What was the greatest Music Gig you have been to?


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Nov 20, 2003
I was inspired to make this thread, having just got tickets to see possibly the best Punk Band of all time, The Damned play in Torquay.

So, what was the best gig you went to? I've only ever been to small 100 people or under Punk Rock gigs, so I can't give a wide view.
I went to a pretty good Goldfinger gig not long ago, so that's probably my favourite so far (but was also recent). Also went to a Grinspoon gig earlier in the year which was also very good. However early next year, my favourite band (Muse) are playing at the big day out, along with Metallica and a bunch of other bands, so I'm anticipating that that will be the best ever.
not to boast but... **Knows a relative of Dom, the Muse drummer** ...then again, only living a five minutes walk from their home town, It ain't suprising is it, lol.

Yeah. I'm really excited about seeing The Damned (in two days time)...especially since I missed my favourite band, Green Day, playing with Hundred Reasons, Face2Face, Iggy Pop and others, because I was ill.
Probably Def Leppard at the Waterfront Hall, Jan 2003. :mischief:

Hopefully the Meatloaf concert at the Odyssey Arena on Friday will be even better. :yeah:

And yes. . . I really am 18. :p
@nrk:that explains a lot :rolleyes:

Hm - suffering from goldfish memory - I can only recall the gigs I ve been to this year - with the highlight being Jan Garbarek's only concert in Norway this year, at Slottsfjellet in Tonsberg. Wonderful experience of that Nordic sound of his :)
It definitely has to be Pink Floyd back in '94. 60,000 seat stadium, and the biggest laser light show anyone had ever had.

The concert experience of a lifetime.:D
my first concert, Bruce Springsteen 1986
Haven't been to many concerts, but the Dave Matthews in Central Park was good (if only I didn't have to go with my mom, :mad: but they ran out of free tickets before I told my friends). And a Soulive concert at the B.B. King Blues Bar and Grill.
The Guns N'Roses at Rock in Rio 3(2001) was completely awesome...
In the same festival, Foo Fighters were also great..

And this year I went to a Deep Purple show really really good.

There are many others great ones, but these were the best.
Originally posted by MightyPunkass
not to boast but... **Knows a relative of Dom, the Muse drummer** ...then again, only living a five minutes walk from their home town, It ain't suprising is it, lol.
one of my friends sees a lot of celebrities where he works, and he met Matt Bellamy.
hmm difficult choice - probably the following (all in80's - not been to a gig for a long time now)

Blue Oyster Cult / Aldo Nova - two great acts on one night
Hawkwind - wierd but good
Steve Hackett - one of my all time fav's
Triumph - one chance to see great canadian band in UK
Stockholm, August 2000.
Entombed - Slayer - Iron Maiden.
Just awesome.
Donnington Rock Festival 1996? I know Aerosmith were headlining. Definately an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. :goodjob:
This years Slane was very good. I got to see the the Foo Fighters. It was a shame the Chilli Pepers were the headline, they sucked.
Sars stock.

A huge concert this summer in Toronto. ACDC, Stones, Guess Who, Sam Roberts and alot of others. A whole day of music outdoors.
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant 1998 in Istanbul. It was great and to my relief they did not play Stairway to Heaven.
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