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Maze Mapscript 2016-10-05

Maze Mapscript

  1. TC01
    Yet another mapscript I've converted to Colonization, this was originally written for Civ 4 by Firaxis (Bob Thomas). This is the Maze mapscript, and is nearly identical to the Civ 4 version- except that the eastern and western edges of the map will be truncated to fit the Europe zones.

    You can manually configure how many plots wide you want the maze to be- the smaller the mapsize, the smaller the maze width should be. For instance, playing a 5-plot maze on a Tiny map is a bad idea- there won't be that much land. But playing a 1-plot maze on a Huge map could be interesting- see the screenshot.

    Because, as I mentioned, the game cuts off part of the maze to make room for the Europe access zones, the maze segments closest to the Europe zones may not be as wide as the segments throughout the rest of the map.

    Forum thread, Tutorial on converting Civ 4 mapscripts to Col



    -Bob Thomas for making Maze.py (for Civ 4)
    -Firaxis/2K Games for making Civ 4/Civ 4 Col


    1. 3_plots_wide_6m8.jpg
    2. 2_plots_wide_iNR.jpg
    3. 4_plots_wide_R1Y.jpg
    4. 1_plot_wide_u26.jpg
    5. 5_plots_wide_DFC.jpg