view the game, although that more of an issue when at war.

    Elections, pffft... people are welcome to volenteer for however many turns they want to/can do, were all adults and can work it out. IF for some strange reason we have two or more people utterly desperate to do the job then we can have a poll:rolleyes:

    2. Head Spokesperson
    Instead of playing turns this person is the main man(or woman) for communications with the other team, whether it be direct in game contact or UN stuff in the forums. Their duties are to maintain thread for diplomacy and discussion and coordinate other peole who might be helping out

    Elections, see above. BCLG is our current spokescritter:)

    If anyone can see the need for other position and or duties feel free to say so. Now as far as the intra team dealing there are a few things;

    1. Polls
    We don't need no stiking polls. If there is a consensus with the team then really, why bother. If however there is a situation where opinion is divided then we can let the poll monkey out of his cage and do one.

    2. Discussions
    Be civilised, or at the very least humourous and try not to go off on too many tangents otherwise you can just start a new thread for your tangent

    3. Naming things
    With city names we could name the capital Spammed then use names we use in our individual games ie. BCLGland, Robigrad ect. Ideas are welcome

    With units it does help to name them as it makes discussions much clearer and simplier. The names don't need to be exotic, they can be as basic as "Worker A"

    4. Forums
    Since we have two (here and CDZ) make sure to check both to see whats happening.

    That should do it. Anything else you want to add to the above or just feel like you have enough of an excuse to pad your postcount then go ahead:)
  2. akots

    akots Poet

    Aug 5, 2003
    Moscow-Houston, Russia-USA
    Don't let the monkey out of the cage. Just make sure we do the right thing. Again repeating, normally, there should be no polls ever since they are not needed.

    Whatever title exist there must be compliant. One may ask as to what it must be compliant? To complete anarchy. So, whoever has time to play the turns and post the log, plays the turns and posts the logs. If you ain't got no time to post the logs, do not play then.

    Same thing is about that spokesperson. We are all equally illiterate and should know better and whoever posts something (which was obviously discussed) in official thread then become an official opinion of the team since nobody can't be arsed to do anything in any case.

    Just wanted to remind myself in the first place that swearing, trolling, flaming, and obscenities are not allowed at CFC so, with this unworthy named things, itching members got to go to CDZ. Which essentially means I cannot post here at all unless it is on topic or pure spam. The latter is again not very welcome here.

    About naming, I have only one suggestion to call the future capital of our glorious empire Orenburg. Otherwise, I don't care.
  3. BCLG100

    BCLG100 Music Master

    Apr 11, 2002
    Getting the spam in!

    Otherwise I'd agree with both posts, so long as we have a few people that know what is going on it should be fine, if the other members do not then any diplo/turnplaying etc can always be directed elsewhere.

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