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Final Frontier Plus Plugins 2016-10-05

Final Frontier Plus Plugins

  1. TC01
    Final Frontier Plus Plugin Set
    For the FF+ Mod Platform v1.0

    This download contains all available plugins for the Final Frontier Plus Mod Platform. These plugins will not run on their own and must manually be merged with the Mod Platform, which also will not run on its own.

    Both the core Mod Platform and this set of Plugins are for other modders, to develop total conversions for Final Frontier or merge FF+ with their own, already existing conversions of Final Frontier.

    The Mod Platform can be downloaded here on WePlayCiv.

    Forum Thread, Mod Forum, Forum Thread (WPC)


    -deanej (bugfixes, ideas, help, mapscripts, wormhole graphics)
    -cephalo (SpiralGalaxy mapscript)
    -T-hawk (production overflow fix)
    -stmartin and HoTK team (CAR mod)
    -Sephi (Faster BTS 3.19 modcomp)
    -Valkrionn (Inno install script)
    -Kiwikaz (feature effects code)
    -The_J (python and graphics help)
    -Emperor Fool (python help, SDK help)
    -The Navy Seal (Final Frontier resource art)
    -ColdFever (blue marble graphics)
    -Pep (Unit orders modcomp)
    -davidlallen, Afforess, phungus420 (SDK help)
    -PieceOfMind (feedback)
    -dawe1311, wpulsar, Skallben, WeaselX (bug reports)
    -Sally (bug reports, feedback)
    -apenpaap (suggestions)
    -JEELEN (suggestions)
    -renegadechicken (suggestions)

    -Jon Shafer for creating Final Frontier.
    -Firaxis/2K Games for making Civilization 4