The "OMG! Look what happened!" Thread


Aug 26, 2008
New York
I was playing a game, squatted my first time... big deal... but I just have to share what happened. But we'll get to that later...

I imagine this thread being a cross between AI Does the Darnedest Things with host Bill Cosby!! and a 3rd grader spontaneously shouting "What the hell!"
Anyone can show:
Look what I did... bla bla bla... I razed all of Europe... look at me... bla bla bla
or Check out my Japanese Empire... I control the Pacific (I was actually quite proud of that one last game, but that is not the point).

But for interesting scenarios, that are:
-freakishly historical.... (like... well I can't think of anything right now... sorry)
- " ahistorical... (like Arabia founding New York and ravishing Mesoamerica)
-Something that you never would have thought of, and doesn't happen often (at all)
-Just plain What the Hell

So here is the starter. I'm sure there is better stuff, but I don't expect that this ever happened. (Well maybe to you reading this, but not others. ie AnotherPacifist)
Spoiler :

So what happened was I figured I would squat for my first time ever as Carthage on Rome. Rome spawned to the east of Italy in Illyria (common for squats I figure). I build numerous wonders, then I move on to build the Great Wall. Big deal... but it turns out that is split Europe in half, and is funneling all the Barbarians directly into the Roman Empire. I didn't think of that when I built it.
It's no surprise that Rome will fall to Barbarians after a squatted game, but I just find it cool how splitting Europe with a wall turns out. I also think that it's freakishly historical about Greek land in southern Italy. Looks exactly like their colonies IRL.

So this thread is about fun, and very diverse scenarios that we aren't used to. (Instead of America not expanding past rockies, China and India collapsing, Vikings turtling... yadi yada. I hope we get some good posts here.
In other words.... Bring it on AP! :cowboy: He hasn't yet... thought he would by now....

Edit: And if you are wondering why there isn't the wall in southern Italy and Sardinia/Corsica, It's becuase I went in world builder and gave myself that land the turn before I built the wall. So that the wall wasn't so choppy. Doesn't seem like a big game changer.
The real OMG thing about that is the early appearance of (ok, romanized) Austrohungary...
Hehe, nice thread.

Unfortunatly, I do not have some screenshots to show you "OMG games" ;) But I had :
- Jewish arabia.
- Collapsed Russia ~1950AD, with independant nukes on Mongolia and Germany (very fun).
- Independants did the World Tour.
- Japan California, Viking south america, ...
- Very powerfull Turkey, but still collapse in my games because of over territory expansion (from carthago to india...)
- I like to play greek to do the alexander empire, this game is full of challenge with strange maps, or play romans (no england, spain, france...).
Well next time you feel like shouting "OMG" during one of your games, screenie and post.
Well, sadly, I never took any pictures of this very strange game (that I happen to still be playing :D ), but I can tell you guys at least about it.

The game started out normally, I was Rome, I went and tried for the UHV, but of course failing along the way. At my largest extent I had Spain, France, Italy, the Balkans (including Greece :D), and N. Africa. Of course for the UHV, you need Britain too. And right before I set sail, the Barbs come marching in. First my N. African cities I took from Carthage are taken and razed by War Elephants from the desert. So I send that settler there to replace the razed city. Then the Euro barbs come, in numbers I have never seen before. Literally, 5 of six stacks of 10 units each come marching for my poorly defended cities, one by one their razed. Then, right before they make it to Rome, in a last ditch effort to stay alive, I send a settler and an archer to settle a city in N. Africa (the city I settled before was razed by barbs again). I settle the city and stay alive long enough (after Rome was razed) to switch over to the Spanish Empire.

Once I become the Spanish Empire, the game just gets weirder. As I start to settle the Iberian Penn., the barbs in their massive stacks come from attacking Rome to try and attack me, but b/c of one of Rhye's mechanisms in the mod, all their units switch over to me. Giving me about 10 axemen, 6 swordsmen, and 4 horse archers. I then used this massive army to go and attack France (who just spawned), and even though France had received one stack or barbs, I was able to conquer them. Making it for the rest of this game, I owned France and Spain. The game progresses strangely, as I meet the Netherlands and the Germans. The first religion to spread to Europe was Islam, so eventually, everyone in Europe converted to Islam (except for the Dutch, b/c nothing had spread to their cities). Making it so everyone in Europe and the Middle East loved each other. The game got even stranger when I met the strongest, largest, and most advanced country in the world, Persia. They owned all of central Asia and the middle east (except for a little bit of Turkey which the Ottomans had, they were vassals).

