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(Update) Site Upgrades are Coming

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You can also use the "reply" button to automatically quote a person.
That would be super awesome great.

A new button for it in the 'rich text editor' if possible.
You just copy your article text, paste in the post, Highlight it and hit the "quote" button.
And you can already do that. For fast typers like me it's often just quicker to type the quote or indent tags.
What is wrong with the one you have now? Is it miscounting your posts?
Well, it stands to reason that if I can play civ and post, with two computers I could twice as much of it. Play civ ×2 and post ×2.
Two monitors?
This one?


With the migration from vBulletin to XenForo around... 2016 was it? Or is there another one from the future?
Christ, well I have no idea but I missed it until now! :crazyeye:

Back in topic, other changes look good. If you need any help verifying stuff please let me know. :thumbsup:
Or a bit earlier if they need to practice.....
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