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Tusk1 - Ladies First

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by Elephantium, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    I'm not sure if the rules require a new target at this point, but if not my vote is Egypt next to end this split empire.
  2. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Our Girlfriend has to go. The Wife is getting jealous! :lol:

    Sorry, Egypt.
  3. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    0 0650 AD

    The Ladies of our Life
    We are too shy to talk to France, but we will listen.
    Egypt is our girlfriend and we must trade techs one for one until every civ is met.
    Russia was our lover and her generally unlamented demise upset the sycophants in the capital who either thought Catherine looked pretty or got money by stressing the strong character lines in her face. Their wailing was such that the capital had to be destroyed in order for sanity to return to the Japanese empire.
    England was our Ex. Now England has now become a Parrot, a Norwegian Blue parrot, to be precise.
    Spoiler :

    Spain is our wife. She insists that she be given some recompense for "helping" us deal with the Ex. We haven't done anything yet, but we need to.

    We are at 59 gold, 60% Science, 40% Tax, +8 gpt, Education in 5.
    Lower science to 50%, now 50% tax and + 26 gpt, Education still in 5.

    Give Spain all 59 gpt and 13 gpt for the next 20 turns.

    (Hindsight is 20-20. As I edit this post I see that the rule is to give all gpt. Here I only gave half. The 50% tripped me up. Blast!)

    Spain takes our money and goes shopping for some new eyebrows.

    We sell our three granaries for 45 gold but don't tell Isabella.
    Switch London to work a grass tile to grow faster.
    Capitalize the name of I hated her to I Hated Her, to make the city name easier to read and understand.

    Kagoshima: vPike -> vGalley in 4.

    Golden Age Turn 7

    Epic News

    Osaka: Heroic Epic -> vSamurai in 4.
    Edo: vPike -> vPike in 2.
    Nagoya: market -> barracks in 2.
    Sapporo: temple -> aqueduct in 13.

    1 0660 AD

    Golden Age Turn 8

    Egypt learns Gunpowder. Not good for us.

    Sail Pike in Galley D towards Matsuyama but it doesn't leave Egyptian waters.
    Move a Galley down the east coast of Spain.
    We find Abydos of Egypt on her island getaway.
    Move Pike from mountain onto marsh roaders near Egypt.
    Replace that Pike with another Pike, and then a second Pike.

    Road the new mine 1SW of Sapporo.
    Begin to shift slaves around to get a one turn irrigation stack assembled around London.
    Move slaves south towards Spain to help clear marshlands.

    Fire the clown in Nagoya once the market is built; barracks in 1, not 2.
    Fire the clown in York.
    Satsuma: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.
    Nagoya: barracks -> vSamurai in 4.

    2 0670 AD

    Golden Age Turn 9

    Two Spanish Spears leave the hills and block the road 1NE of Shimonoseki.

    Galley D unloads Pike.
    Unamed Galley with 2 Pikes sails up the coast of Egypt.
    Galley sails to jumping off point near Murcia, Spain.
    Pike moves onto settler near Egypt.
    Drop a Pike in the just roaded marsh tile nearby.

    Marsh clearers gather, drop time from 20 turns to 3.
    Irrigate two tiles on the way to London.
    Wokers move under settler.
    Spanish Spears ignore the undefended city of Toyama.

    Edo: vPike -> vSamurai in 4.
    Rostov: trebuchet -> trebuchet in 8.
    Nara: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4
    Yokohama: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 5.
    Toyama: trebuchet -> worker in 5.

    3 0680 AD

    Golden Age Turn 10

    Two Spanish rSpears 1SW of Toyama.

    York hires a geek.
    Put Pike on last ungarrisoned mountain near Egypt and our settler.
    Ship chain the two Pikes at sea into Matsuyama.

    Galley Into the Sun sails eastwards from 1E of Murcia, Spain.

    Move 6 workers to BG 1E-SE of Tokyo.
    Move 2 slaves to grass 2SE of Tokyo.
    Begin marsh draining near Egypt, under settler.
    Begin to road grass 1E of Toyama.
    Marsh is gone 1W of Moscow.
    Begin irrigateing 1SE of St. Petersburg.
    Irrigate two grasses around London.
    Irrigate one grass at Canterbury.
    Spanish Spears also ignore undefended St. Petersburg.

    Toyko: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 5.
    Kagoshima: vGalley -> vGalley in 4.
    Nagasaki: vPike -> vPike in 4.
    Matsuyama: harbor -> courthouse in 20.

