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Hulfgars Modpack Ultimate Edition for GK ver3.2 2016-10-05

Hulfgars Modpack Ultimate Edition for GK ver3.2

  1. Hulfgar
    This mod requires the expansion Gods and Kings, it is NOT compatible with vanilla Civ 5.

    For more details and discussions please see the thread here : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=469433

    In this new version Hulfgar's Industrial Warfare and Hulfgar's Postmodern Expansion are merged in one Mod.
    To play only the mod Industrial Warfare disable the Postmodern Expansion :
    rename the folder "Postmodern Expansion" found in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Hulfgars Modpack for GK (v 1) in anything else before launching the game.

    Version 3.2 :
    Tupolev Tu-22M skin used for the Steath Bomber (Russia, Mongollia, China, Siam). Author : The Conquest converted by Wolfdog.
    Bug correction for the Marine.
    Alpin troop removed until the Whoward's mods are fixed.

    Version 3 :
    Dreadnoughts, Light Cruisers, Cruisers and Battleships require 1 Steel AND 1 Diesel.
    Stealth Bomber requires 1 Aluminum AND 1 Kerosene.
    Privateer requires 2 Timber
    Mirage2000 and TornadoGR1 skins from Snafusmith, conversion by Wolfdog
    Amphibious Assault Ship skin from TheCoyote, conversion by Wolfdog
    Horten Ho 229 (Go 229) from TheCoyote, conversion by Wolfdog. The skin is used as Stealth Bomber for Germany, Austria and Sweden.

    Bug correction : the farm will now correctly appear with plantation skins

    Version 2 :
    Bug correction (upgrade path for industrial units)

    Now includes "Improvement Farm Replacement" from Whoward69 : this will make the mod compatible with mods changing landmarks (such as Improvement - Airbases from Whoward).

    Buildings and Improvements :

    New Building : Synthetic Petrol Plant, requires 6 Coal, will give 3 Diesel and 3 Kerosene.
    Lumbermill will provide 2 Timber (was 1).
    Charcoal Burner'Hut will require 4 Timber (was 2) and provide 3 Coal (was 1).
    Scrap Merchant provides 3 Iron (was 2).
    Fuel requirements : 1 or 2 Timber required for all wooden ships.

    New Features :
    Attrition : Units ending their turn on ice or fallout will suffer damage

    New Units :
    Alpine Hunters Battalion. Infantry Battalion capable to cross ice and mountains : this part requires Whoward's DLL-Various Mod Components (GK).
    Motorized Infantry Regiment. Faster than the regular infantry, requires 1 diesel.
    Panzer Grenadier Regiment. Replaces the Motorized Infantry Regiment (M.I.R.) for Germany, Austria and Sweden. Stronger than the M.I.R.
    Helicopter (Mi8 skin). Available with Mobil Tactics, no bonus vs tanks and is weaker than the Gunship. Upgrade to Helicopter Gunship with Lasers.
    Helicopter can be loaded on the Amphibious Assault Ship.

    ICBM (Nuclear Missile) range up to 100 tiles

    New skins :
    Apache 64 and Mi8 skins from Snafusmith
    Halftrack M3 from Snafusmith
    SDKFZ 251 from Snafusmith, conversion by Wolfdog
    TU-95 BEAR from ArdRaeiss, conversion by Wolfdog
    F4D Phantom II skins from Snafusmith.
    AMX56 Leclerc from Snafusmith, conversion by Wolfdog
    Dassault Rafale conversion by Wolfdog
    V-1 Flying Bomb conversion by Wolfdog

    Generic Game change :

    Instant Heal has been removed from the promotions
    Medic promotion only from the Red Cross national wonder
    Range of capital ships down to 2, Frigate and Ship of the Line = 1
    Range for city attack down to 1
    Partisans spawning if a city of size 4 or bigger is conquered.
    Free Hunter at start instead of warrior.
    The Palace is not given with the first city anymore :
    Now you need to research the Tech "Tribal Leadership". This will unlock the Palace and the Warrior. You need to build the Palace to get one and have a Capital.
    To build Settlers you need to research the Tech "National Culture".
    Attrition : Units ending their turn on ice or fallout will suffer damage.
    Nuclear Missile range up to 100 tiles (ICBM range)

