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Rise of Darth Vader - The New Order 2016-10-05

Rise of Darth Vader - The New Order

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody,

    I am uploading a scenario created using the Star Wars Mod created by Dumanios some days ago. Here you can read the story about it, it looks like a SW episode LOL.
    I took inspiration from the game The Force Unleashed, in which Darth Vader plans to take control of the Empire. To do so, he plans to destroy Darth Sidious.
    So with the lie told to Darth Sidious to search and kill the last jedi remaining in the galaxy, he is creating his own army of sith he will use to attack the Empire and destroy the emperor. He took control of army and called his secret organization "THE NEW ORDER".
    But it doesn't finish by that way... Even the Rebellion was hit by a big division, a division about what will be the fate after destroying the Empire.
    Leila Organa plans to destroy the Empire and all loyal to them, then she is confident of his brother Luke can help her to reorganize the galaxy.
    Mothma believes totally to Jedi Council. She thinks that Rebels, after destroying the Empire, should leave the government to Jedi, just because she is afraid that in the future, some ex-rebellion leader might become evil like Palpatine, while Jedi, with their calm and knowledge can run the galaxy and mantain peace. Yoda, one of the last surviving Jedi, decided agrees with Mothma and decided to help her for this cause.
    To conclude there is Borsk, who wants to re-establish the Republic after the defeat of the Empire. He isn't evil at all, but he thinks that republic is the best form of government just because it worked for centuries before the rise of the Empire. He considers it a stable form.

    So get ready to lead one of these civilization of the scenario and have fun!!!

    Here some more important info of the scenario
    The New Order Civilization has Darth Vader as starting unit
    The Empire has Darth Sidious as starting unit
    The Jedi Council has Yoda as starting unit and a small group of Jedi Pawns

    These heroes start from Level 10 and have several promotions
    Darth Vader and Darth Sidious are basically similar, while Yoda is more defensive.

    The scenario works for Star Wars mod created by Dumanios, so you have to create the Public Map folder inside Star Wars Folder (because it is missing in the original mod version) than unzip the scenario inside Public Map folder.

    Have Fun!!!! ;)


    1. darth_vader_pY0.jpg