    Galley Into the Sun is lost at sea.

    4 0690 AD

    Golden Age Turn 11

    Two Spanish rSpears 1E of St. Petersburg.

    Mine the last BG near Tokyo.
    Hill mined and roaded 1SW of Sapporo. Move to 1S of Sapporo to start it over again.
    Irrigate grass at London and plains towards near Hastings.
    Road the marsh 1SE of Hakodate.

    Hakodate: trebuchet in 1 -> settler in 1.

    Drop science to 40%, Education in 1, 97 gold, +37 gpt.
    Joan gets annoyed over our Galley in her waters. We let her talk.

    Education -> Astronomy, 14 turns at 40%.

    Osaka: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.
    Novgorod: trebuchet -> trebuchet in 8.
    Yekaterinburg: temple -> settler in 30.
    Hakodate: settler -> trebuchet in 10.

    5 0700 AD

    Golden Age Turn 12

    Shoot science back up to 50%, Astronomy in 8, 134 gold, +8 gpt.

    Spanish Spears are now 1W of Moscow.

    New Samurai heads towards Egypt. They fortify together 2N of Edo.

    Mine the hill 1S of Sapporo.
    Irrigate grass outside borders of London.
    Irrigate next to Hasings.
    Build Bizen on hill 2SE of Novgorod, defended with a Pike; start on walls in 5.
    Start marsh clearing 1N of Yaroslavl'.
    I Hated Her: market -> library in 7.
    Satsuma: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.
    Nagoya: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.

    6 0710 AD

    Golden Age Turn 13

    Egyptian Worker 1SW of Shimonoseki.
    Two Spanish Spears 1E of Bizen.

    Egypt has three cities on two islands NW of Yekateringburg. El-Amarna (2) is on a two tile island. Byblos (3) and Abydos (2) are on a much larger 16 tile island of tundra, hills and mountains. We are done exploring it.

    We see 10 of Egypt's 11 cities. We count twice and three times just to be sure. The number doesn't change; just ten out of eleven.

    Put a second Pike in Bizen. Send a Pike to Yaroslavl' to give it two defenders.

    We sail down the French coast.

    Irrigate a grass and plain between London and Hastings.
    Echizen is built on a hill 1N-2NE of London. Starts on a Settler.

    Toyko: vSamurai in 2 -> market in 4.
    Moscow: vGalley -> vGalley in 30.
    St. Petersburg: trebuchet -> trebuchet in 10.
    Edo: vSamurai -> vPike in 2.
    Yakutsk: library -> harbor in 4.
    Nara: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.
    Nagasaki: vPike -> vPike in 3.
    Ise: rGalley -> rGalley in 10.

    Sun Tzu's Art of War is built in Salamanca, Spain.

    7 0720 AD

    Golden Age Turn 14

    Egyptian worker goes home.
    Spanish Spear 1SE of Bizen.
    Spanish Spear 1NW of Yaroslavl'.

    Pike arrvies in Yaroslavl'.
    Galleys from Ise and Moscow join up 2E of Ise.

    Spain has 7 of the 12 Great wonders built so far.

    Grass 2SE of Toyko is mined and watered.
    Irrigate grass 1W-1NW of Sapporo.
    Izumi is built 3N-2NE of Edo, on freshly drained dirt. Start building walls, but only because war is coming between us and Egypt.
    We start to clear the marsh on the road to Edo.
    Start a marsh road 2SE of Hakodate, in neutral territory.
    Irrigate 1SE of Toyama, start to road.
    Begin road 2SE of Toyama.
    Road the two unroaded plains between York and London.
    Irrigate at York and Echizen.
    Kagoshima: vGalley -> vGalley in 4.
    Yokohama: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 5.
    Toyama: worker -> worker in 5.

    Egypt is building Leonardo's Workshop (Invention).
    Egypt is building Sistine Chapel (Theology).
    France is building Sistine Chapel.
    France is building Leonardo's Workshop.

    8 0730 AD

    Golden Age Turn 15

    Spanish Spears 1S of Bizen and 1SE of Yaroslavl'.

    Galleys Tie and Tanic, 2E of Ise, sail eastward.
    Galley Anywhere But Egypt, 1W-1NW of El-Amarna, sails west, looking for Egypt's last city.
    Galley D sails out of Egyptian waters.

    And we have no units inside the yellow borders of Egypt.

