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Apr 18, 2002
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Looks dangerous!
Fantastic, but dangerous.:goodjob:
I second that chain cannon idea. The unit rocks already but with the chain cannons it would be simply lovely. I'm changing the pointless babylonians into an alien race and using your ufo as well plus some other star wars units. This unit is a sweet addition. Any more awesome alien effects in the works?
I'll try a version with a chain cannon... by popular demand :) I haven't really thought about any other Futuristic/Alien units... If you have a request I could give it a try. Actually my next project (aside from a different version of this) is a German Fokker E series mono-plane from WWI... I already have the default built...
I look forward to a chain-gun variant. I also look forward to your WWI mono-plane. Pesoloco was working on a triplane (the Red Baron) for awhile, but I don't know if he's still going to finish it or not (I sure hope he is). The more units the better... :)
Looks like a great unit! I'm looking forward to playing with it.

What settings would you use for it?

I think the only thing I would add to it would be some better sounds. Otherwise, it's awesome.
Yeah I'm not too great with sounds. At the moment I'm just using the Radar Artillery sounds (I said mech Infantry in the readme but no one reads them anyway) And a modified Infantry sound for the walk... Also in the readme I discuss my settings for it (I think I did) I'm using it as an ungrade to modern armor... One less movement but gave it a decent bombard ability to compensate...

As to WWI planes how about a Sopwith Camel... I have a decent model sitting around here somewhere... I'll post previews soon :)
I'm actually using it as an upgrade for the radar artillery. I'm also using BlueO's units too to round out the different roles:

BlueO's Combat Mech - Heavy Offensive
Kingboat's Mech - Artillery
Blueo's Gundam - Regular Offensive & Defensive
BlueO's Mobile Infantry - Defensive (and some Light Offensive)

As for the WWI plane... where would you fit it in on the tech tree? Flight brings the WWII fighter right away making a WWI fighter immediately obsolete. I'd like to use it myself...
Maybe if we move the regular fighter to advanced Flight with the bomber... then we have flight open for more primitive planes... I'm making it mostly for the fun of it and not worrying too much where to use it :)
Good idea with the tech adjustment. If there were both a german triplane fighter and a sopwith camel that would be ideal. I'm using pesoloco's blimp from rifleman age so they now bomb unchallenged for awhile. The fighters would help with that. But mostly its just the coolness of having them that counts.

:scan: looking cool
Just want to let everyone know I am still working on the Chain gun variant for my Mecha... I got on a roll with the WWI planes but I'm taking a break to work on this now.... Finished the Default, post a preview tomorrow.
Here's an shot of all 8 directions.... Now would be the time to suggest any changes (before I start on the much harder walking animation)... I'm thinking of going with a different color too, maybe more of a green.


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How about adding Civ colors to it? It would be confusing on the battlefield.
Those chain cannons are bad-a**!! Simply lovely :goodjob: Did you find a sound effect for it? The vietnamese used to call the mini gun "moaning death". Although the above gentleman requested civ colors I hope you give it one cool color only (I'm only giving it to one civ) because it would look lame in pink, yellow, red etc. Army green would definitely be good. I think if you want to use civ colors just put it only on one very small part.
Maybe if I put some civ specific colors on the front plate, it's dark gray now... I think I'm going to leave the main color as is, just because I think the attack animation turned out really cool with the flash of the guns highlighting the Mecha...


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