    Units :
    Ethnic skins from Danrell, Bernie14, Nutty, JTitan and Patum333
    New Units : (Battering Ram, Hunter, War Chariot, Longbowmen, Knight Templar, Teutonic Knight, Line Infantry, Airship, Submarine Carrier, Dreadnought, Cruiser, Nuclear carrier, Amphibious Assault Ship, Tank Destroyers, Mobile AA and Mobile Artillery, Early Jet Fighters, Divebombers, Special Forces, Explorers, Early, Light, Heavy and Super Heavy Tanks, Kamikazes, Motorized Infantry).

    Holy Knights (Templar, Teutonic, Warrior Monk, Djihad Cavalry) will spawn when their holy building is build. With the "Holy War project" more can be purchased with Faith.
    Fighters and Divebombers can be loaded on Carriers and Undersea Carriers (Japanese "I-400" and French "Surcouf").
    Early Jets, Bombers and Fastbombers can operate only from cities.
    The Fastbomber is a light bomber with some basic evasion capacity (50%)
    Scouts upgrade to Explorers, Explorers upgrade to Paratroopers.

    New Promotions :
    City Defense (+25% Strengh when defending a city)
    Special Operations Training : various bonuses for the Special Forces
    Light Armored Vehicle and Armored vehicule : Malus in Jungle and Forest for armored vehicule, bonuses vs most of the units, up to the Rifleman. Heavy tanks cannot enter Jungle.

    Buildings :
    21 New buildings : Palisade, Motte-and-Bailey Castle, Carpenter's Workshop, Charcoal burner, Wind Turbine, Steel Foundry, Cannon Foundry, Nuclear Fuel Factory,
    Airbase, Naval Academy, Sewer System, Heavy Weapon Factory, Warship Factory, Aircraft Factory,
    Oil Refinery, Tax Office, Ministry of Finance, Bio Refinery, Ski Resort, Water Sport Resort, Brewery, Tavern, Cinema, Synthetic Petrol Plant.

    New Resources :
    Timber, Kerosene, Diesel, Steel, Ale.
    Fuel required by all mechanized units.
    Iron, Oil, Coal and Uranium can be gained from buildings.
    Stable gives 3 Horses
    Timber is gained from the Lumbermills, 2 Timber per Forest or Jungle (Special thanks to Redox who made it possible !!!)

    New Wonder : Holy War unlocked with Faith

    27 new Technologies

    Mods included :
    Attila's Resource Tooltip
    Barbarians! (v6) from Mentos
    Tech - Satellites reveal cities (v6) from Whoward69 and Units - Population from Whoward69
    Remote Mining from Redox
    Gedemon's rescaling and unit formations.
    "Improvement Farm Replacement" from Whoward69

    The Mod is in english, translated in french to 90-95% and german 80-90%

    Compatibility and installation issues :

    Previous versions should be deleted before installing a new version but finish your current game first ! :)

    German translation may be incomplete for some entries, please don't hesitate to report it.

    (NOTE : To see the propeller on the aircrafts you need to put the folder "Edited_Aim_State" to
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sid meier's civilization v\resource\Common".)

    Compatibility with other Mods :

    Any mod changing the tech tree will mess up this mod.

    Compatible with
    "Ingame Editor" (make sure IGE is loaded FIRST)
    "Light Touch"
    "Improvement - Airfield (v 2)"

    This mod is not compatible with :

    Build Cities Within 2 Tiles
    Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced Mod
    (Possible workaround : If you want to play an earth map, you can go around the bug that deletes the resources. First start a game without the mod. load it with an earth mod. then save the game, as a map (button: save map), name the map however you like. Then restart a game, selecting that map, and all resources are in place .)
    Vanilla Civ 5


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