    Realize I had underestimated our strength on Egypt's north border, up by Matsuyama. I just saw the two active eSwords, not the stack of 8 fortified units they stood on. That kind of firepower makes a big difference in plans!

    Egypt has 29 gold and we have nothing to trade.

    Sorry Cleo, but we almost outgrown the need for you.

    But before we pull the trigger we see that Memphis, a target of first turn conquest, is building Leonardo's Workshop. Need to know how close it is to completion. If it due in a turn or so, we can always wait before the swords start swinging.

    Investigate Memphis for 64 of 160 gold.

    Spoiler :

    Well, now we know.

    (Something I see now, as I edit this post, but missed during my turnset, is that Egypt knows Gunpowder but Memphis does not have a source of Saltpeter. That is a huge break for us.)

    Delcare War on Egypt and her 11 cities.

    Now that we have started our fight with the Girlfriend, we look to our Spouse for support. And the Spouse is willing to help, but her price is steep. An ongoing supply of Chanel No. 5, Obsession and Classique, is her first stipulation, then two nights a week out with the girls (on our charge card, no less!) and a large infusion of not-so-petty cash into her debit card account. For that kind of cash we could buy another wife! And this is all on top of her payoff from The End Of Our Ex. Greedy little stumpet. (Actual negoiatated request: Incense, 6 gpt of our 10 gpt and 49 of 96 gold).

    We love ya, Isabella, but we can do this ourselves. Thanks for your offer of assistance.

    We move our Army and attackers across the border at Matsuyama. That city is undefended, so our units form a wall and block any land units from sneaking into Matsuyama.

    Memphis (6)
    vSamurai slices down defending rPike (1 of 1).
    vSamurai slays rSpear (2 of 2).

    Good News

    Memphis is now ours. We gain 1 gold and 5 resisters and another source of Incense. Start a slave.

    Send 6 Samurai towards Giza.

    Garrison Memphis with Pike and 2 Samurai.

    vArcher grabs two slaves from west of Memphis.

    Grab another slave on our side of Memphis, before Egypt disbands it.

    Loosen up the defenses near Izumi, the marsh city near Egypt. Put Pike and Samurai with Sword on the mountain 1S of the roaded mountain tile from Heliopolis.

    Hire a geek in St. Petersburg due to happiness issues.
    Irrigate grass 1E of Toyama.
    Irrigate 1NW of York but miskey a slave.
    Omi is on a hill between London and Hastings; settler in 30.
    Irrigate 1SE of London.
    Marsh 1SE of Hakodate is roaded.
    Jungle roaded 1SE of Novgorod.
    Freed up jungle and marsh slaves move to marsh 1E-1NE of Novgorod to road.
    Osaka: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.
    Edo: vPike -> vPike in 2.
    Yaroslavl': rGalley -> rGalley in 10.

    Spain is building Copernicus' Observatory (Astronomy).

    9 0740 AD

    Golden Age Turn 16

    Spain won't trade us Astronomy. Like that is a surprise.

    Spanish Spears are gone from our lands.

    Second Pike into Sapporo.

    Move units next to Pi-Ramesses. Army stays in place to keep a wall of units between Egypt and Matsuyama.

    All three galleys survived their IBT and sail forth once more.

    Goodbye, Paris sail westward from near Orleans.

    Giza (3)
    vSamurai get hit by an arrow but still strikes down rPike (3 of 3).
    No arrow slows down the second Samurai attack (4 of 4).
    The blade flashes and the arrows fly but the blade triumphs (5 of 5).

    Good News

    Giza greets us with 2 resisters, one slave and 0 gold. We start a slave.

    Giza is connected to Nagoya.

    Our wounded move into Giza.

    Move Horse, Pike and samurai 1N towards Heliopolis, mountain to mountain. Don't expect them to do much except take attacks that could hit Giza/Memphis.

    Marsh gone 1N of Yaroslavl'. Send that stack of 8 slaves towards Hakodate, to drain more marshes with roads.
    Start a road in the marsh outside Novgorod's borders.

    Izumi: walls in 8 -> harbor in 28.
    We quell 2 resisters in Memphis.

    Tokyo: market -> vSamurai in 4.
    Satsuma: vSamurai -> vSamurai in 4.

    We quell one resister in Giza and then one citizen dies from disease caused by the nearby jungles or marsh, we don't know which (and don't really care as long as Giza shrinks in size).

    Nagoya: vsamurai -> vSamurai in 4.
    Nagasaki: vPike -> vPike in 3.

