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World 2016 - After BREXIT 2016-10-05

World 2016 - After BREXIT

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody,

    Here I am glad to upload an upgrade of the BK's map, according to what happened in the last few days.
    As the title suggests, now United Kingdom is again an indipendent state from European Union, like the original map version of Barbarian King.
    But I did some small changes, that's why I am uploading the upgrade of the mod, and not just the scenario. Indeed, UK now no more have Eurofighters as unique unit to substitute the jet fighters, and now they produce F16 as Australian Commonwealth.
    Uk begins the game with the same cities as BK's version, with a good fleet at disposal and a small anti-terrorist squad in middle-east.
    This is an upgrade of the mod World 2016-Tensions Arising, and not of my last one Black Ops, because I finished the Special Forces to give to European Union LOL. After Brexit SAS now should be unique special forces of UK and not of EU. Another reason is that for the bugs of paradrops, so I decided to use the previous mod for this upgrade.
    The mod contains my last most downloaded scenario, which have been adapted with this new release: (World War III, Tensions Arising, and Space Race Victory).
    Then another important thing is that now special forces have no more hidden nationality and cannot attack without declaring war, but can still be produced in unlimited quantities. The second change are the nukes, which now have been re-intoduced to the mod, but now are national units, so can be produced in limited quantities: 4 ICBM and 10 Tactical Nukes per civilization.
    Have fun :)


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