The "OMG! Look what happened!" Thread

Overexpansion, perhaps?

Always a real possibility in RFC but I have learned and totally stopped expansion. I have 10 cities and I haven't built a city in about 100 turns and with that I had a +11 for expansion. Most of the cities are in the green area for Ethiopia but I have 2 on the SE coast of Africa and one in Equatorial west Africa. Stability now has dropped to -15 or so. I wonder if maybe the computer is saying I haven't expanded enough...? Reason being I tried a WB test: in other recent games (e.g. Germany) I learned that a large empire can gain stability by founding and liberating cities. Trying that my stability went down further. However, building more cities in Africa immediately increased stability.

In the grand scheme, an expansion score of -15 should be no problem for RFC. In my just completed Germany game, it was -179. But the Ethiopian economy stagnates, in part I think because the city populations are capped, e.g. Aksum at 9, due to the plain/desert/jungle topography. I'm trying everything I can to boost economy (trades, building wealth, etc); I will have to do the privateer trick :(. I will go state property civic...just have to not collapse before 1900...
Thanks Noshame and merijn re: Africa being two continents. Sounds right since with Egypt I did get benefits of some wonders crossing into Asia.

Africa is two continents in RFC:

SoL built in Gondar (orange dot, site of Forbidden Palace). Only cities south of Lake Victoria (orange line) got the free specialist.

Spoiler :

This line is roughly the equator.
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but not Saharan vs. sub-Saharan Africa.
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OB with the whole world except two Islamlists, I founded Christianity and pleased/friendly with a bunch, lots of trade....

Yet I have a -30 Foreign rating. What gives? Civics I suppose...I can't really figure out the best civics combo (and whether each civ has it's own civic flavors that give/take away stability).

It's a long time since I've played vanilla RFC rather than DoC, but I have a vague memory that you lose stability for each civ you make contact with before a certain point (Astronomy???). You might need to drop contact with some civs.
So I had a game where I played as Rome and just kept playing. Never really expanded, I only had one city outside of Italy. Focused on techs and wonders. Game was pretty normal until the Europeans started showing up. As Rome I created some political alliances early on when I fought a war with Germany and got the French and Vikings involved. From then on I became involved in several political situation. I pride myself in turning Europe against itself for the most part. My main enemies ended up being the Netherlands and Russia.

Anyways the Netherlands eventually colonized South Africa, but they did it in the year 1310. Eventually they owned half of the continent as they kept expanding north. They also colonized Venezuela, New Amsterdam, conquered India and took half of Australia. They became the world power for most of the game. Russia grew to really hate me, and the wars we fought were some of the largest in history. Our alliance systems generally meant that all of Europe was dragged into war. Eventually I moved on to the United States. As the US I grew in power until I ended up at war with the Dutch Empire. World War 1. The war was a draw, but I eventually eclipsed the Netherlands. Then there was World War 2, which started because of the harsh situation after World War 1 and involved the entire planet. The whole damn world, at war because of this one conflict. Rome finally collapsed around 1945. Spain and Portugal didn't make it either. Very other country hated me, save for my last ally Britain. Germany around this time was going for a space race victory, but the war militarized them and they never again built another spaceship part. After the war I concentrated on my space program. The Soviets then rose to be the dominant power, eclipsing me and the Dutch and conquering an empire that stretched far into Siberia, all of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, North Africa, and the Middle East. They must have remembered our Russian-Roman Wars because they razed two Roman cities that they captured, even though they contained countless world wonders and were very developed cities. Only because France took Rome were they prevented from razing even that. It collapsed in 1985 though. Finally I won a space race victory.
It's a long time since I've played vanilla RFC rather than DoC, but I have a vague memory that you lose stability for each civ you make contact with before a certain point (Astronomy???). You might need to drop contact with some civs.

That is seems odd as a mechanic because I thought I read having more contacts made for higher stability, as did more OB, defensive pacts, etc. Ok well I just found this which says higher contacts incurs a penalty, in part to help "East Asian civs, who having less contacts, tend to develop less trade and get a lower Economy rating." So maybe this means you should not build embassies so the contacts are lower...but in mid/late game that's not realistic, and in game you have to grow the economy via trade.

What is OMG?
@ales_ I think oh my god
Not sure if this is common or not, but I thought "OMG" when I saw it. Everyone's seen Persian Korea, but I've never seen this before:


This is unusual. Indian Taiwan? And the fact Taiwan is actually settled? Also, take a look at the minimap :p
I've been playing Netherlands with 3/4 of my cities turned onto Wealth production, and the rest settlers and east indiamans. Then I took control of America. Well, it seems the Dutch somehow made it and not collapsed. How is this even possible?
sorry for the multiple post, but this is definitely the f*king biggest OMG ever.
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And now, the American leader is, of course...
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Seriously??!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
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