    Only Tanic survives the IBT, with Tie, Anywhere But Egypt and Goodbye, Paris meeting Davy Jone and his locker.

    10 0750 AD

    Golden Age Turn 17

    Four Longbow and a Mace are on the mountain 1W of Giza.

    Pi-Ramesses (10)
    Fifteen rock-throwers manage 4 hits.

    eMace steps up to the mound, sizes up the 2/4 Pike and strikes him out (6 of 6, 0 of 1e).
    eSword rotates in, eyes the 2/3 Spear and the Spear goes down swinging (7 of 7, 0 of 2e).
    Angry eSword runs out from the bullpen and is no mood to trifle with another 2/3 Spear. But his anger is not enough and he loses control of his fast ball (7 of 8).
    Determined eSword faces the 1/3 Spear, takes a foul ball and then throws three strikes in a row (8 of 9, 0 of 3e).

    Good News

    We get stuck with nine resisters. Ugh. Start a slave.

    Second Pikes arrive in Satsuma and Yokohama.

    Tanic sails eastward again and see blue borders but no coastal waters.

    Send a Pike next to Thebes; r Pike defends. We have four Samurai that could attack this turn but I suspect that Thebes has at least five defenders.

    Instead of Thebes, we thin out the Egyptian offense near Giza.
    vSamurai ginsus the vMace and promotes (9 of 10).
    Longbow retreats next Samurai (9 of 11).
    Longbow becomes sushi (10 of 12).
    Longbow tries and dies (11 of 13).
    rLongbow fails flawlessly (12 of 14).

    2/4 Longbow remains out Giza and should retreat this IBT.

    Send a Pike and 2 Archers into Giza.
    Move Samurai out of Giza, due to flip risk. One, out of movement, stays. All are wounded and fortify 1SE of Giza, on a mountain.
    Send 3 Samurai to 1NE of Giza, fortified on a mountain.

    Horse and Samurai move onto mountain 1W of Heliopolis.
    Pike moves onto mountan 1SW of Heliopolis.
    Heliopolis is now cut off from Thebes. It does not have a harbor.

    Move First Army of Samurai towards Heliopolis. It smites a Spear on the road (13 of 15).

    It stops next to Heliopolis, ready to fight but not committed to more action this turn.

    Do not garrison Pi-Ramesses strongly. Egyptian galley up the coast has me worried, so we send units from Pi-Ramesses to defend against it.

    Start marsh work 1SE of Hakodate.
    Irrigate 2SE of Tomaya.
    Send 2 workers toward Moscow for wet work.
    Irrigate 2 plains near Omi.
    Three slaves to 1W of Omi, to road the marsh and make a shorter path to Giza.

    Yokohama: vSamurai in 3 -> aqueduct in 5.

    And the save is attached.

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  4. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Japan 650 AD Egyptian Expansion
    Spoiler :

    We have upset the Girlfriend big time. She is not talking to us. She is posting vile things about us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. She claims we are the big turkey this Thanksgiving Day of 2013. We think turkey decsribes her pretty well; crinkly brown skin, big thighs and small, tough breasts.

    We have taken 3 cities from Egypt, Memphis, Giza and Pi-Ramesses.

    We can attack Heliopolis next turn. Our Army, First Army of Samurai, is next to the city and still has movement left for one more attack, which would be the first on the city. We have units behind Heliopolis that isolate it from the rest of Egypt. Once we capture this canal city, we can uncork our gallies and move them to invade Egypt's small islands to the north.

    Egypt knows Gunpowder but does not have a source of Saltpeter, based on our sneak peek into Memphis before the war began. That makes things a lot easier.

    We have a scouting Pike near Thebes. If Giza does not flip, we will have four Samurai that could attack Thebes next turn but I don't think that will be enough. There are 2 Samurai between Edo and Memphis that could move up to the front lines next turn but won't be able to get to Thebes next turn. That would make 6 units available on Turn 2. The wounded stack near Giza, the 7 Samurai (what a great place for a movie quote!) have 5 that will heal in 2 turns (they all moved this turn). On Turn 3 that would be at least 10 Samurai that could take on Thebes.

    Memphis is unprotected, but we have a Samurai/Pike on the roaded mountain tile that leads to Alexandria. Memphis will build a slave this IBT, which will help reduce its flip risk.

    Giza is a bigger flip risk, even at size 1. We have four units in it, Samurai, Pike and 2 Archers. If it flips we can retake it easily enough, though it might autoraze.

