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The Company

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: RPG' started by Provolution, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    The Company

    Provoshogun was more than satisfied. From having fallen from being the dynastic kingmakers of the entire dynastic periods from Antimedius through Seidrik, Provoshogun had now returned the Warlords to a place where they rightfully belonged. Provoshogun had shown the pervertedly Taoist and serpentine infidels of the questionable and deeply corrupt Babylonian Empire who was in charge. The Blastoid Desert, seen from the sandy citadels of Edorai for milleniums, after it had been discovered by Provochon, Blastoid, Gaiyut and Civius, the forefathers of the Aretans, it was simply claimed by a group of outcasts that set up a bazaar in a deserted spot that became Nippur, the slaving town. Many young Aretans was taken their, enslaved and died at a young age after many years of abuse. This was now brought to an end.

    Dur Kuzzur he muttered, Warlords could not spell it correctly, and chose instead to pervert the city name even further, as a method of washing away Babylonian identity and history, they were to name the city Warfire, anyways, and Nippur was to be named Blastoid. Babylon should be renamed too, maybe something related to the seventh city and harbormasters, or simply the Whore of Babylon? Sippar was not even an issue, that so-called holy city was now a smoldering ruin, where crows feasted till there was nothing but bleached bones, tattered rags and lumps of decayed hair and skin, until the earth swallowed it all into green meadows and flourishing bushes.

    Taoism? Why I razed that so-called holy city? Well, we misunderstood what they said about pull-back, we only pulled back a bit for a while to get up our trebuchets for the siege, we never mentioned the other word, withdrawal. It was all a misunderstanding, but diplomats were working on it, till we exterminated them all, those buggers. We suspected they planned a genocide, so we simply decided to kill them all, as a merely precautionary operation. We left when there was peace and security where Sippar once were, which means there were no one from Sippar left to disturb our peace and security. Sippar took away from Venices glory, and Babylon of course cried for help to the westside continent, but no-one really cared. Talk of false security guarantees. Well , a good taoist is a dead taoist, and I am more interested in the Aretan soul, than some spurious gain from a false prophet.
    Tao and his men served better as food for the crows, not food for thought.

    We also conquered Babylon after some intense fighting, and we hold it firmly now. Some rebellion of course. I had to resign my command of the invading armies due to the Warlords taking charge of the army we had anyways, our King Cyc is a man of principle, so I had to respect that, and left for home.
    With nothing better to do, I directed our massive industrial capacity at Edorai into business, even getting ourselves an aqueduct and a war museum.
    We are even starting a specialist war academy too. Edorai is really changing now, to new times.

    Well, I decided to set up the "Hard Iron Manufacturing Corporation", since I would like to offer Aretanians a part of the new future, which is based on iron.
    We would like to bring the best of iron-based goods people may want, at affordable prices, and some at exclusive prices. I decided to bring in our Treasurer, Lord Civius, as a guarantee for the integrity of the firm, as my business partner. A retired War Elephant General "Donald Trunk" and a retired siege engineer "Thierry Trebuchet" was natural experts and building and demolishing, so I used them as a core for my own Building Contractor Firm, "Trunk and Trebuchet Development". I had them to build me an armory and some nude statue replicas I missed from Babylon. With these buxom and voluptuous statues, you never need a fifth wife, and she never complains!

    So, be welcome to enjoy the more civilized warlords, now building our nation, not sending our sons to die in foreign lands. Enjoy our new products and the way we show you!

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