Once the age of the sail came, I (sadly) was one of the last to reach America. Allowing the Dutch to go crazy and settle all of U.S.'s land, making them rise higher than me as a world power. Though once I did get to the new world, all three native empires vassaled to me, (b/c I was last, I didn't get the conquistador event that I needed to get my UHV). I met Japan around 1600, when they were in their Industrial Revolution era and researching Electricity (though they never bothered to touch Optics :confused: ). China was conquered by the ever spreading Mongols, who were somehow insanely powerful. The Khmer also had Eastern India and Indonesia all to themselves along with southeastern Asia. And around the 1700's, the strongest world power was the Dutch, then the Germans, then the Japanese followed by the Mongols. Persia collapsed and were off the list. The Mali too apparently, as when I got there, all I saw were 3 razed cities. Ethiopia was gone, same with Egypt. The Ottomans were conquering the independents left over from the Persian Empire. America spawned and only took the east coast, as the rest of America was owned by the dutch (with the exception of a few English cities in Canada). I still had vassals of all the natives, and Spain and France. All together this was a very strange game, I would post some pics, but sadly I messed up the save. And now I've done a completely different game with it (as it started me back right after I conquered the French, now I knew what was going to happen to the Dutch, so I conquered them and led the world into even stranger results, but that's a different story :D ).
All of the pics are coming from my recent Persian game, whom I managed to collapse at 1785 (me as a classical loser never go for the UHV :D)

Game info: Well the classical blah blah. Built Parsa-Pura, flipped Shush, captured Babirush, razed Ninua. Later built a fourth city in the north, Bamiyan, which was razed by barbs 3 times and rebuilt the same number of them. Later, I also culture-flipped Baku (which later flipped to the Turks).The first ''good'' war was just after the Arabian spawn, vs the Indians who surprisingly enough attacked me. Pura was captured twice, and was recaptured twice too. Then I went on the offensive vs the Arabs (around 1200). Unluck hit 1: When my stack moved towards Gordion, Ottomans spawned (seems I had miscalculated the turns) and... bye bye stack. Gordion autorazed too. Culturally wise I had spread four religions in every city and was second behind the Romans (first screenshot I forgot to take is that they were first at score and stable when I collapsed, having built well in Italy, Greece and North Africa). Later on, I was declared by the Turks. My counterattacking force quickly reached Sur. Unluck hit 2: During the siege of Sur, the Apostolic Palace made a voting for stopping the war, where I voted just No. I rushed the attack, leaving the city with one wounded defender, before the news came that the vote was defied... After then the defence of Sur reinforced and I withdrew. I also was doing a mediocre game in tech, I was not too backwards... (second screenie I forgot taking: a contact with Monty around 1600 AD, where he asked me to gift him Calendar, and I also saw that he did not have Meditation and Metal Casting...). During that war I was also backstabbed by Arabia without serious results. So, around 1700 and while I was building up an army to attack again the Ottomans and was waiting for the siege to declare war, the stability became collapsing, and Babirush where I had amassed the stack became Independent... Game Over. 10 turns later the rest of empire collapsed.

And the screenies...

1) Anyone saw Indians settling Khmer land before their spawn?
2) Yippee!!! The island south of Greece was settled!!! (which we finally assume that is Cyprus and not Crete as I originally thought). I think it has to do with the fact that Athens was razed.
3) Dutch conquistadors!!!


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Just happened... in 1778, but I think it's a bug :

America owned by natives ! Incredible ! (and a nederland town near seattle).


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Just happened... in 1778, but I think it's a bug :

America owned by natives ! Incredible ! (and a nederland town near seattle).

What happened to the Aztec? Looks like they got conquered by the Inca...? (I don't know if civ colors are any different in BTS, so I might be wrong)
I unfortunately don't have a screenshot for this, but back when I was going for a Spanish culture victory, I messed up somewhere along the way and was in 2010, just turns away from my third city hitting 50000. However, the Americans were just one part away from completing their space ship. The UN was built, and an election for a diplomatic victory was held on that same turn. Yep, four different victories were up for grabs. It most certainly was a race to the finish...
The next turn rolls along...The British have won. I've never seen a diplomatic victory, either won by me or by an AI, in either an unmodded game or RFC...And lo and behold, everyone loves the British so much that Churchill has won this game.
I ended up reloading and the secretary-general decided to try open markets instead. I ended up winning. :)
In another game, Huayna Cupac was elected the secretary-general. I do have a screenshot. Yes, that is an Incan city in Indonesia. Yes, that is also an Incan city in India. Yes, the American Empire is tiny. Yes, I haven't explored a good chunk of the world in 2014 AD.


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No, it's the Mayas, not the Incas. And Mexico is portuguese.

A few turns later, America was back... that's strange !
No. It was a respawn.
The only thing I can think of is America's defenses were depleted by a rival civilization and the natives took them over before they could rebuild their defenses.
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