    Which makes the attack on Thebes more important, if just to reduce flip risks on our captured cities.

    We have spotted all but one of Egypt's cities. We have an embassy with Egypt, so once we dispose of the Egyptian cities we can see at the moment, it will appear in the fog.

    Egypt, so far, has been easier than I expected.

    Random Stuff
    I shortchanged Spain on her income after England died. I should have given her 26 gpt but only gave 13 gpt. I don't know I confused 'All' with '50%'. We can either start a new deal now or just wait until this one expires and extend it for another 20 turns. Or something.

    With our Golden Age ending in just a few turns, and our income dropping when it does end, it might make economic sense to just renew the 13 gpt in another trade deal when this one ends. As long as we send Spain money she will be happy (which seems to be true of any Wife :eek:!)

    We planted four cities of our own: Bizen, Echizen, Izumi and Omi.

    We learned Education and started on Astronomy to get to Navigation.

    Do we need a prebuild for Magellan's Voyage?

    We have one Galley at sea, the Tanic. It sees a different blue border and shoreline, but it is currently in an ocean tile.

    Spain built Sun Tzu's Art of War in Salamanca.

    Pikes arrived in Satsuma and Yokohama this last turn. They are intended to serve as the 2nd MP in each city.

    Got our ship chain reset and then did not use it.

    We could use more cities in old Russia/England as science farms. Hakodate could crank out a settler as easily as another trebuchet. So could York, especially if Tanic survives another turn at sea and makes landfall.

    Yokohama will need a market once the aqueduct is done.

    We have 3 turns left in our Golden Age.

    We did not have many battles and we won most of them, 13 of 15. We lost one Sword at Pi-Ramesses and a Samurai retreated from a Longbow at Giza, both on the last turn. We had 3 Elite victories but no MGLs.

    Worker Tasks/Actions (From SW to NE)
    South of Sapporo is a stack of workers and slaves on a hill. The mine will finish this IBT, the road in 2. Once the road is done, send these units towards Memphis to drain jungles and marshes.
    Near Satsuma, those three workers are planned to move towards Memphis to burn jungles and marshes.
    Two settlers 1SE of Edo, ready to be used.
    Slave on a mountain, north of Edo, is headed to the marsh to the nothwest, to help other slaves with making a road.
    Four workers 1SW of Izumi will finish converting the marsh to grassland this IBT. They could move 1N, road and drain that marsh and then move 1SW to drain that roaded (by then) marsh tile.
    Three slaves 1W of Izumi are there to road the marsh and make a shorter path to Giza. The slave on the mountian is expecting to help them.
    Four slaves are building a marsh road east of Novgorod.
    North of them three slaves are about to finish a marsh road.
    Eight slaves are 1SE of Hakodate draining a marsh.
    My plan for these three stacks was to road the three unroaded marshes and one unroaded jungle around Bizen and Yaroslavl' with the three and four slave stacks and use the eight slave stack for terraforming. The marshes being roaded now are in preparation of a new city in this area.
    Two workers are 1SE and 1S of Ise. They are headed towards Moscow for water working and roading 1SW of Moscow.
    Two workers are 2SE of Toyama, irrigating.
    Two more workers are 1N of Toyama, planning to move 1NW to road the plain.
    Near Omi are two stacks of 8 slaves apiece. These have been doing irrigation work but the immediate need for irrigation in this area is gone. It is a long walk but they could head down south to do marsh/jungle work.

    02 Settler
    18 Worker
    38 Slaves
    01 Warrior
    06 Archer
    02 Spear
    11 Swords
    03 Horse
    24 Pike
    09 Catapult
    16 Galley
    01 Army
    18 Samurai
    08 Maces
    07 Trebuchet

    Current Units: 126
    Allowed Units: 084
    Support Costs: 042 gpt

    Astronomy in 4 turns, 120 gold, +21 gpt. Golden Age Turn 17.
  5. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    :rotfl: :rotfl:
  6. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    Elephantium - up!
    CommandoBob - just played, swapped
    Kulko - on deck
  7. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    I do some MM: I Hated Her will grow in 1

    The Aquaduct build in Sapporo seems misplaced; it'll have trouble growing to size 7 unless we build a Harbor, too. OTOH, it's close enough to completion that I can't really change it without wasting shields. Guess we're committed to that plan :)

    I notice that we can meet Greece; I talk to Pretty-Boy Alex and notice he has Republic and lacks Monotheism.

