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Blizzards v1.1 (Fall Further) 2016-10-05

Blizzards v1.1 (Fall Further)

  1. TC01
    Blizzards Modcomp v1.1 for Fall Further 0.51c

    This modcomp for Fall Further (based on a modcomp I made for Fall from Heaven 2) adds Age of Ice style blizzards. For those of you who have not played FfH Age of Ice, in that scenario/mod blizzards were randomly spawned and moved across the map, spreading snow terrain. In FFH 2, such blizzards do not exist. For my Frozen civilization, I wanted to add a method of spreading snow terrain... and decided to use AoI-style blizzards. After making the component for Frozen v0.8, I decided to release it seperately first, and now as a version for Fall Further.

    Blizzards is done entirely in python, and requires only a few minor changes to CvEventManager.py and CvSpellInterface.py. If you want to merge Blizzards with another Fall Further modmodmod the directions to do so are on the forum thread but are also in Merging Guide.txt.

    Blizzards for Fall Further adds two additional features. Firstly, some resources (grain and livestock) will be temporarily removed by the presence of a blizzard. And, the ice applied by a blizzard is now only temporary.

    Forum thread


    -MagisterCultuum, Cypher, xienwolf (help)
    -Valkrionn, Breez (feedback)

    -Fall Further Mod Team (for making FF)
    -Fall from Heaven 2 Mod Team (for making FFH 2)
    -Firaxis (for making Civ IV)


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