What are the green circle things on grassland in TF's modpack screenshot??

Warlord Sam

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Oct 27, 2001
I was looking at the screenshots in Thunderfalls "less yellow" modpack, and noticed that the ancient times screenshot showed several green circular things in the grassland terrain... I was just wondering what those are??


I have since found out that the green circular things are food production shields, an option under preferances. Heh, GOTM4 has taught me several things about the preferences menu, if nothing else.

And thanks Exile, that will save me some time : )
And on a side not, could I get an explanation on how to make a worker build a road to a certain point? I've tried in game and can't get it to work...

Its actually straight-forward enough.

Select your worker, then hit CTRL+r and you should see a brown bordered square appear - move your mouse around to set it where you want to build the road to, and click. Worker will start building from current square to destination (avoiding foreign territory and sticking to easiest terrain where it can).

Do do the same for railroad, hit CTRL+SHIFT+r
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