    After looking around at everything, I kill the Pike at Heliopolis and end the turn.

    IT - MDI suicides on our Pike near Thebes.
    Memphis produces a Worker.
    Nara makes a Samurai
    Our Crush completes the Sistine Chapel.

    We lose our Galley by Greece's borders.

    Turn 1 -

    First Army of Samurai kills a Spear and takes Heliopolis.
    By my count, we've shorted the Wife 260 gold by giving her 13gpt instead of 26. I'll save some gold and just gift that to her as a lump sum.

    IT -

    I Hated Her gets a Lib. Uni next.
    Yakutsk gets her Harbor and starts on Aquaduct.
    Sapporo gets her 'duct.

    Turn 2 -

    Gift the Wife the 260 gold.

    IT - Memphis deposes us.
    Egypt drops one LB next to London :lol:

    Turn 3 -
    We ping the LB and kill it with an eSword, no Leader.

    Samurai kills Pike, 1hp lost
    Samurai kills rPike, 1hp lost
    Samurai kills rPike, 2hp lost
    Samurai kills rPike, 2hp lost
    Samurai kills 2/4 LB and razes the city! We get 5 slaves from the ruins.

    Turn 4 -

    Samurai redlines rPike and then dies => 2/4 Pike
    Samurai kills Spear
    Samurai kills Spear
    Samurai kills Pike and razes the city.

    IT -
    I hated her pops a Settler.

    Turn 5 -

    Samurai kills Pike
    Samurai retreats

    IT - France wants to talk :blush:
    LB at Alexandria dies on our Samurai

    Turn 6 -

    Samurai retreats and nearly dies from shame
    Samurai kills 2/3 Pike and seizes the city!

    Turn 7 - consolidate position a bit. We have some Galleys up north to invade Egypt's remnant.

    Turn 8 - Drop 3 Swords and a Pike next to El-Amarna.
    Turn 9 -
    Sword dies
    Sword dies
    Sword kills 2/3 Spear
    I take a chance...but the Pike dies vs. Warrior :(

    Turn 10 -
    Since our offensive is stalled at the moment, I sign the Wife into the war on Egypt. She wants Incense and Gems, but she'll throw 12 gpt into the mix along with war assistance.

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  8. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Elephantium - just played
    CommandoBob - swapped
    Kulko - UP!
    LKendter - on deck
  9. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    Jup got it. Will play over the weekend.

    The plan is to biuild up a few turns and then put all these nice little Katanas near france to good use and relieve cultural pressure by removing a few towns. meanwhile backup force of 4 or 5 Samurais should be enough to get rid of the last egyptians.
  10. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    We have some good news and some bad news regarding our upcoming war with France.

    Good News
    France does not have a supply of Horses. We will not face Horsemen or Knights. However, France could acquire Horses from Spain, if Spain has any to sell. Due to that, to prevent France from building Knights, which require Horses and Iron, we need to take Rheims to our west and Amiens to our south. Neither one can be taken on the first turn of the war. On the second turn they should both be ours. As far as we can tell, these cities control all of France's Iron.

    Bad News
    France's UU is the Musketeer, which defends with 5. France knows Gunpowder and surely has a source of Saltpeter in all those hills and mountains. Our Samurai only attack at 4. Both Rheims and Amiens are cities on hills, so Musketeers will defend even stronger. Not only can we expect losses in our attacking forces (retreats and deaths), we are bound to trigger France's Golden Age.

    I would suggest that after we liberate Amiens we strenghen it with defensive units and send the bulk of those forces around the Lake of Japan to take deal with France's core cities. Once those are gone we can deal with the smaller cities on hills and tundra.

    Random Stuff
    I could not find it on my last turnset, but the last Egyptian city is Hieraconpolis, down on the south coast of Spain, a bit north of Coventry. The Wife has agreed to team up with on the Girlfrend just this last turn. And since the Wife surely has at least one Conquistador by now, she is about to get her Golden Age, too.

    Hakodate is building a Samurai but has no barracks. It could switch to a settler and build a hillside science city, either north of Rostov, southwest of London or southeast of Hakodate.

    Have fun Kulko!:D
  11. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    Played 7 turns so far,

    egypt is gone, Byzanz is met, slow progress in France is made.
  12. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    The situation

    Egypt fell in 920 AD and we are morning by collecting all the money we can get for a new girlfriend.

    Fittingly we also meet our Fling around this time of the year, so we are wasting all our luxes on her (luckily we are not forced to give her our money too. Here comes a picture of our galley front shortly before contact.

