Better Loading Screen (UI)

Better Loading Screen (UI) 1.9

New v1.9 as of 15.04 - option to turn OFF Dawn of Men speech.

Displays detailed information about uniques on the loading screen. No more annoying laconic "unique unit". You can also turn off the Dawn of Men audio if you've heard it enough ;)

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, CQUI, CQUI-Lite. Language independent.
Should work with any modded civ or any other mod that adds unique items. On the screenshots:
- Real Building Upgrades (new unique buildings),
- Steel and Thunder: Unique Units (new unique units),
- CIVITAS Malaysia (a modded civ).

Turn on/off Dawn of Men speech
By default, the audio plays. To turn it OFF, go to file BetterLoadingScreen_Database.sql and change BLS_OPTION_PLAY_DOM_AUDIO parameter from '1' to '0'.

This mod works in two Lua contexts and reloading a save file from within a game may cause minor issues like missing arrow icons (you'd see [ICON_GoingToBlue] istead of arrows). When using mods it is generally safer to reload the game by going back to the main menu. This makes sure that all the mods are re-initialized properly.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.9

    Version 1.9 - You can now turn OFF the Dawn of Men audio.
  2. Version 1.8

    Version 1.8 - Better support for smaller resolutions e.g. Start button should be fully visible...
  3. Version 1.7 Fix for missing names

    Version 1.7 - Fixed: Broken window when using other mods that define traits with no name and/or...
  4. Version 1.6 June 2019 Patch

    Version 1.6 - Updated for June 2019 Patch.
  5. Version 1.5 Reloading issue

    Version 1.5 - Fixed: Reloading issue!
  6. Version 1.4 Blue and pink

    Version 1.4 - Added: Blue and pink arrows for a tech and civic respectively.
  7. Version 1.3 Scroller

    Version 1.3 - Added a scroller to the features & abilities list. - Empty lines are removed from...
  8. Version 1.2 Tech/civic info

    Version 1.2 - Added: Info about tech or civic than unlocks the unique item.
  9. Version 1.1 Gathering Storm

    Version 1.1 - Updated for Gathering Storm.

Latest reviews

Little features, amazing result, keep it going :)
Now with scrolling works for all cases.
Cool feature! Besides good presentation, helps to compact and improve our custom civ traits.
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