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Continents Mapscript 2016-10-05

Continents Mapscript

  1. TC01
    Another mapscript I converted to Civilization IV Colonization. (My previous one was NorthAfrica). This mapscript was originally written for Civ 4, by Firaxis (Bob Thomas). I have converted it to Colonization and renamed it to "Continents.py". It does not have x and y wrapping, unlike the original version. There is plenty of ocean, but due to the fractalized placement of continents, Europe tiles may be placed in strange locations.

    The main purpose of this mapscript is to be a "bridge" between Caribbean and A_New_World. A_New_World produces a Pangaea or possibly two continents. Caribbean produces one continent and many small islands, but because the islands are so small it isn't really useful to settle them. This script produces anywhere from 2 to 6 continents (or "large islands" on smaller mapsizes") instead.

    I advise not using the "One Per Team" option in this mapscript for mods like Age of Discovery II which have many teams. There is not enough room to fit 7 or 8 continents on this map and still have enough Europe plots.

    Tutorial for converting Civ 4 maps to Col, Forum Thread



    -Bob Thomas for making Custom_Continents.py
    -Soren Johnson for making Continents.py
    -Firaxis for making Civ 4


    1. 2_continents_2mI.jpg
    2. 3_continents_O15.jpg
    3. 4_continents_YVf.jpg
    4. 5_continents_Jtb.jpg
    5. 6_continents_F08.jpg