    War in France is advancing nicely although some bad luck with the RNG and the misplacement of our Artillery cost us more progress.

    In the west Rheims and Tours have fallen, and the arty has finally arrived.

    In the East Amiens has been demolished and we are fighting a defensive war against attacking Muskets

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  13. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    The Log:

    Spoiler :

    I chafe 2 turns from Navigation by raising the science to 50 %

    France would have a nice trade for our contact with grecce, but we are not allwed to talk to her. Well then we must get that money by conventional means.
    Spain would give us all her gold for the contact but not the contact with Byzanz, So I decide to safe this to draw her into the french war.

    Well all troops are in place and we are considered strong vs.France so lets get that thing started before Joan actually loads everything up with muskets.

    Move all troops to attack and destroy Amiens
    Keep the troops near Rheims in the defensive until the army arrives

    IBT: Nothing happens apart from half of our galleys sinking. France is awfully silent.

    Turn 1 (860 AD)
    Move remaining three galleys towards Byzanz but they are not close enough and in danger of sinking.

    Kagoshima has finished an Aequaduct. Trying to reorganize this city i find it cant even feed itself without loosing production capability. This one must be fed y worker joins.

    Battle for Amiens:
    Army kills vPike (1-0) Spear appears and there was also an LB in defense
    Army kills vSp (2-0) losing half its HP after losing none against the Pike
    vSam dies on vSp (2-1) taking 1 HP
    vSam kills vSp (3-1)
    vMI kills vL (4-1) I decide to raze the city. This also means we need more settlers.

    I place a few Samurais to deal with any Longbows France might send after our citys and send the rest of the units over to the western front, where the real action will be.

    IBT: France sends two warriors towards the eastern front. We make Contact to Byzanz with our lne surviving Galley.

    Turn 2 (870 AD)
    vSam kills rWar (5-1)
    vSam kills rWar (6-1) and promotes

    Byzanz is up Gunpowder. We are supposed to give her everything, biut we have no harbour for trading and no techs which she lacks.
    Land two Samurais near El Amarna

    Spain gets Banking and Music Theory? How is that possile after we know all the world now?
    5 new obsolete french units appear (1 Sword 1 Spear, 2 Warriors and a musket)

    Turn 3 (880 AD)
    vMI kills rSw (7-1)

    Northern Front:
    vSam kill rSp (8-1) and takes El-Amarna
    This should reduce the flip risk of our exAnglo Russian Towns to zero.

    IBT: Heliopolis deposed *GRRRR*

    Turn 4 (890 AD)
    Retaking Heliopolis
    eMI dies on rSp (8-2)
    vMI kills rSp and retakes city (9-2)
    Land 7 attackers near byblos to find the city defended by a musket on a hill Autsch

    Western Front:
    vMI kills rLB (10-2)

    Eastern Front:
    Army and 12 Samurai approach Rheims, which is defende by a spearman on top !

    IBT: FRance attacks suo with lots of units including amusket, promoting my Samuraqis to elite (14-2)

    Turn 5:(900 AD)

    Northern Front:
    eSam kills rMus (15-2) This was easier than I thought
    eSw kills rSp (16-2) and takes Byblos
    Rest of the stack positions itself to take out Abydos next turn which should close that chapter of our live for good.

    Eastern Front:
    Battle for Rheims
    vSam kills rSp (17-2)
    vSam kills rSp (18-2)
    eSam kills rSp (19-2) and razes city

    Western Front
    eMI kills rLB (20-2)

    IBT: We research Navigation

    Turn 6: (910 AD)

    I trade Nav for Bank + MT + 1 gp with Sp
    I trade Edu for PP with Greece
    I trade Banking for Gunpowder with Greece
    I gift Nav and Gunpowder + 4 Luxes to Byzanz
    Set Research for Chemistry in 8

    Northern Front
    Battle for Egypt
    eSam kills rSp (21-2)
    eSw kills rSp (22-2) and takes city

    Egypt has fallen and I reset research to 0, although I keep the scientists.

    Eastern Front:
    vSam retreats from Sp
    eSam kills rSp (23-2)

    IBT: French units kill my Pike covering the MI, but only after incurring heavy losses themselves (27-4)

    Turn 7: (920 AD)
    Another lux has appeared and I dutifully ship it to Byzanz

    Western front:
    Army Attacks two Muskets (29-4) in Tours taking 13/14 damage on the second one, after barely being scratched on the first.
    There is a third Musket visible on top now, but also 8 Samurais for the next attack.

