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IceAge Mapscript 2016-10-05

IceAge Mapscript

  1. TC01
    Another mapscript that was originally written by Firaxis (Bob Thomas) for Civ 4 (The previous two I converted were Continents and NorthAfrica), although with an underscore in the name. It is much like the Civ 4 Ice_Age in that the polar regions contain more ice than usual, and snow and tundra can be found lower down on the map, but even "colder". I have also cleared the western and eastern shore to make sure that enough Europe travel plots are created.

    Strategies for this mapscript vary, since you can choose whether to play on one large continent, several narrow continents, a lot of islands, or a lot of really narrow and tiny islands.

    Forum thread, Tutorial for converting Civ 4 maps to Col



    -Bob Thomas for making Ice_Age.py
    -Firaxis for making Civ 4


    1. islands_4qA.jpg
    2. large_continent_7uN.jpg
    3. narrow_islands_9H7.jpg
    4. narrow_continents_w60.jpg