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Slave Trade V. 6.00

Slave units require the Slave Deed resource. Captured civilians become Slaves.

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    Slave Trade
    • Slave unit: 5 charges. Builds all improvements that a Builder can. Requires a Market and +1 Slave Deed.
    • Slave Deed: New strategic resource required to build the Slave unit.
    • Warlord Throne produces +2 Slave Deeds.
    • Settlers, Builders, Great Generals, Military Engineers, Traders, Missionaries, Apostles, Inquisitors, Archaeologists, Medics and Naturalists become Slaves when captured.
    • All Great People except Great Generals can be captured and remain as Great People.
    • New Economic Policy: Forced Labor adds 30% cost reduction towards Slaves.
    • New Economic Policy: Indentured Servitude adds 30% cost reduction towards Slaves and newly trained Slaves gain 2 extra build actions. -2 Housing to all cities.
    • New Dark Age Policy: Human Trafficking adds 50% cost reduction towards Slaves and -4 Housing and +4 Amenities to all cities.
    • Serfdom now adds 2 extra build actions to Slaves in addition to Builders.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Unzip the zip file.
    2. The contents of the Slavery by UG subdirectory should be copied into your Mods folder (.../Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/).

    Special thanks to Deliverator for assisting me with getting the units to appear in the game properly!
    Slave Icon by ChilledEmber(icyfire1)

    Requires Rise and Fall