    Turn 8: (930 AD)
    Battle for Tours II
    vSam vs rMus retreats doing no damage
    vSam vs rMus retreats doing 1 damage no new Musket appears
    vSam vs rMus kills it and razes Tours (30-4)

    Turn 9: (940 AD)
    The artillery finally arrives in France
    When the samuris are healed we should be able to continue to take Paris and Orleans.

    IBT: Attacking Musket kills Pike in Suo (30-5) Grrrr

    Turn 10:(950 AD)
    More reshuffling.
  14. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    Whats next:

    The Samurai on the western front are still healing. especially the Army was down to 1 HP and still got 2 turns to heal. Afterwards we should be able to concentrate all units not needed for mountain defense on Paris and take it when the shelling proves successful.

    There is also a ship with two samurai on the way to the french Salpeter in order to cut supply.

    On the western front, we should e able to ping down the muskets now that the arty starts arriving,. and then I would like to move the front forward such that we dont need to keep samurais in the flip risk town of Suo.

    Diplomatically we have by now saved enough money to draw Spain into the war, although I doubt France has enough firepower to take the spanish town on our continent. But by the rulse we are forced to buy Spain into any war when possible.

    There is a caravel full of troops near byzanz, which is on its way back to our core, and was only fogbusting along the way.

    Most of our fleet was lost in finding byzanz, I don't think that was a good idea, to do 5 turns before navigation, but they were already out on the ocean when I took over. Now we should try to rebuild the fleet at much higher cost before we get rid of alex and theodora.

    I also joined IHatedHer up to size 12 and we should also do so with our other core towns.

    Russia is mostly producing settlers to send them down and resettle France. When the Core has been taken we could probably start keeping cities here.
  15. Kulko

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    Feb 27, 2006
    Elephantium -
    CommandoBob -
    Kulko - just played
    LKendter - UP!
    MrRandomGuy - on deck
  16. LKendter

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    Aug 15, 2001
    In the queue
  17. Elephantium

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    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    What do we do with the French?

  18. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    950 AD (0)
    Per the variant I send Spain Incense and $125 for an alliance vs. France. I then get $50 of that back, as I didn't realize she valued WM that much.

    I trade maps with Byzantine and find that Spain somehow got a city on their continent.

    I read the log again, and can't find a reason to not turn science back up.

    I agree we have way too many workers, and will merge more natives into our core. I will also try and get them no longer scattered. We have way too many lone workers on mountains that will take an eternity. Not to mention workers buildings roads in jungle that we should clear first.

    960 AD (1)
    Leader fishing in the east pays off.

    Our brand new army kills 2 more units in the east.
    The west sees healed units start to stack up by Paris. We still need another turn.
  19. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    970 AD (2)
    We take a nap.
    (IT) The volcano by Giza erupted. The incense supply there is zapped. We had enough alternates to keep our trades going.

    980 AD (3)
    Paris has the obsolete Temple of Artemis. I don't know if there is another wonder underneath, so I captured it. I find the only other wonder is Sistine Chapel. Since we have zero cathedrals, I abandon Paris.

    990 AD (4)
    This picture got lost, but we got another leader.

    I create a TWO unit army, anticipating sending this one overseas. We can merge the third unit upon landing, allowing us to protect our landing forces.
    (IT) It is time for the silly alliances. Byzantine and Spain ally vs. France. Greece declares on Spain.

    1010 AD (6)
    New Osaka is formed as a choke point city vs. France.
    The French saltpeter source has been pillaged.
    (IT) France just created a target with size 4 Rouen completing Bach's Cathedral.
    Spain completes Magellan's Voyage.

    1020 AD (7)
    Orleans is toasted, and France moves the capital again.

    1050 AD (10)
    Neo-Tokyo is formed.

    We have stacks with bombard units by Rouen and Lyons for the next round of attacks. France is down to tundra crap cities. I doubt they will offer much more resistance.

    I'm starting to consolidate ships by Fukushima. That area will be the closest path to landing on the other continent.

    The palace in I Hated Her is a placeholder to let us build Smith's. The cascade looks broken. Economics is intentionally at 10 turns, to put it after our requirement to gift to the Byzantine.

    Elephantium - on deck
    CommandoBob -
    Kulko -
    LKendter - just played
    MrRandomGuy - UP!

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    I've got it.

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